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Awakening From the Ignorant Dream

Awakening From the Ignorant Dream

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Published by Carlo Ami
An exporation of what it means to awaken and how we do it. Part of the solution is in how we identify ourselves, how we devine love and power, and on how we prioritize our life. The ignorant dream is the dream of the ego that exists only as we feed it.
An exporation of what it means to awaken and how we do it. Part of the solution is in how we identify ourselves, how we devine love and power, and on how we prioritize our life. The ignorant dream is the dream of the ego that exists only as we feed it.

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Published by: Carlo Ami on Jun 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Share Alike


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Awakening from the Ignorant Dream
By Carlo AmiThis is written in small chunks. You are encouraged to read this very slowly, pausing frequently andconsulting your heart as to the usefulness of these words.
Does the world seem to be kicking your butt right now? Do the challenges seem to be mountingin intensity and frequency?Our world appears to be a chaotic mess. Anxiety seems to be running rampant. Many see theworld imploding.It is time to wake up from the ignorant dream. All of us have the power to do this, if we simplychose to prioritize our lives so that love reigns.It may be spiritually profitable to see all the challenges and apparent difficulties we areexperiencing as akin to what the obstetrician does when a child plops out of its mother’s womb.The doctor traditionally slaps this little creature on its little butt. The purpose: that the child befully born, that it breathes.Though at times, the slaps we are all getting in life may seem to be brutal, they are but calls towake up. As one clings to the old, unproductive way of ego, the universe or the Unified Field, or the Collective Consciousness or (if you insist), some big bearded, gray-haired old guy with ahalo over His head is slapping your keister or banging you on the head to help you understandthe stupidity of living from ego.These slaps are designed to help us get over ego completely, to come consistently from theheart. When this becomes integrated, then we breathe as new beings, as humble examples toothers, as fully loved and loving. We are truly reborn.
There is nothing else as importantupon which we might focus our attention.
The only thing that stops us from claiming this peace is our own resistance to it: Seeingourselves as unworthy, seeing ourselves as more worthy of love and abundance than someoneelse, or simply not seeing the possibility of living this kind of Love.The time has come to claim our fully loving nature.How do we do this? How do we become what be came here to become?In the claiming of love comes the release of the imaginary ego,That counter-productive imagination that sucks our loving energy, but only if we feed it.Like all terrorists, ego points to others and calls
terrorist. Religions call other religionsterrorist, governments point the finger at other governments, and the ego tells you thateverybody and every thing
other than it 
is the cause of all your problems.Collectively, we have fed ego by identifying with it and trusting it, as if it was who we are. Wehave also been trusting the ego-like institutions that deceive and betray our trust at every turn.
Awakening from the Ignorant Dream by Carlo Ami Page 1 6/8/2010
We are challenged to see and feel and know that we are not that silly ego. And we are alsochallenged to see what institutions are benevolent and which drain and abuse us.To do this, the true challenge---positively-stated---is to claim our true power.Ego perverts the definition of power.For true power can only be based in love.What is it to be in one’s true, full power, all the time?It is to see, feel, taste and hear and trust the love in every experience, and then to practicealways the fully loving response, in every moment.It is too see the love in the most beautiful of creatures just as you see the opportunity Topractice it when confronted with the face of an angry, violent zealot.It is to hear the love in the silence of meditation which is a ticket, of sorts,To loving consciousness when practiced with optimum frequency and duration.It is to hear it in the drone of a loud ambulance or fire truck siren the opportunity to send love tosomeone who may be injured.It is to taste the love in the most flavorful culinary delight just as you can choose loving patienceand presence when you taste something extremely bitter, spicy or otherwise challenging.It is trusting that whatever occurs in my experience can be accepted with grace,Allowing me to be more fully at peace with myself and my world.We are collectively on our way to integrating this trust.This is what I trust: That there are basically two kinds of experiences along the path. One is thekind of experience that is easy to enjoy, easy to appreciate: the caress of your lover, thewitnessing of the most kaleidoscopic of sunsets.That brand of loving experience is easy to love unless you have bought into the foolish idea,fomented by misguided parents, political leaders and religions, that you are unworthy of experiencing joy and contentment. I challenge you not to condemn those who would have youbelieve such lies, but to simply steer your life clear of their influence.The other kind of experience that has been not so easy in the past to deal with is thechallenging one. It’s when your world seems to scold you, judge you, manipulate you, ignoreyou, hate you or otherwise challenges you to be with what is just as it is. It is usually theopportunity to practice giving love to either yourself or another, or to just be calm in your response. It’s your opportunity to respond to life with love.While the term “enlightenment” can be defined in many ways, here is a simple way that mightmake sense to you:There are three steps to it.
Awakening from the Ignorant Dream by Carlo Ami Page 2 6/8/2010

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