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2009-3 God's Remedy for Guilt

2009-3 God's Remedy for Guilt

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Published by Leslie Cooper

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Published by: Leslie Cooper on Jun 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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® Vol. XXVIII, No. 2
 Vol. XXVIII, No. 3
In this Issue:
Can You Be Trusted With the “Jewels”?
 Adoniram & Ann
Laodicean Modesty
t cannot be gotten or gold, nei-ther shall silver be weighed orthe price thereo. It cannot be valued with the gold o Ophir,with the precious onyx, or thesapphire. Te gold and the crystalcannot equal it: and the exchange o it shall not be or jewels o fne gold.No mention shall be made o coral,or o pearls: or
the price o wisdomis above rubies
” (Job 28:15–18,emphasis supplied).“Tere is gold, and a multitudeo rubies: but
the lips o knowledgeare a precious jewel
” (Proverbs20:15, emphasis supplied).Wisdom and knowledge are o tremendous value. Whenever a per-son can genuinely be considered anexpert in any area o lie, he or shehas power to gain wealth—to enjoy perhaps a higher quality o lie. Tisbasic principle, o course, appliesto lie in general. . . . Yet how muchmore true is it when eternity isinvolved?We cannot earn eternal lie; it isa gi God oers to us. Te jewelsinvolved in eternal matters do notconsist o mere earthly treasures—they are priceless gems o truth thathave been entrusted to a ew quali-fed people throughout the history o the world.What are these jewels? Canyou be trusted with keeping themsae? Can I? Are we qualiied orthe job? What are the prerequi-sites or it?Tere are so many churchestoday, all claiming to be the chosenpeople o God, handling the sacredtruths rom Heaven. . . .Are all aiths claiming to be thechurch o God really His church? Isthe Creator o the universe actually trusting them with His preciousgems o truth?Does He have one church ormany churches? How do we know?We fnd the answer in the Scrip-tures: “Tere is one body, and oneSpirit. . . . One Lord, one aith, onebaptism” (Ephesians 4:4, 5).
One body
Inspiration tells us that there isONE BODY and ONE FAIH. Yetthis may mean something dierentthan most people think.We see through Scripture thatGod has always had a chosenpeople. God is very selective; not allwho call upon Him are His. Christsays that many are called but ew are chosen (Matthew 20:16).Christ will soon say to many,“Come unto me” (Matthew 11:28;16:24; Mark 1:17; John 7:37, and soorth) yet He will say to others, “De-part rom me” (Matthew 7:23; 25:41).Te “coming” and “departing”indicate a separation.
Tere have been many separa-tions throughout history. Tosewho ollow God are always in theminority, and when there is a sepa-ration, the minority always leaves.Examples: Noah and his amily had to be separated rom iniquity and rom those who were practic-ing iniquity. “God looked upon theearth, and . . . it was corrupt. . . . Allesh had corrupted his way uponthe earth” (Genesis 6:12).Was there anyone aithul toGod? Anyone le?Yes, “Noah was a just man andperect in his generations, andNoah walked with God” (Verse 9).“And God said unto Noah, Teend o all esh is come. . . . I willdestroy them” (Verse 13).God separated Noah and hisamily rom the rest o the antedilu- vians, so that Noah and his amily might be saved.“And the Lord said unto Noah,Come thou and all thy house intothe ark; or thee have I seen righ-teous beore me in this generation”(Genesis 7:1).“And Noah did according untoall that the Lord commanded him”(Verse 5).I you were living in the days o Noah, what would you do? Wouldyou join the crowd? Would you beembarrassed to go into the ark withNoah when everybody was ridicul-ing him?
Several hundred years hadpassed since the Flood, and the
Can You Be Trusted
Can You Be Trusted
With the
 With the
By Paul Balbach 
Youth Messenger
,Volume XXVIII, Number 3
Within those “silent” moments, or 
children o Noah multiplied. Andagain, the earth and its inhabitantsbecame corrupt.Te Lord chose Abraham. Hesaid: “Get thee out, . . . and I willmake o thee a great nation, and Iwill bless thee” (Genesis 12:1, 2).What did Abraham do? He “de-parted, as he Lord had spoken untohim” (Verse 4).Abraham had to depart rom hisather’s house (rom riends andamily) in order or God to blesshim. He separated himsel. Hewithdrew.Why did he separate rom them?Because God said to do so. Isn’tthat good enough?Moreover, he separated rom wick-edness in order to render obedienceto God and to worship Him properly.Let’s get out the “magniyingglass” (the Spirit o Prophecy) onthis point:Te Lord “chose Abraham, o the line o Shem, and made himthe
keeper o His law 
or uturegenerations. . . . Even his ather’shousehold, by whom the
knowl-edge o God
had been
,were yielding to the seductive inu-ences surrounding them, and they ‘served other gods’ than Jehovah.”—
Patriarchs and Prophets,
p. 125.[Emphasis supplied.]“But the true aith was not tobecome extinct.”—Ibid.How could God preserve theaith? By choosing a keeper o theaith—a protector o the jewels.Abraham was chosen to be thekeeper o God’s law, the keeper o the aith.Why was there a separation?Tere had to be a separation be-cause Abraham’s amily had beenyielding to the inuences surround-ing them.“God has ever preserved aremnant to serve Him. Adam, Seth,Enoch, Methuselah, Noah, Shem, inunbroken line, had preserved romage to age the precious revealings o His will. Te son o erah becamethe inheritor o this holy trust. . . .Faithul among the aithless, uncor-rupted by the prevailing apostasy,he steadastly adhered to the wor-ship o the one true God.”—Ibid.Was Abraham’s deparature asecret, or was it known?I you were living in the earth inthe days o Abraham and you heardabout Abraham’s plan to depart,what would you do? Would youstay with the majority, or would you join Abraham and his company?Abraham was not alone. Hehad a company with him. Lot, hisnephew, came along. He wasn’t con- verted, but he knew that God waswith Abraham.“Te Lord is nigh unto all themthat call upon him, to all that callupon him in truth” (Psalm 145:18).“[God] communicated His willto Abraham and gave him a distinctknowledge o the requirements o His law and o the salvation thatwould be accomplished throughChrist.”—Ibid.Notice, God’s will was com-municated to Abraham and not toeverybody. He communicates Hiswill through His chosen ones.“In order that God might qualiy him or his great work as the
keep-er o the sacred oracles
, Abrahammust be
rom the associ-ations o his early lie. Te inuenceo kindred and riends would in-terere with the training which theLord purposed to give His servant.Now that Abraham was, in a specialsense, connected with heaven, hemust dwell among strangers. Hischaracter must be peculiar, dier-ing rom all the world.”—Ibid., p.126. [Emphasis supplied.]Why do we have to be dierent?Why can’t we be like everybody else? I we are not peculiar, dier-ent, and separate, we do not qualiy to be the keepers o the sacredoracles, the protectors o the jewels.Are you willing to be a keeper o the aith today?We need to fnd out who are thekeepers o the aith today and jointhem.
Te keepers o the aith arethose who are standing or thecommandments o God and theaith o Jesus (the testimony o Jesus and the Spirit o Prophecy)
.Revelation 14:12; 12:17; 19:10.Tere are good people in allchurches, but that is no reason orme to be satisfed going simply where it is convenient. I need to bewhere the truth is kept and hon-ored.“Choose you this day whomye will serve. . . . As or me and
If you were living in the days of Noah, what would you do? Would you  join the crowd? Would you be embarrassed to go into the ark with Noah when everybody was ridiculing him? 
Youth Messenger
,Volume XXVIII, Number 3

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