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Published by Jillian Haldeman

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Published by: Jillian Haldeman on Jun 08, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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[i]Canon/Original:[/i]Original[i]Codename:[/i] Pulse[i]Real Name:[/i] Kanegawa, Akiya[i]Nicknames: [/i] None really, but occasionally Akiya-chan.[i]Age: 18[/i][i]Gender: male [/i][img]http://i183.photobucket.com/albums/x246/Reiko_Fimicoloud/ngl21xc9.jpg]http://i183.photobucket.com/albums/x246/Reiko_Fimicoloud/ngl21xc9.jpg[/img][img]http://i183.photobucket.com/albums/x246/Reiko_Fimicoloud/yanagi12cl7]http://i183.photobucket.com/albums/x246/Reiko_Fimicoloud/yanagi12cl7.png[/img][i]Appearance: Akiya is about 5'6 and 115lbs with a slim and somewhat slender build.He is obviously of course of Japanese descent with a set of beautiful dark brown eyesthat accompany his dark-brown-black with auburn tipped hair. He has a tattoo on the back of his wrist in the form of the kanji for dragon, it was not a professional tattoo of course -- this was a crude spur of the moment one. (That being said, there's a little bitof scar tissue underneath the ink in places.) [/i][i]Clothing: Akiya is a young man of little attention to proper fashion techniques. Hewears what he wears and that is it. Currently his own trend follows wearing whatever those at the orphanage puts on his own back, followed by changing his when he gets back to school. This is usually accompanied by wearing dress shirts and dress slacksto school, changing into a more comfortable set of jeans which are boot cut but nottoo loose. He'll keep the dress shirt on, loosen the first couple buttons and leave thatas his outfit for the day. His other forms of fashion are a blue and white track suit(Blue sleeves, with a red line seam, and white to cover the body, and blue on the track  pants) for training, and his "kick around" outfit would just be those same jeans, and asimple band t-shirt or a white turtleneck and black jacket hoodie.[/i][i]Powers:[/i] [b]Electromagnetic Abilities-Generating/Creating Electric Fields-Control/Manipulate Magnetic fields[/b]Electromagnetic Abilities:Much like the fields that control much of the daily life on earth, Akiya has similar (butnot all of the abilities) to that which drives life on this planet.[b] -Generating/Creating Electric Fields- [/b]
Akiya can create/generate electric fields which are an effect produced by anelectrically charged object that exerts a force on other charged objects in its vicinity.These fields can potentially be used to create electricity itself, if given enough force inthe right direction. He can also wrap the electric fields around any metal object to turnit into a temporary magnet.[b] -Control/Manipulate Magnetic fields Through use of Creating Electric fields- [/b]By creating electric fields he has the ability to tap into and harness Magnetic fieldsthrough the original electric field that was generated then. By pulling the magneticfields around himself he can have a means to fly as well as the ability to move objects by wrapping the fields around them.[i]Weakness:[/i][i]Personality:[/i] Akiya is a very kind, and generous kid, with a large heart open for anyone he can fit to share it with. He's always off paying attention to those close tohim, and respecting the boundaries of everyone else. Quite a spunky young one, he'salways bouncing around and squeaking for no reason. This bounciness has always been accompanied by a happy go lucky feeling that everyone's going to be alright inthe end somehow -- as long as he can help take care of their needs.Over all he tends to be calm and content, friendly and approachable and believes thathe’ll reap great rewards by working hard and relying on common sense. Thoughsometimes his flighty cute side tends to take over, and fails to realize the full potentialof the rewards in front of him (give him a chance he's just a kid still lol)Akiya is born in the year of the snake, which makes him an excellent seducer in anydepartment. As all reptiles and animals in the kingdom know, snakes are slitherycreatures and slide into people's lives unknowingly. He's of course the one to decide infriendships and anything else in his life are worth the potential and baggage to go withit. He can be very possessive and insecure at times, making anything a rocky and un-sturdy path down any road with him, almost sometimes border lining on extreme jealousy and obsessiveness.Unlike his animal though, he doesn't always keep his feelings to himself -- he'ssometimes over emotional about things..[i]History:[/i] Akiya Kanegawa was born June 12, 1989 to parents just outside of Sapporo. He never really knew his parents due to the fact he'd been put up for adoption by the time he was three. The story behind that being, his mother was youngand really didn't understand why she needed to keep her baby, he was sent to theorphanage in Sapporo, where he was brought up. Things went well from there, he'd been very accepting of his life -- saddened indeed that his mother abandoned him andhe didn't even know his father. He'd made a few friends over the years -- but somehowthere was something about him -- in his records that someone noted down, thatnobody wanted or bothered to even accept.Things began to go haywire when he was frustrated one day that nobody wanted him,he'd been there fourteen years -- practically since the day he was born. But this being
said, nobody wanted to adopt him. He and another kid who was about twelve, snuck down in the middle of the night to the office and looked up his file on the computer.He'd learned that his blood test results were not for any regular checks for diabetesetc, it was a blood test to register if he was a mutant or not.This bothered the young man to no extent, and he packed his bags and spent a year wandering.. like a vagabond across the island of Hokkaido and across down to themainland of Honshu. Eventually by the time he was fifteen he'd wandered across acamp of homeless people. It was almost like something had led him there, many people were there, many homeless but kind and generous people. His curiosity got the best of him, and he noticed and empty tent and with his exhausted state -- plopped his butt inside the cardboard tent - housing, and started to sleep. Oddly enough, to wakeup.. he found that it was indeed someone else's house by morning. And there he metsomeone that now, he feels he could never live without, Tensei. Akiya still isn't sure if he wants to seek out the good in life, or follow his heart and do what may comeelsewhere.[i]Team Affiliates: None at the moment. Unless there's a team that's called "Cute buttsanon."[/i][i]RP Sample: Akiya moved his feet wearily down the asphalt as if each second wereto bring more disaster. His only hope was, that this ability he'd found -- wouldn'tcause anymore harm than it already had. There'd been many speculations behind his back about his abilities and when they'd pop around. He knew he had something, hecould feel it in his veins. The problem being was - nothing was showing him a clue,no broken things around places in his sleep, nothing of the usual "freak show" "sideshow" kinds either. As the days became nights, and he managed to finally stop at anunknown point, a place with buildings he'd yet to even understand, understand enoughto even come to a conclusion of where he was. He set his bag down, and looked in his pockets to find no more money and with this he remembered he also was out of food.He grew tired, and even more weary than when he'd been walking just a few days back. It'd been an almost, easy journey so far to where he'd sat his butt down now.The only thing missing was, some real parents and a healthy meal to eat in front of him. He only wanted someone really to love him, and help take care of him. Someoneto sit by with him and talk about his interests in every day life. Someone to share thismeal with that he longed for. All of a sudden, he felt his emotions swirling around inan almost electrifying circle. It was as if he could feel the particles around him thatwere normally invisible, and normally unable to phase anyone unless in a massiveform. The feeling gave way from innocent curiosity, to intense pain as theelectromagnetic fields around him began to close in. His abilities were forming eachsecond he thought about what he wanted and longed for in his life..The things that created these emotions, were now creating his mutant abilities. He wasnow got the choice, let his powers take over and kill him -- or become stronger andovercome the emotions that are making him feel so worthless. [/i][i]Code:[/i] [b] easy-as-pi [/b]

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