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Hidden Diabetes Cures

Hidden Diabetes Cures

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Published by ivanardila
diabetes cure
diabetes cure

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Published by: ivanardila on Jun 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Copyright © 2005 Hidden-Diabetes-Cures.com
I - HOME - WHAT IS DIABETES? - PAG 02Caused by Toxic Oils, Cured by Natural Ones.II - LEARN THE CAUSE AND CURE OF DIABETES TYPE 1 – PAG 04Type 1 Diabetes, Cause and Cure. Milk and vaccinations implicated.III - LEARN THE CAUSE AND CURE OF DIABETES TYPE 2 – PAG 06Cause of type 2 diabetes is toxic oils. Cure with natural ones.IV - DIABETES DIET AND CURE – PAG 08Diabetes Diet and Cure: Don't eat toxic fats and oils.V - FATS AND OILS – PAG 12Toxic fat and oils cause diabetes; learn how to buy and use.- FIRST IMAGE: BUTYRIC-ACID – PAG 20- SECOND IMAGE: UNSATURATED-FATTY-ACIDS – PAG 21- THIRD IMAGE: CIS-TRANS-FATTY-ACIDS – PAG 22VI - DIABETES SYMPTOMS – PAG 23Diabetes Symptoms caused by toxic oils; cure with natural ones.VII - DIABETES RESEARCH – PAG 25Diabetes Research Implicates Toxic Oils As a Cause of Type 2VIII - DIABETES SUPPLY – PAG 27IX – INTERNET INDEX - PAG 29
2 -HIDDEN DIABETES CURES- 2HOME - WHAT IS DIABETES?Caused by Toxic Oils, Cured by Natural Ones.
What is Diabetes? A disease of excessive blood sugar, caused by a diet of toxic engineered fats andoils. It is a deficiency disease. Learn how to cure it with natural fats and oils, not drugs. 
What is diabetes
Diabetes is a disease characterized by an excessive amount of blood sugar or glucose. This is adangerous condition for the body, and gives rise to major diseases including obesity, heart disease,stroke, high blood pressure, blindness, kidney disease, nervous system disease, dental disease,amputation, pregnancy complications, increased susceptibility to other illnesses, liver damage, stroke,and death.Diabetes is medically known as diabetes mellitus, from the Greek diabetes - flowing through,and the Latin mellitus - sweet like honey. This is because the glucose appears in the urine.
Types of diabetes
Almost all cases of diabetes are either Type 1 or Type 2. Type 1 diabetes once only occurred in childrenand was referred to as child onset or juvenile onset diabetes, or insulin dependent diabetes, while Type2 was referred to as adult onset diabetes or non-insulin dependent diabetes, but since 45% of new casesnow occur in children, the age-specific term has been dropped, and both forms are now called Type 1or Type 2.Gestational Diabetes, or diabetes during pregnancy, appears to be the same as Type 2 diabetes,and is treated the same way.At the turn of the 20th century, diabetes was so rare it was considered a curiosity. Today itaffects over half our population and incapacitates 20%. It is not a contagious disease, which meanssomething in our environment or lifestyle has changed.
The Cause and Cure for Diabetes
This website explains the cause of Type 2 diabetes to be the consumption of toxic fat and oil, and thelack of essential fats and oils. It is a deficiency disease that is cured by consuming the essential oils youhave been missing. That's right, in most cases diabetes can be cured, and the damage done reversed if ithasn't gone too far. Read about it here.Type 1 diabetes is caused by the consumption of cows milk by infants weaned too soon frommothers milk, and by vaccinations. Surprisingly, change of diet will reduce the amount of insulinrequired, and will lower cholesterol levels, and there is at least one herb capable of restoring thedamaged beta cells responsible for making insulin. Read about it here.This website offers a simple natural cure that you can do while continuing with yourconventional medical treatment. There is no risk because you are merely replacing toxic engineered fatsand oils in your diet with natural ones. You don't have to take any drugs or medication. If you do not
see results in a few months, no harm has been done.If you choose conventional medical treatment, you can expect your diabetes to get worse. Thisis because doctors use drugs to treat symptoms while the underlying cause remains untreated andcontinues to get worse. You can expect: obesity, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, blindness,kidney disease, nervous system disease, dental disease, amputation, pregnancy complications,increased susceptibility to other illnesses, liver damage, stroke, and death. T. Colin Campbell, in his book The China Study, showed that a high-fiber, whole, plant-baseddiet protected against diabetes, while a high-fat, high-protein, animal-based diet promoted it. Thisplant-based diet is much more alkaline than a meat-based diet. An alkaline diet is the method foravoiding cancer as explained at Hidden-Cancer-Cures.com, so it will do you well.Whether you change your entire diet, or just the fats and oils, you can expect results in a fewmonths. In the process, you must continue to control your blood sugar level to prevent damage to thebody. There are natural products available that control blood sugar, which may be a better choice thandrugs with harmful side effects.READ NEXT:Learn the Cause and Cure of Diabetes Type 1OrLearn the Cause and Cure of Diabetes Type 2 Related ArticlesThe China StudyRead about the extensive research of this invaluable diet book. In the beginning, there was nothing. And then God said: “Let there be light.” And there was stillnothing, but now at least you could see it. Do you run a site that should be listed here? Link to this site and then tell us about it.

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