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The First Step to Gaining Respect

The First Step to Gaining Respect

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Published by saadiqbal

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Published by: saadiqbal on Jun 08, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The First Step to Gaining Respect
A bad personal impression gives a message that is not always accurate. For example,bad breath gives the impression that you are dirty. Poor eye contact gives animpression that you are not interested. Crooked teeth give the impression that youare stupid.Cleanliness and neatness are the primary building blocks to respect in most societies.To succeed, you need respect.Personal impressions are important in this society. A bad impression can hurt yourchances of success. People may dislike being around you. You make themuncomfortable. They distrust you somehow.A good personal impression makes your job easier. It opens the door to goodrelationships. It gives you a chance to show your skills and value.Job applicants with a good personal image have a significant advantage over thosewith a poor image. Sales people often win or lose because of their image. Getting adate or finding a spouse depends a great deal on your image.A good personal image helps make people listen to you, believe in you and like beingwith you. It shows you are a professional.Everyone can improve their personal image. It's an easy, but important step on yourroad to success.
25 Ways to Improve Your Image
1. Have no smells. Use an effective unscented deodorant. Avoid perfume andcologne.2. Wear clean clothing with no stains. Ensure the clothing fits well and looksprofessional.3. Females should avoid heavy cosmetics or inappropriate clothing.4. Ensure your fingernails are clean, smooth and well shaped.5. Pluck hair that sticks out of your ears or nose, between eyebrows, out of moles orother odd places.6. Look healthy: no red eyes, sniffles or coughing.7. Brush your teeth frequently. Ensure you have clean-smelling breath.8. Keep your hair clean and natural-looking.9. Wear nothing extraordinary: psychedelic ties, long fingernails, nose jewelry,tattoos, hats, big rings.10. Stand when first meeting someone, no matter who they are.

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