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Stop The Revoulution

Stop The Revoulution

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Published by Ryan Sales
Seattle Sounders FC v New England Revolution, 6/5/10. Leo Gonzalez gets his first goal as a Seattle Sounder and Freddie Ljungberg sports goes to his personal retro bag of tricks and sports a mohawk. Ljungberg even without a goal played like the Man of the Match.

Do you follow soccer in the US? What team? (s) Do you follow international leagues or teams? The World Cup? Let me know. I hoping to build a community of us telling the story of the rise of soccer in the US.
Seattle Sounders FC v New England Revolution, 6/5/10. Leo Gonzalez gets his first goal as a Seattle Sounder and Freddie Ljungberg sports goes to his personal retro bag of tricks and sports a mohawk. Ljungberg even without a goal played like the Man of the Match.

Do you follow soccer in the US? What team? (s) Do you follow international leagues or teams? The World Cup? Let me know. I hoping to build a community of us telling the story of the rise of soccer in the US.

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Published by: Ryan Sales on Jun 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I would like to take one moment before going into round 12 vs New England Revolution, to promote North Star Fine Coffee. I was fortunate to meet their owner Bryan-David Scott after the San Jose Earthquakes match. A wonderful experience asa passionate Sounders FC fan to meet and talk with another passionate fan who happens to own a company which has created something specifically with the Sounders in mind. They created a blend, Kick Coffee featuring the Sounders badge onthe front. They are looking to bring this coffee to the March to the Match andeventually out to many local youth leagues. I’m taking time to support them because as fans themselves, they are the best example I’ve found of what the Sounders FC has been about since their start. From ownership to fans, we stand for aunique partnership in sports between community and business. The bond promotesSeattle, the Sounders, and all our fans as a real soccer capitol in America. The more businesses that follow North Star’s lead, the more well established soccer will become here and all over the US. This advertisement is posted becauseSales on Sounders believes in the people and the company who make Kick Coffee.The only currency exchanged in posting this ad is passion and appreciation thatcomes from good conversation with good people. I’ve had a tremendously enjoyable time talking with Bryan and hope every Sounders fan has the same opportunity.Curtains up. Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen for joining me for Round 12 vs theNew England Revolution. There are two mighty games until Major League Soccer takes a respectful bow to this Summers center stage World Cup 2010 in South Africa.Sales on Sounders will be featuring a World Cup Special coming later this week.Stay tuned. This will feature an inside the World Cup segment that will blow your mind!As with, San Jose and Colorado, New England is another of the original 10 clubsthat formed the start of Major League Soccer in 1996. Their trophy case is a bit bare compared to the other 10 inaugural teams. They picked up the US Open Cupin 2007. Not that it is a reason for their empty shelves, but the team logo and badge really need a face-lift. I know, it’s a small if not insignificant aspect of the game, but it just looks more like a crayon drawn political poster thananything representing a soccer club. What they lack in look and feel in theirbadge they make up for in their coach. What endears me to this team is coach Steve Nicol. Nicol played for one of my beloved teams, Liverpool from 1981 – 1995. He was also part of the Scottish National team from 1984 – 1992 making 27 appearances. He played for some fantastic Liverpool squads, winning the English League 5 times, FA Cup (like US Open Cup) 3 times, and 1 European title. He wasfeatured on ESPN during halftime analysis of its coverage of English Premier League matches during the 2009-2010 season. Listen to him once and you may likelyfind yourself converted like me. Yes, it’s probably partly due to his accent, but more than sounding good, his clarity in how to simply but effectively executethe game makes it easy to see why anyone would be a soccer fan. It is a testimonial to him that players stay loyal to him. Their star and captain, Shalrie Joseph would have left for a more successful team by now if it weren’t for Nicol.Now, I don’t know that for sure, but in observing other players and other sports, I’m guessing Steve Nicol is the most likely reason Shalrie has stayed.Shalrie is a stud. He plays the game with intensity and strength that are not matched in the league in my opinion. He’s 6 ft, 3 in, and has footwork like he’s5 ft 8 in. His arching passes in the air look like he plays with Frank Lampardof Chelsea. Watch Lampard face USA in the June 12, World Cup match. The ballbeautifully arcs over defenders and lands at the receiving players feet. He plays a ridiculous number of roles on a per match basis. With his height and strength he plays a central striker up front, then inevitably rolls out to the left-wing, tracks back for central and wide defensive coverage, helps the midfield organize forward, and then sets the table for another player to score. Yah! I could write that in a less run-on manner but that is not how Shalrie plays. He doe
sn’t play separate roles, so no separate sentences. He moves from one place toanother and does it as well or better than anyone else. I don’t want him to win, but I don’t mind watching him as closely as any of my beloved Sounders.Like the Sounders, New England has been affected by injuries. Shalrie is just coming back from one. So he’s only beginning to regain full game form. How do you stop a player like Sharie? Not easily. Even not at full strength he will require the full attention of Seattle’s defense. Here is my blog-chair coaches take. He’s going to get winded. Meaning a likely sub out at 70-75 minutes. Sounders need to run him out. Solidify Coach Nicol’s decision to give Shalrie a late game rest. Give him 5 yards of space and he’s like any top NFL receiver withmore than enough room to catch, juke, and break for the end zone. Put your bodyright up into his. Ask him to dance. Only put your leg in, and he’ll hurt it.You’ll end up hurt and carded by the ref. Stand up to him and he may well runover you, but it will remind him “hey Shal, I’m here and I can dance with ya’ all night”. Be on him right when he receives a pass and you can get into his head and take the ball away. Give him one moment, and that moment likely turns into a series of passes that lead to your losing the game.Post Match:Last night one of the more unexpected Sounders scored a goal. Leo Gonzalez worked his way up field, inside the left top-left side of the Revoltion penalty area, drilling a glorious, curling, left footed shot that veered around the Revolutions back-up Keeper Steve Shuttleworth, for a 5th minute goal. Leo Gonzalez (Gonzo) is the Sounders regular starting Left-back, from Costa Rica. He came to theSounders last year and has played on the Costa Rica National Team. The spectacular early goal set the attacking tone of the match earning him, Man of the Match honor. Holding up other teams forwards and midfielders attacking from their right side is his usual job. He’s one of the best in the MLS at doing it. For him to have a goal and assist in the same game is all sweet cream. He added an assist on Montero’s third goal.Coming into last night’s game Sounders were 1W-4L-1D in their last 6 games. Goals felt like nostalgic memories in a season of forgotten dreams. Leo got up early, woke the rest of the team up, electrified 36,000, and maybe, just maybe reminded the team and us all a potential champion lives and breathes in this team.Sounders FC have been difficult to write about the last few weeks. I’ll start with a reasonably sensible pre-match overview. For the majority of each match they will play the way I’ll think they will. Then comes the furiously frustratingmomentary nap-time. In a seemingly insignificant instant one goal is in, and the complexion of the game turned against them. Teams end up out shot, out played, and victorious. The stats have not added up. Last night, Leo may have turned it all around on one wonder strike.Tale of the Mohawk:The greatest soccer players, like Zinedine Zidane, are all a little, you know, crazy in the head. They have to be. In terms of bodily-kinethetic intelligencethey work the soccer pitch at an unmeasurable IQ level. So, what may seem crazyto us, is part of their secret language of sanity on the pitch. The best way to see it is to smile in wonderment as a spectator. Freddie Ljungberg is one ofthose players. He helped Arsenal win two Premier League titles, three FA Cups (similar to US Open Cup), and was the English Premiere League MVP in 2002. During one of his hot goal scoring streaks for Arsenal he sported a red mohawk. Nothis sexiest look but added drama to his on-pitch attitude and flare. The last few games many critics and fans alike have complained that he complains too much.He throws his hands in the air at Refs when he doesn’t get calls his way. So,at age 33, on a beautiful June evening in Seattle, Ljungberg sported a mohawk.

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