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Yoga Sutra I 41 51

Yoga Sutra I 41 51

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Published by anshumannadkarni

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Published by: anshumannadkarni on Jun 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mark Giubarelli has taughtover 5000 yoga classes andnow teaches
yoga on Miami Beach
Yoga Sutras
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The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali - Samadhi Pada
 When controlling fluctuations is mastered the seer becomes one with the seen. The seen isknown and shines forth through the seer like the suns reflection on a flawless crystal.
Yoga Sutra 1-41 Audio mp3
 Words, purpose, intelligence and imagination merge and transform.
Yoga Sutra 1-42 Audio mp3
 Memory becomes pure and untainted by nature. Pure form exists without reflection.
Yoga Sutra 1-43 Audio mp3
 Reflection may or may not be used to comprehend the subtle bodies.
Yoga Sutra 1-44 Audio mp3
 The subtle bodies are without form.
Yoga Sutra 1-45 Audio mp3
 These previous forms of union are described with seeds.
Yoga Sutra 1-46 Audio mp3
 A skillful practitioner that has grown aware of the relationshipbetween divinity and the self may meditate without the use of seeds and reflection. They shine without fluctuation.
Yoga Sutra 1-47 Audio mp3
 The essence of truth causes insight and pure wisdom.
Yoga Sutra 1-48 Audio mp3
 This knowledge is not based on memory. It is beyondthat which has been attained from external sources.
Yoga Sutra 1-49 Audio mp3
 A new life of spiritual wisdom manifests ,old impression that mayarise and cause conflict are left , new ones are prevented.
Yoga Sutra 1-50 Audio mp3
 With the restraint andcontinualeffort on transformation the
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