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This is a Pragmatic Start « Workingroup for Online News Site

This is a Pragmatic Start « Workingroup for Online News Site

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Published by LorenCollins

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Published by: LorenCollins on Jun 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Workingroup for Online News Site
To Publish The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the TruthAugust 12, 2009
This is a Pragmatic Start
Posted by John Charlton under Uncategorized 1 Comment 
This Blog is for American Patriots
who are interested in filling the void of Media Outlets (who fail to cover the issues that concern the liberties of American Citizens and the requirements of the Constitution of the UnitedStates of America), by establishing a new online News site.Minuteman (my Nick) is recruiting interested individuals who would like to collaborate and be a part of this newonline Media site.Objectives of this Site:1) This site is not the proposed News Site.2) This site is to share our thoughts and ideas and communicate and network to get the News Site up andrunning; to volunteer for various job posts and to hash out details of everything.3) This site is for brainstorming primarily.TELL ME SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR IDEA OF A NEWS SITE FOR PATRIOTS
 I believe it is absolutely necessary for the continued existence of the Constitutional Republic that there benews outlets which report accurately regarding the issues which touch upon the liberties and concerns of  American Citizens of all walks of life.Since the near totality of Media outlets have abandoned their historical duty to defend the Nation bymeans of questioning officials and reporting the truth about their activities and policies, backgroundsand histories, I propose a new Online Newspaper/Journal, where the common American citizen patriot can report the news. I am proposing a news site, in which the authors and editors will collaborate to publish the truth, without censorship criteria. 
6/9/2010his is a Pragmatic Start « Workingrouwordpress.com//this-is-a-pragmatic1/4
JOB REQUIREMENTS FOR APPLICANTS1) You must have Internet access, email, and be registered at WordPress.2) You must have an ability to write in English, fluently.3) You must have the same spirit as an Oath Keeper, that is, be pledged to uphold the Constitution, as our Founding Fathers intended it to be read and understood.4) You must have a willingness an ability to collaborate, communicate, verify your research, distinguish betweeneditorial and reporting, pick up the phone, go to the library, and get real facts down in clear concise reporting.5) You must be an American Citizen.6) You must be willing to publish with your real name and provide contact information.7) You must be willing to accept assignments and to work in a hierarchically organized environment.8.) You must be recommended from a pro-Patriotic Blog or site, which site or blogger must post their recommendation for you here. HOW TO VOLUNTEER TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS WORKING GROUP1) You must post an Initial Post here with your WordPress registered ID, and give a real email address: your  post with your email will never be published.2) In your post you must identify yourself with name, and address and phone number (day and night, mentioningwhich you prefer). This will be corroborated by whitepages and a phone call or email as necessary.3) Ask a known patriotic blog or site, to post a recommendation for your application, here on this blog, using a post; which post will not be published.Once your are approved to participate, your posts will appear on this site. You will be able to post here usingyour WordPress Nick; only when the news site is established, will contributing authors’ or editors’ real names bedisclosed.PLEASE NOTE:
Within a given time frame, say a week, this blog will become private and not be viewable except tomembers. That way we can begin work in earnest and in privacy. For the first week, however, it isnecessary that this site be public, so that patriots can refer interested prospective patriot-journaliststo participate.
Just because you volunteer to participate here, does not mean you are obligated to join or work on the Newssite. You may just be interested in helping in our brainstorming or giving us suggestions.
Your help by anymeans is welcomed.
6/9/2010his is a Pragmatic Start « Workingrouwordpress.com//this-is-a-pragmatic2/4
One Response to “This is a Pragmatic Start”
August 12, 2009 at 4:52 PM
I, Minuteman, post here to let you know that if you wish to participate in this working group, read this first post, and follow the instructions. Your first post here will not be published. Its your application, so don’tfill it up with other information.If you want to participate, you need a recommendation, posted here, from a site or blog that I trust:These are the ones I trust:Leo Denodrio’s BlogDr. Orly Taitz’s BlogMario Apuzzo’s BlogCitizen Wells BlogThe Steady Drip BlogThe Right Side of LifeAll the pro Constitutional SitesAll the pro Article II, section 2, paragraph 5 sitesIf you already post on one of these blogs with a Registered OpenID or WordPress ID, then let me knowwhich site, and I wil confirm it by reading your posts…in that case you don’t need a recommendation, because you got one…Oh, and this site is for those who are 18 years and older. Obots will be ruthlessly expelled, if they ever dosucced in infiltrating…Log in to Reply
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6/9/2010his is a Pragmatic Start « Workingrouwordpress.com//this-is-a-pragmatic3/4

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