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Basic Course in Meditation

Basic Course in Meditation

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Published by slemk

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Published by: slemk on Jun 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1st Edition
 Author: Ordermind
This work may be freely copied and non-commerciallydistributed by anyone.
FOREWORDFollowing my course in energy manipulation ("You and yourbody"), I have received some requests for an advanced coursein that field. However, I have been reluctant to write one forvarious reasons, of which the foremost now is the risk that theinterest in energy manipulation will divert your attention fromthe bigger picture, as is the case with any engagements.Energy manipulation is indeed a good eye-opener and tool, butyou shouldn't get stuck in it; there is more to learn, which I willattempt to show you. The course in energy manipulation that Ihave written deals only with the body, and now it's time to addanother dimension to that. And our chosen method will bemeditation. Thus, here is my basic course in meditation.STRUCTUREThere will be a bit more theory than in my previous course, butfeel free to skip to the exercises if that's not your cup of tea.The overall goal of the meditations in this course is to startopening up the crown chakra, ultimately in order to accesswhat I call the spiritual realm. The expected time frame for thiscourse is about 6-12 months. I recommend that you practice atleast once every three days, and if it becomes too monotonousworking on just one exercise you can take a break from thatand experiment with what you've already learned for a whileand then eventually get back to doing the exercise again.PREREQUISITES & CONSIDERATIONSIt will likely help a lot if you have mastered my course inenergy manipulation, as you will need the acquiredconcentration and understanding of energy. It's also my duty toissue a fair warning for the inexperienced: The exercises in thiscourse will bring about a sizeable and difficult-to-reversechange in your world view as well as your body, so proceedwith that in mind. Take this warning seriously and proceed onlyif you're willing to have radically new experiences and insights.
Throughout the course it's quite likely that you will start havingnew experiences, such as seeing visions or sensing thepresence of spiritual beings. In case you feel doubtful about therealness of these experiences, I advise you to always trust yoursenses even though you might misinterpret them due to lack of experience. I believe that it's better to risk being wrong aboutyour conclusions from time to time than to doubt your senses,if for no other reason than keeping your peace of mind.Doubting your senses can lead down a nasty road that is nothelpful towards developing your spirituality.If you have an unpleasant sensation during an exercise thatseems directly related to it, for example an intense sensation inyour forehead, shift your focus from the meditation to thesensation, give it your full attention and allow it to betransformed, ride it out. Once it feels like the transformation isfinished or at least gone far enough, you may go back to theexercise you were doing. This process might take quite sometime so don't rush it.WHAT IS MEDITATION?People use the word "meditation" in many different ways, so Iwill explain here what I mean with meditation in this course.Meditation is a branch of energy manipulation (consciouscontrol of metaphysical manifestation) that has a temporallystatic form, which means that the activity ideally remainsexactly the same throughout its duration, no matter whatexperiences you have during the meditation. The value of meditation can be intrinsic and/or instrumental. An example of a meditation exercise with solely intrinsic value is when youmake/maintain a certain state of being only for the experiencethat it brings. The goal is then identical with the means,whereas in a meditation exercise with solely instrumental valuethe goal is not identical with the means but is brought about byit.

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