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Cullen Game Night

Cullen Game Night



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Published by RosalieD
Sequal to We're Playing Truth or Dare....Cullen Style (1,2,3,4, and 5)
Sequal to We're Playing Truth or Dare....Cullen Style (1,2,3,4, and 5)

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Published by: RosalieD on Jun 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cullen Game Night 
(This is a sneak peek)
Summary: After the Cullens played Truth orDare«things didn·t seem to turn out the way theyexpected it. Now, Emmett here is suggesting to have aCullen Game Night«how will it end? There·s gonna beballoons, scary clowns, pranks, Jasper suicidal, Emmettgirly, Edward and his«.. ¶special· collection of something no one ever knew«.read and find out!Em·s P.O.V
After leaving with my precious dignity, I dried myself off the visitmy µloving¶ family.³¶Ello my family! Soooo what do you say about a Cullen gamenight?´ I asked them.³Hell no!!!!´ everyone yelled except the evil little pixie thateveryone calls Alice. I noticed (big shocker) that she was having avision. After she snapped back into a trance she smiled slyly.³I say yes! I have a good feeling about this,´ chirped Alice.Woo-hoo! Pwned! Alice is on my side and you know what they say, wen-³No Emmett we don¶t know what µthey¶ say.´ Said Edward.
³Shut up and let me think gosh!´ as I was saying earlier before Iwas so rudely interrupted!Edward coughed at that. No one EVER bets against Alice unless they want to losesomething dearly to them.³Lets start my homies!´ I hollered««this is gonna be a longday«.or week. Muhahahah!
Bella¶s P.O.V.
Crap! Emmett wants a Cullen game night«..but I have a excuse.I¶m not a Cullen yet.I faked yawned and said, ³Well I would love to play but I¶m not aCullen and I¶m really tired so I should better start leaving«.´ I wasgetting up in the middle of what I said but was sat back down by themini little girl: Alice.³You listen Bella and you listen good! No one is backing out Doyou hear me missy?!?!?!´ Alice glared at me. I looked over at Edwardfor his help but I see he was too busy doing something«.i think singing?³Y-Y-Yes m-m-ma¶am.´ I stuttered«.sure she¶s little but she¶shella¶ scary!³Great!´ Emmett hollered.³I bet Edward never told you this but«..having a Cullen Game Night is REALLY rare! You can¶t even imagine what happened the lasttime we played.´
*Flashback from Em¶s P.O.V.* I was laughing soooo hard! Edward was standing there with pink hair dye, covered in mud, cabbage patch kids glued onto him. Jasper he was sobbing because I told him Alice changed her phonenumber and he called the suicidal hotline. You don¶t want to know therest of what happened to him *shivers* Alice was screaming and jumping around smashing things. Her clothesand house was burned down to the ground and all that were left were Jasper¶s clothes which was what she¶s wearing right now« Rosalie was screaming because I painted all of her mirrors making it look like she¶s ugly«.i also cut her hair«Yikes! Not a pretty sight! That career is not for me ever!*Flashback ends*
³That was the last time we ever played.´ Emmett sighed.³Now that I heard that, I¶m definitely scared.´ I sighed.³Let¶s start««but first let me explain how we play1.
We start with playing a board game«..and we continue on fromthere«..then«.the rest is history. That¶s all.´ Emmet explained.³Okay«´ I said.Let the games begin«..³WAIT! ONE MORE THING! NONE OF US CAN BACK OUTDO YOU UNDERSTAND?!?! IF YOU DO, YOU HAVE TO

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I loved this!!! You're my favorite writer!! Also read my story! It's heart-touching and makes u cry! :'(
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post more soon!!!
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