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ABCs of Techniques

ABCs of Techniques

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Published by MBryt1

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Published by: MBryt1 on Jun 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Taught by Shellie SauveClass held in VC Chatroom - check the Yahoo Groups site (Calendar) forthe URL.Supplies:3 different colored re inkersspray bottle of rubbing alcoholpage protectorglossy cardstockScissorsBubble wrap with tiny bubbles (big enough to cover the area you areworking on)*DO NOT POP the bubblesInk PadCardstocka tissueink pada stampcardstock
A is for Acetate
Supplies:Acetate (or a transparency) cut for desired projectStaz On ink padFavorite Stamp - not too detailedliquid glueglitter in several colorscotton swabsdouble sided tapepatterned paper or cardstockInstructions:1. Ink up your stamp in the staz on ink pad and stamp it onto theacetate (pre-cut to the size you want to use, I used a 4x4 sheet for a6x6 card)2. Let it dry for a few seconds3. Turn the acetate over4. Choose one color of glitter and use the liquid glue to fill in the areayou want that color in5. Sprinkle glitter onto that area, then shake and blow off extra glitter*you may want to use a cotton swap to lift off any excess glitter too6. Choose your next color and repeat steps 4 and 5 until you haveachieved your desired look7. Put your adhesive tape along the edges of your acetate (on the
same side as the glitter)8. Carefully place your design over the patterned paper or cardstock9. Use on a card, or put it into a frame - possibilities are endless and itlooks gorgeous
B is for Bubble Texture
Supplies:bubble wrap (large or small bubbles work)ink padcardstockembellishments for desired effect (water or beehive, or some otherbackground)Instructions:1. Lay your bubblewrap with the bubbles facing upwards2. Use your desired ink pad and rub it all over the bubble wrap- rub orpat the ink pad to ensure coverage of all the bubbles3. Lay down a piece of cardstock and then lay the inked side of thebubblewrap face side down onto the cardstock4. Carefully pat and rub the bubblewrap to transfer the ink from thewrap to the cardstock5. Remove the bubblewrap (it is ok if every bubble did not transferperfectly, it adds more texture to the project)6. If you are using this technique on several pieces of cardstock youmay reink the bubbles and reuse the same sheet *if you are notreusing the bubblewrap at this time or if you want to use it for anothercolor,rinse it off with water and pat it dry** this technique makes great water, grass and beehives....see whatelse you can use it for, possibilities are endless
C is for Chalk Popping
Supplies:chalkversamark inkstamp padscardstockcotton swabsInstructions:1. Ink up your stamp pad with versamark ink2. Stamp it onto your cardstock (it will be a little difficult to seebecause the ink is so clear)

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