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Psychiatric Nursing Questionares With Rationale 1

Psychiatric Nursing Questionares With Rationale 1

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Published by Gilbert Garcia

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Gilbert Garcia on Jun 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Psychiatric Nursing Practice Test Part 1
Marco approached Nurse Trish asking foradvice on how to deal with his alcoholaddiction. Nurse Trish should tell the clientthat the only effective treatment foralcoholism is:a.Psychotherapy
Alcoholics anonymous (A.A.)c.Total abstinenced.Aversion Therapy2.Nurse Hazel is caring for a male client whoexperience false sensory perceptions withno basis in reality. This perception is knownas:a.Hallucinationsb.Delusionsc.Loose associationsd.Neologisms3.Nurse Monet is caring for a female clientwho has suicidal tendency. Whenaccompanying the client to the restroom,Nurse Monet should…a.Give her privacyb.Allow her to urinatec.Open the window and allow her toget some fresh aird.Observe her4.Nurse Maureen is developing a plan of carefor a female client with anorexia nervosa.Which action should the nurse include inthe plan?a.Provide privacy during mealsb.Set-up a strict eating plan for theclientc.Encourage client to exercise toreduce anxietyd.Restrict visits with the family5.A client is experiencing anxiety attack. Themost appropriate nursing interventionshould include?
 Turning on the televisionb.Leaving the client alonec.Staying with the client andspeaking in short sentencesd.Ask the client to play with otherclients6.A female client is admitted with a diagnosisof delusions of GRANDEUR. This diagnosisreflects a belief that one is:a.Being Killedb.Highly famous and importantc.Responsible for evil worldd.Connected to client unrelated tooneself 
A 20 year old client was diagnosed withdependent personality disorder. Whichbehavior is not most likely to be evidenceof ineffective individual coping?a.Recurrent self-destructive behaviorb.Avoiding relationshipc.Showing interest in solitaryactivitiesd.Inability to make choices anddecision without advise8.A male client is diagnosed with schizotypalpersonality disorder. Which signs wouldthis client exhibit during social situation?a.Paranoid thoughtsb.Emotional affectc.Independence needd.Aggressive behavior9.Nurse Claire is caring for a client diagnosedwith bulimia. The most appropriate initialgoal for a client diagnosed with bulimia is?a.Encourage to avoid foodsb.Identify anxiety causing situationsc.Eat only three meals a dayd.Avoid shopping plenty of groceries10.Nurse Tony was caring for a 41 year oldfemale client. Which behavior by the clientindicates adult cognitive development?a.Generates new levels of awarenessb.Assumes responsibility for heractionsc.Has maximum ability to solveproblems and learn new skillsd.Her perception are based on reality11.A neuromuscular blocking agent isadministered to a client before ECTtherapy. The Nurse should carefullyobserve the client for?a.Respiratory difficultiesb.Nausea and vomitingc.Dizzinessd.Seizures12.A 75 year old client is admitted to thehospital with the diagnosis of dementia of the Alzheimer’s type and depression. Thesymptom that is unrelated to depressionwould be?a.Apathetic response to theenvironmentb.“I don’t know” answer to questions
c.Shallow of labile effectd.Neglect of personal hygiene13.Nurse Trish is working in a mental healthfacility; the nurse priority nursingintervention for a newly admitted clientwith bulimia nervosa would be to?a.Teach client to measure I & Ob.Involve client in planning dailymealc.Observe client during mealsd.Monitor client continuously14.Nurse Patricia is aware that the majorhealth complication associated withintractable anorexia nervosa would be?a.Cardiac dysrhythmias resulting tocardiac arrestb.Glucose intolerance resulting inprotracted hypoglycemiac.Endocrine imbalance causing coldamenorrhead.Decreased metabolism causingcold intolerance15.Nurse Anna can minimize agitation in adisturbed client by?a.Increasing stimulationb.limiting unnecessary interactionc.increasing appropriate sensoryperceptiond.ensuring constant client and staff contact16.A 39 year old mother with obsessive-compulsive disorder has becomeimmobilized by her elaborate hand washingand walking rituals. Nurse Trish recognizesthat the basis of O.C. disorder is often:a.Problems with being tooconscientiousb.Problems with anger and remorsec.Feelings of guilt and inadequacyd.Feeling of unworthiness andhopelessness17.Mario is complaining to other clients aboutnot being allowed by staff to keep food inhis room. Which of the followinginterventions would be most appropriate?a.Allowing a snack to be kept in hisroomb.Reprimanding the clientc.Ignoring the clients behaviord.Setting limits on the behavior18.Conney with borderline personalitydisorder who is to be discharge soonthreatens to “do something” to herself if discharged. Which of the following actionsby the nurse would be most important?a.Ask a family member to stay withthe client at home temporarilyb.Discuss the meaning of the client’sstatement with herc.Request an immediate extensionfor the clientd.Ignore the clients statementbecause it’s a sign of manipulation
 Joey a client with antisocial personalitydisorder belches loudly. A staff memberasks Joey, “Do you know why people findyou repulsive?” this statement most likelywould elicit which of the following clientreaction?a.Depensivenessb.Embarrassmentc.Shamed.Remorsefulness20.Which of the following approaches wouldbe most appropriate to use with a clientsuffering from narcissistic personalitydisorder when discrepancies exist betweenwhat the client states and what actuallyexist?a.Rationalizationb.Supportive confrontationc.Limit settingd.Consistency21.Cely is experiencing alcohol withdrawalexhibits tremors, diaphoresis andhyperactivity. Blood pressure is 190/87mmhg and pulse is 92 bpm. Which of themedications would the nurse expect toadminister?a.Naloxone (Narcan)b.Benzlropine (Cogentin)c.Lorazepam (Ativan)d.Haloperidol (Haldol)22.Which of the following foods would thenurse Trish eliminate from the diet of aclient in alcohol withdrawal?a.Milkb.Orange Juicec.Sodad.Regular Coffee23.Which of the following would Nurse Hazelexpect to assess for a client who isexhibiting late signs of heroin withdrawal?a.Yawning & diaphoresis
b.Restlessness & Irritabilityc.Constipation & steatorrhead.Vomiting and Diarrhea24.To establish open and trusting relationshipwith a female client who has beenhospitalized with severe anxiety, the nursein charge should?a.Encourage the staff to havefrequent interaction with the clientb.Share an activity with the clientc.Give client feedback aboutbehaviord.Respect client’s need for personalspace25.Nurse Monette recognizes that the focus of environmental (MILIEU) therapy is to:a.Manipulate the environment tobring about positive changes inbehaviorb.Allow the client’s freedom todetermine whether or not they willbe involved in activities
Role play life events tomeet individual needsd.Use natural remedies rather thandrugs to control behavior26.Nurse Trish would expect a child with adiagnosis of reactive attachment disorderto:a.Have more positive relation withthe father than the motherb.Cling to mother & cry on separationc.Be able to develop only superficialrelation with the othersd.Have been physically abuse27.When teaching parents about childhooddepression Nurse Trina should say?a.It may appear acting out behaviorb.Does not respond to conventionaltreatmentc.Is short in duration & resolveseasilyd.Looks almost identical to adultdepression28.Nurse Perry is aware that languagedevelopment in autistic child resembles:a.Scanning speechb.Speech lagc.Shutteringd.Echolalia29.A 60 year old female client who lives alonetells the nurse at the community healthcenter “I really don’t need anyone to talkto”. The TV is my best friend. The nurserecognizes that the client is using thedefense mechanism known as?a.Displacementb.Projectionc.Sublimationd.Denial30.When working with a male client sufferingphobia about black cats, Nurse Trish shouldanticipate that a problem for this clientwould be?a.Anxiety when discussing phobiab.Anger toward the feared objectc.Denying that the phobia existd.Distortion of reality whencompleting daily routines31.Linda is pacing the floor and appearsextremely anxious. The duty nurseapproaches in an attempt to alleviateLinda’s anxiety. The most therapeuticquestion by the nurse would be?a.Would you like to watch TV?b.Would you like me to talk with you?c.Are you feeling upset now?d.Ignore the client32.Nurse Penny is aware that the symptomsthat distinguish post traumatic stressdisorder from other anxiety disorder wouldbe:a.Avoidance of situation & certainactivities that resemble the stressb.Depression and a blunted affectwhen discussing the traumaticsituationc.Lack of interest in family & othersd.Re-experiencing the trauma indreams or flashback33.Nurse Benjie is communicating with a maleclient with substance-induced persistingdementia; the client cannot rememberfacts and fills in the gaps with imaginaryinformation. Nurse Benjie is aware that thisis typical of?a.Flight of ideasb.Associative loosenessc.Confabulationd.Concretism34.Nurse Joey is aware that the signs &symptoms that would be most specific fordiagnosis anorexia are?

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