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My Unforgettable Journey

My Unforgettable Journey

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Published by Dr. S. P. Mishra
The feelings of an isolated and helpless person with lot of inner energy and mind for activity and the heart to create that situation so that the energy and action can be more dominated than the isolation and helplessness.
The feelings of an isolated and helpless person with lot of inner energy and mind for activity and the heart to create that situation so that the energy and action can be more dominated than the isolation and helplessness.

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Published by: Dr. S. P. Mishra on Jun 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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My Unforgettable Journey
It happened at the time of my midlife crisis, when my sanity hangs on by a thread.I was restless, helpless, hopeless, bored and drowning in the sea of loneliness. I’vewanted to run away into the end of the world, get away from the cage I’ve beenimprisoned for a long time and forget those that caused my life’s miseries.And my running feet brought me into a cruise, whose destination is everywherearound the world and whose promises are tempting: solace, peace of mind enjoyment andfreedom! Without second thought, my mind and my heart made a decision, to take thisonce in a lifetime journey, to achieve what I longed for. And true to its promise, it has been something to remember for it was an enlightening and enjoyable one. I found whatI’ve been searching for- peace of mind, and freedom. I’ve meet on board many peoplefrom all walks of life: the rich and privileged and those with less in life, the young andthe old, the wise and the mediocre, the learned and the ignorant, the happy and lonelyones. But from each one of them, I’ve learned lessons in life. I feel I’ve been a better andhappier person than I was before. And everything is sailing smoothly.But, alas, nature intervened. A strong and powerful wind swept away theinvincible ship, and the giant waves cut it into several pieces. At a flash of a second, the passengers were thrown everywhere at the surface of the sea. Cries, moans and shouts for help could be heard, and I have to cover my ears and shut my eyes, so I can forget myown misery. More waves came, never-ending strong winds further brought us away,scattered us farther and everywhere. We stayed floating for many hours, then days, but nohelp came. Then too much cold, physical pain, and hopelessness was felt, thenunconsciousness followed.For how long I was in darkness, I have no idea. When I opened my eyes, I felt nocold, and pain, only warmth and fresh air touching my face. And I told myself, “I amdead at last and I’m in heaven now”. But two pairs of strong hands hold me and raisedme up. Two faces full of compassion and love, one a serious and matured looking manand the other a young boy. Both gave their story, that we are the fortunate ones whosurvived the tragedy. The sea brought us in this small island which is just a tiny dot onearth, the chance of being located is slim. The three of us worked hand in hand to makeour life easy even at the midst of the most adverse situation, with nothing but nature to provide our needs. To make life endurable we decided to share each other’s comedy andfunny experiences in our lives, making each other laugh. I learned from my maturedcompanion, the intelligent Ramish, the meaning of life, of happiness and sadness andhow to use my strength and weaknesses to create a better life. I learned from him themeaning of love, how to be happy and the secret of making sadness go away, and how tolaugh at life’s pains and misfortunes. From our young companion, Mirza, I learned howto be carefree, to live for the present, have fun, enjoy and play and to think nothing about problems in life, about responsibilities and what tomorrow may bring. Being young, he isvery aggressive, bold and daring and shows no fear in whatever dangerous undertaking.The three of us became closer, and became emotionally dependent to each other.Many days passed, still no rescue in sight. The harsh environment, the scarcity of food, insufficient protection over our head, had been too much for our young friend. He became weaker each day and finally passed away, much to our sorrow and regrets. I wasleft with friend Ramish to face our remaining days.
Ramish, at the most hopeless moment of my life had been the pillar of strength,the source of my inspiration and the shoulders I can cry on. He urged me to fight when Ialmost gave up my life. He encouraged me to be optimistic always and often made melaugh. He told me about his passion for work, about his well-planned life, his home, hisfamily. He read from his memory his book about his specialized field, shared his viewsabout politics, about his sympathy for the poor and those who were less fortunate. Hesang to me his favorite ballads and folk songs he learned during his younger days in his baritone voice which awakened even my most melancholic heart. He told me about hisfears in life, about his boredom for movies and music, his mood swings, his irritabilityagainst demanding persons, his dislike for dancing, swimming and mountain climbing.He taught me passionate love, of expressing my feeling freely and openly without anyinhibitions and turning me into a most sensual person. He offered me his warmth, hisexpertise in the art of love-making and made me long for it.On the other hand, I also shared to Ramish the story of my life, my children, myfailures, and triumphs, of both my happy and painful memories, my accomplishmentsand things yet to be done, of my unfulfilled dreams, my desire to be a writer. I told himof my love my children, of how my heart bleeds for the orphans and the needy children,and of things which can make me happy and those that can make me cry easily. Iinformed him of my great interest for romance and action suspense novels, of traveling,of nature trips and to camping. I read to him my favorite poems and sang to him myfavorite songs. I told him of my daily routine, of my work and role in life, how fast Idrive my car, how good I am in swimming, dancing and mountaineering. I taught himhow to swim, dance, and the skills for raising the children. I also showed to him that I can be as passionate as he is, and can equally match with him. We accepted each other asequal, notwithstanding the difference in our culture, beliefs and upbringing. Wediscovered each other as both passionate, romantic and longing for love and be loved.We fall in love with each other. And together, we dreamed of how to change theworld into a better place, where peace dominates, only love dwells in every heart andhome. We joined together our strengths and weaknesses and made them our weapon towithstand the most depressive and oppressive conditions in that small isolated island.And we lived and survived everyday, with love and passion as our driving force. Wemade love endlessly, freely, everywhere. We promised each other the moon and the stars,of an everlasting love, and that nothing will come between us. It was almost heaven, inour own small world in that isolated island. I thought it has no end.And one day, to our surprise, a rescue ship came. It was so sudden, that we didn’thave a chance to say our “Goodbye”. We were brought to our respective embassy at thenearest city of Cotarissa, and then whisked directly to our country of origin, back to our family, and to reality. Welcome parties, well-wishing and thanksgiving feasts were prepared in my honor. I have to pretend I’m glad to be home, happy to see them all and to be back to normal life again. But deep inside my heart, I felt the emptiness, the longingfor the most important person who changed my life forever, and made me a happy and passionate person, Ramish. Day by day, I’m dying to feel again his love, his passion, thetouch of his hands in my body. Every moment, I am haunted by his beautiful face, hissoul-searching eyes, his soft sweet whisperings, his tall and athletic body, his every being. My heart bleeds everyday. But days went by, I have to face the truth, we are notmeant for each other. It is not our Destiny to be together again. In my mind, I justified

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