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If I am President, ...

If I am President, ...

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Published by Ààrẹ Àgò
This article tries to the describe the unlegislated policies of the peoples' assmbly.
This article tries to the describe the unlegislated policies of the peoples' assmbly.

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Published by: Ààrẹ Àgò on Jun 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Everywhere you go, there seem to be, at least, a person, who claims tounderstand the roots of our political crisis and also seem to have theappropriate solutions to them (all). You would see someone engaged in afutile oratory exercise trying to convince the raptly attentive audience abouthis/her superior views. Wrong or right, he not only criticises governmentpolicies, he also makes unlegislated amendments or outright abolishment of them. Even with feeble arguments, unfound premises and questionablefallacies, you could feel the passion of a patriot wanting to rescue his countryfrom economic, social and political doldrums.On security, he laments about the unfair treatment of the operatives and theconsequential brutalities meted out on innocent citizens by these operativesin their quest to extort them in the name of law enforcement. He explains toyou why the hundreds of road blocks cannot be removed and how the dailyN20 (twenty naira) service charge (how dare you say bribe?) placed onmotorists could help in the upkeep of a serving Police officer and that of hisfamily; as if you don’t know. In fact, what one thing, then, can anybody sayabout the overall welfare of Security Operatives and their operations in thecountry that would not be depressing, except for hypocrites? The education sector is on its knees at the mercies of heedless andextravagant administrators. How do you explain that the entire Universitiesin the country were under locks and keys while an academic Professor heldsway as Education Minister? What would be the explanation for the hike intuition fees while senators and members of the house representatives spentover a trillion naira on trip allowances annually and their monthly salariesstood firmly at N2.5 million and N1.5 million respectively? Their quarterlyallowances of N45million each are exclusive. Let him say that he would makeeducation free and compulsory, and then you will be left with no betteralternative than to agree. The government boosts of about a hundred and sixty million populationstrength and stresses this fact to the World Bank and the InternationalMonetary Funds (IMF) on the need to support the country on several financialfronts. With an economic analysis that yields billion-worth of dividends forthese International organizations, they can not but agree that Nigeria is aviable economy for investment (Loan Granting). However, is it not patheticthat the projects for which our futures are being dashed for loans are never
even implemented? How then does it not make sense to heed to the call of a
“roadside legislator” 
that Nigeria needs to look inwards and develop themicro-economy of the country? There are more scenarios offing. And it is startling at how Nigerians easilyformulate
and unorthodox policies that could (hypothetically) betterthe lots. However, after all these heated roadside discourses about thehealth of the country, most of which happens at a newspaper vendor’s stand,you will hear a depressing concluding phrase, “Only If I am President”. Andthis is where my astonishment brewed. You have just witnessed someone who can neither manage his home nor hisown finances making unlegislated policies about the economic, social andpolitical situation in the country. In fact, he had just proclaimed that if onlyhe is President, Nigeria will be blah, blah, blah… Does governance not startfrom self? In the
“people’s assembly” 
, you would see a landlord, whoabsurdly, unreasonably and unethically increases house rents complainingabout an unregulated upsurge in the price of petrol. There also, you wouldsee a man who would stampede and encroach upon the fundamental humanrights of his less privileged neighbour crucifying the government of injusticeand abuse of civic rights. Does justice, too, not start from self? There will be no such thing as a New Nigeria, if individuals refuse to rebirththem with upright, righteous and Godly personal virtues. The country wecollectively blame for our communal and individual inappropriateness is anextension of our homes; and by implication, an extension of our individualbeings. And if we refuse to reconstruct ourselves and our homes withfoundation bricks of good virtues, what miracles are we expecting to createthe new country that we desire?As in my old article (A New Nigeria),birthing a new Nigeria essentially willinvolve birthing a new set of people; people who have embraced a new set of values and virtues, people with radical opposition to corruption and peoplewith unwavering commitments towards the socio-economical and politicalgrowth of the country. The evolution of a new Nigeria requires an internalchange i.e. a change in the mentality of the people. It requires a shift of paradigm. Nigeria needs not people with only verbal oratory acumen butpeople who will backup their words with genuine corresponding actions. The “If I am President” syndrome underscores the reason you will find apathological drunkard wax lyrical, even in his state of mindlessly, about hiscountry. It is amazing to find out that what lies innermost in his heart is an

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