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Published by Ong Potranun

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Ong Potranun on Jun 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 
 
     
    (
 
  
 
  
 (
   
   "" 
    (
   
 
    
   (
  
- (Throughput)   -     (Cell sector) -   - 
Throughput is a term commonly used in atelecommunicationsor computer  engineeringenvironment. The term refers to the amount of successful data delivery over time within a specific digital setup. Some see throughput as ³an averagesuccessful rate of message delivery´ over a specific time period.Throughput can be measured in electronic bits per second, where a bit is a standard unit of data in a digitized or computingformat. It can also be measured in µdata packets¶ such as those used in wireless telecom industries. Although seconds arethe traditional time unit used for estimating throughput, other time units can be used. This term can also be calculatedthrough measuring the arrival and departure of data packets from one location to another.Some engineers and others use the term to identify bandwidthconsumption rates.Ethernetthroughput would refer to the standard rate of data delivery over an ethernet connection. Network throughput would be a measurement of data deliverywithin an existing network. Looking at these kinds of estimates can be very valuable for improving data delivery, and thusincreasing user speed in a network.In the business world, some have started to apply the term to general business practices. In this definition, the idea that isapplied is similar to the original meaning of the term. Instead of electronic data delivered per time unit, the measure for  business success rates is simply the rate of success, i.e. sale, of a number of units of merchandise over a specific time unit.The business use of the term often follows from an underlying fundamental business strategythat some call the µTheoryof  Constraints¶. This kind of business engineering principle reduces a marketing situation to a few elements includinginventory, sales rate, and chronology. Business leaders sometimes use the Theory of Constraints to boil down amarketing planinto simple pieces. Looking at 'sample success rates' can be part of this, where seeing general µsuccess rates¶ for salesaccording to specific parameters can help provide a realistic look at how business is going.The use of "throughput" in a business sense is a good example of how metaphors can improve marketing processevaluation. Many marketers identify similar items as a simple tool that helps quantify results without creating an extensivevariable set. However, the best consultants know that throughput is most often a small part of a greater  business planthatincludes "interpretive" results that respond to a sales success rate for a business.
Throughput is a measurement of the rate of data transfer through anetwork. Often erroneously referred to as bandwidth, throughput is acombination of the limiting factors of device latency, the speed of the datatransfer medium, and the distance between points on the
. High-throughput connections are often mistakenly called high-speed connections,a term that implies that
moves from one location to another locationquickly. While this may seem to be the case when transferring large files,the truth of the matter is that large amounts of data can be transferred overhigh-throughput connections, but not any more quickly than the speed of low-throughput connections. This is analogous to a bus carrying manypassengers and a motorcycle carrying only one. The motorcycle may befaster, but the bus can move large groups of people in less time than themotorcycle.

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