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2 May Look for Cops

2 May Look for Cops

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Published by James Lee Stanley
my adventures on the highway interacting with the local gendarmes.
my adventures on the highway interacting with the local gendarmes.

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Published by: James Lee Stanley on Jun 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Driving back from the Monterey Bay yesterday afternoon, my wiferemarked that we were very lucky that no police caught me, as I was drivingat a higher rate of speed than is legally suggested.I told her that years of being on the road had caused me to develop certainhabits in order to minimize my interaction with the local gendarmerie. I justdon’t enjoy the interchange and it always takes time and costs me money. Ihate when that happens. So here’s what I do:I don’t do more than ten miles over the limit. I try to stay with the flow of traffic, though usually at the head of it if at all possible.I do this because like all energy sources, traffic pulses. If you pay attentionyou can discern as it bunches up and as it spreads out. If you were able tofly a thousand feet above the highway, you would easily see the traffic pulsing; clustering together and spreading apart, over and over again.By noticing this phenomenon, you can accelerate when you sense the bunching is about to begin and that way leave the cluster of cars behind you.You simply drive through them before they bunch up and then stay justfaster enough to maintain your place ahead of them.And watch out for rubber neckers. There is an element of the driving population that simply should not be allowed to mate. We experienced tostopped dead traffic jams and when we finally got to the source of the jam, itwas and accident ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FREEWAY.These boneheads had to stop and look at it before driving on. Don’t do this!It is beyond stupid; it is pretending that no one else is on the highway butyou and that your mindless braking for no real reason could cause anaccident.Spay all rubber neckers! Get them out of the gene pool, they’re just polluting the water. I don’t know, maybe it’s a little draconian, but it justseems
to me, but you probably see that?Another tip while driving is with regard to on ramps. When you pass an onramp, look in your rear view mirror and ascertain that no policeman isdriving down that on ramp. I check every single one, every single time.

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