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Class 4 Gakuin Wwi

Class 4 Gakuin Wwi

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Published by anzrain

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Published by: anzrain on Jun 10, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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World War I: Total or “PureWar”
1815: Congress of Vienna to end theNapoleonic Wars (1989-1815) and reintegraterevolutionary France into the European systemClausewitz recognized that the NapoleonicWars had “democratized” war -- forever
Explaining Why No Global Warsbetween 1815-1914?
The principal European powers -- Germany,Austria-Hungary, Russia, France, and the UnitedKingdom -- developed a system of consultationsand conferences to preclude general warExceptions: The Crimean War, 1854-56The Prussian-Danish War, 1854The Prussian-Austrian War, 1866The Prussian-French War, 1870 andthe creation of GermanyBalkan Wars before WWI
Key Factors in the Changed Conditions of BigPower Relations to Explain Why WWI?
1) Industrial Revolution— Increased economic wealth supplies resources for war— Large standing armies and navies can be supportedand the population mobilized for war in the event of hostilities— Development of civil technology also produced arevolution in military technology on land and sea:artillery, the machine gun, rapid firing and reliable rifles,metal ocean-going warships, advanced communications,submarines, etc.2) Firepower and mass armies increased the lethality of war, approaching Clausewitz “pure war”

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