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Famous Freemasons Exposed

Famous Freemasons Exposed



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Published by Eric Dubay
Exposing Masonry from the Vatican to Hollywood. The picture book proves using symbols/hand signs that 9 out of 10 Politicians and Celebrities are members of Freemasonry and Eastern Star secret societies.
Exposing Masonry from the Vatican to Hollywood. The picture book proves using symbols/hand signs that 9 out of 10 Politicians and Celebrities are members of Freemasonry and Eastern Star secret societies.

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Published by: Eric Dubay on Jun 10, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Famous Freemasons Exposed:
Masonry From the Vatican to Hollywood
By Eric & Intukan Dubayericdubay@hotmail.com www.myspace.com/sheeplerevolt http://atlanteanconspiracy.blogspot.com 
The Michelangelo Mystery
Everybody knows the famousMichelangelo painting “TheCreation of Adam” in theSistine Chapel at the Vatican.But most people, except foran initiated few, are unawareof certain occult secretscontained within the artwork.Take careful notice of theway God and Adam’s handsare positioned. The middleand ring fingers are heldtogether while the pointer and pinky fingers are separated. This makes an “M” and asyou will see represents Masonry – the oldest, most wide spread secret society inexistence, operating in almost every country in the world with 5+ million members.For centuries, the Vatican andworld Royalty have conspiredusing the vehicle of Freemasonry to place initiatesinto key power positions of politics, business, banking,and media in an effort tocontrol populations. If this isnew to you or soundsunbelievable, please take some time to read my other free book, “The AtlanteanConspiracy,” available for download at (www.linktoit.com/atlanteanconspiracy
). Youmight also want to watch the excellent freedocumentary “Esoteric Agenda” available at(www.talismanicidols.org
).My first book, The Atlantean Conspiracy, explainsin detail our global history of Masonicmanipulations using words. In this book I intend tofurther explain and prove the global Masonicconspiracy but instead of using words, I will letthese amazing pictures do the talking for me. Asyou skim through this picture book always
stayfocused on their hands
and eyes! You are about tobe initiated into the secret language of the elite.Theirs is a language of symbols, numbers, gestures,handshakes, and hand-signs. This book will focus
on using the latter to prove Masonic (for men) and Eastern Star (for women)membership of hundreds of famous actors, musicians, models, royalty, popes, andpoliticians. We begin the Michelangelo Mystery at the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel:The central figure Jesus fromMichelangelo’s “The Last JudgmentRaphael’s “Sistine Madonna”Notice the finger positionsRaphael’s “Vision of Ezekiel” at the Vatican
Lorenzo de Medici (1449-1492)Ruler of Florentine RepublicIsabella I (1451-1504)Queen of CastilleFerdinand II (1452-1516) King of CastilleChristopher Columbus (1451-1506)Conquistador, murderer and rapist,officially “dis-covered” the Americas

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masonicmike reviewed this
Rated 1/5
This is bull. Just because a person lays there fingers a certain way does not make them a mason. I am a mason and never are we told that a certain finger combination alludes to you are a mason and I have been a mason for a long time. www.freemasonryrevealed.com
Jamie Low reviewed this
Rated 1/5
You have exposed nothing except your own delusional paranoia. Your assertions are too lengthy to debunk the whole lot but I'll go with the most obvious and retarded of your assertions.... that of the hand position you refer to in many pictures and portraits where the middle and ring finger are together and the index and pinky fingers spread out to the sides... A modicum of anatomical knowledge or even a little bit of research would have provided you with the answer as to why ALL these people are pictured with their hand in this position... It's the natural resting position of the human hand... moron.

Like I said, there is so much wrong with you I can only begin to address and I'm not saying for one second that conspiracies like you suggest don't exist because they may very well.. but you are off your nut and need SERIOUS treatment and most probably a seriously regulated pharmaceutical regimen. Seek Help.
Marek Gehrmann added this note
This is crazy. I think you need help.
Marek Gehrmann added this note
Ok, so I am a mason, too because I sometimes use triangles in my life. Sometimes it's simply comfortable to hold my finger this or that way, but if it makes me a freemason, I will definitely stop doing it.

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