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Published by Sandy Sessler

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Published by: Sandy Sessler on Jun 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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DIVISIONBySandy Sessler It was a typical day at the Law Offices of McMurphy, Fennerman and Tilden.Georgia Hiller was sitting at the reception desk fielding calls and clients in her usual,efficient manner. Having been the receptionist since the offices¶ inception, she had beenon the ground floor of how things were to be done and was well-regarded by the partners.She planned to hold on to her position until she finished night school and could move upsomeone¶s corporate latter until she hit some else¶s glass ceiling, somewhere. Ah, thedreams and hopes of a young, single woman with all her life still in front of her.³Good morning, Lisa,´ Georgia smiled, as she greeted Arthur Tilden¶s paralegal.³Hi, Georgia. Any messages?´ she answered.³Just these,´ Georgia said, as she handed her a moderate stack of post-it notesattached to various legal papers from Arthur Tilden. Lisa frowned, as she started readingthrough the pile and walked to her cubicle to decipher her boss¶s chicken scratch. Not a job I would want«ever, Georgia thought to herself. All that education, just toend up doing the legwork for a high-paid lawyer and getting paid chicken feed for the privilege. No, thank you, very much. She would prefer to get her business degree insomething that would take her down a different path and hopefully, a more lucrative one.
³Good morning, Mr. Fennerman,´ Georgia smiled, as she greeted one of the partnersand original founder of the firm. Matthew Fennerman was a handsome, rakish ladies-manin his late 20¶s whose charms had not gone unnoticed by Georgia. But she knew that anoffice romance with the boss was sure poison to your job and she wasn¶t about to letanything get in the way of her goals. Not that she wasn¶t sorely tempted. She oftendaydreamed when there would be a lull in the reception area, Matt and her lying on asun-drenched beach in the Bahamas, Matt caressing her hot skin with warm suntan oil«³Hi, Georgia. Arthur in yet?´ he asked, rousing her from reverie. He would haveloved to romance this pretty, young redhead, but he had rules. And the most importantwas to keep your love life separate from your business. It would be otherwise, disastrous.He knew this from firsthand account. His father had practically ruined his reputation, both socially and politically, by romancing his secretary in full view of his office staff.Matt would never make such a foolish mistake. There were certainly enough womanoutside his corporate arena that could be wooed and won. Still, Georgia was a lusciousmorsel of womanhood to tempt his senses.³No, but Lisa is,´ Georgia responded and watched as he walked away. Nice butt, shethought.³Lisa, I need you to file these by 5, today,´ Arthur Tilden said, as he walked past her cubicle on his way to lunch. As he laid the papers in front of her, he thought he detected ahint of irritation. He knew he wasn¶t giving her much time, but he had been busy on the phone most of the morning. There was a lot going on in the market at the moment and hedidn¶t want to lose out on any of the opportunities to make another killing. Or at least
come back from the beating he took the previous month. Arthur was addicted to playingthe stock market and loved the rush of making money on stocks he carefully watched andhand-picked. Of course, like any junkie, when the bottom fell out, he wasn¶t quite aseuphoric and Lisa could always tell by his mood, when his hunches were wrong.³Yes, Mr. Tilden,´ she said, as picked up the papers and moved them aside, makinga mental note to leave the office by four to make it to the courthouse in time.Just ride it out, Lisa, she would tell herself. Another year of scrimping and savingand you¶ll have enough. Lisa Morgan was saving every penny to go back and finish lawschool. She had dropped out at the middle of her second year when her mother took illand needed round the clock care. Lisa was the only one there was, to step in and care for her, and she did so without compliant. But that was three years before and her knowledgeand talent were certainly wasted as Arthur¶s assistant. As far as legal skills, she couldalready run circles around him. He just didn¶t have her propensity, her natural affinity for the law. Her talent for the obscure details, and her ability to unearth even the most minute particulars, made her a better lawyer as a 2
year law student than Arthur Tilden ever 
be.But it was Arthur Tilden¶s inherited fortune that backed their firm into existencethree years earlier, so his mediocre skills could be disregarded, or at least overlooked inthe grand scheme. And Matt Fennerman and Jimmy McMurphy deftly arranged to haveArthur handle nothing more significant than the real estate law that required moreresearch than courtroom skill« something that Arthur had none of. And for the research,they had found a gem in Lisa Fuller. She was what every successful law firm had firmlyin place, a talented, ambitious paralegal with the aspirations to become a lawyer. With

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