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The Matinee

The Matinee

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Published by Sandy Sessler

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Published by: Sandy Sessler on Jun 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 BOTHERSOME BOBBY AND THE TRAVEL KIDSBy Sandy Sessler CHAPTER 1 -- THE MATINEE“BOBBY! Cut it out!” Amanda was yelling at her brother. He was such a pain in theneck. Just because he was 10 years old didn’t mean he had to be a brat, but as far as hissister was concerned, he most certainly was.Amanda was almost twelve now and
much more grown-up than her brother. After all, he still did things like put yucky worms in a jar of dirt and kept them next to his bed.How gross!And the more Amanda complained, the more he annoyed her.“Amanda, if you just ignore him, he’ll stop,” her mother would say. But her mother was wrong. He
stopped. And he probably never would. He would just continue totorture her for the rest of her life (or at least until she grew up and moved out). Or better 
yet, when
grew up and moved out!“Manda, Panda motor pie,” he taunted her with the knick-name she hated.“Oh, go soak your head,” she snapped back.“Oh boo-hoo. I’m so sad that your mad,” Bobby laughed.Amanda left the breakfast table in a huff and stormed off to her room. At least thereshe could get away from him. It was time to get ready for school anyway. After she pulled on her jeans and sweatshirt, she brushed her hair and pulled it back into a clip thathad pink sparkling butterflies on it. She loved butterflies ever since she was a little girl.She would draw them and paint them and collect anything that had a picture of a butterflyon it. Amanda had a beautiful silver butterfly necklace that her mom and dad gave her for her eleventh birthday and she wore it all the time. She even had a little white jewelry boxwith pink butterflies on the cover. Bobby thought it was lame.“I like to pull the
off butterflies,” he would say to her, just to make her cry. Hedidn’t ever really
it. He just wanted to see her cry.Amanda put her books in her book bag and headed out for school.“Come on, Bobby. We’ll miss the bus,” she said as he dawdled putting on hissneakers.“There’s time,” he quipped.“Well, I’m leaving. You can miss it if you want to,” she said back.“Don’t leave without your brother,” she heard her mother call from the kitchen. Momalways heard
“Well, hurry up then,” Amanda said to him. Bobby purposely moved slower andslower and Amanda’s face got redder and redder as she got madder and madder.
Finally he figured he had tormented her enough, so he jumped up, grabbed his jacketand book bag, and raced her to the bus stop just as the bus pulled up.Amanda was out of breath as she took her usual seat next to Julie Rivers, her very bestfriend. They had been best friends since they were five and Julie moved into the oldWilson house on the next street. Julie was so lucky. She didn’t
a younger brother.She didn’t have a brother at all. She did have a big sister, but they were really goodfriends and now, she was away at college. Amanda wished she had a sister to talk toabout things and go shopping with, but all she had was crummy Bobby.Hey, wanna go to the movies tomorrow,” Julie asked Amanda. “There’s the newTravel Kids movie. I loved the last one, where Henry and Eva went to the planet Vartran,to fight those cool aliens.”“That’s where I’d like to send Bobby,” Amanda said, still mad at him.“Yeah, he can be a pain,” Julie sympathized.“I’ll have to ask my mom, but I’d love to go. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able totwist a ring on your finger and go anywhere in the world you wanted… anytime, like theTravel Kids?“Yeah. I think I’d go to Japan or China when they used to wear those really neatkimonos we studied about in geography,” Julie said.“I think I’d go back to the Old West and ride in a stagecoach,” Amanda said. “And I’dmake sure I left Bobby home. Or maybe I’d take him and give him to some sheriff to lock up,” she laughed. “Well, at least I can get away from him when we go to the movies.”Bobby was shooting spit balls at the back of her head, as the bus pulled into the school parking lot to let them out. Julie rolled her eyes at Amanda and they got off and went to

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