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The Wolf Witch and the Roses of the Sun

The Wolf Witch and the Roses of the Sun

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Published by Edward L Hester
What magic can a young man use to defeat the power of a Witch?
What magic can a young man use to defeat the power of a Witch?

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Published by: Edward L Hester on Jun 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Wolf Witch and the Roses of the Sun - A Fairy Tale.Once upon a time, at the edge of the Great Swamp, there lived an old woman all the people knew as Grandmother Time. She lived in a big oak tree split at its base to form acavern within. There she kept house, loved by all who knew her. Around her home, shegrew a wondrous garden in which grew wonderful roses which gleamed with light. Thesewere called the Roses of the Sun, and they never died but shone night and day. Somewere white, and some were red. But the most beautiful of all was the shining blue rose atthe center of the garden..All who lived nearby were very happy except for one thing. Within the Great Swamp,there lived a Witch. At her dark house within the bog, she lived within a dark grove of twisted trees, surrounded by a pack of wolves. When night fell, the wolves huntedhowling through the night, spreading fear and dismay, for many unwary people and their animal friends fell to the hunters. Whenever this happened, all the people would rush toGrandmother's tree, where the Roses of the Garden of the Sun brightly lit the gardens.There the wolves could not come, for the gardens were warded by spells of fire and icelaid down against the dark by Grandmother Time..Grandmother Time had three sons she loved very much. One was like unto a lion; goldenhaired, broad shouldered, with a smile and laugh which could light up a room. His namewas Courage and great was his might in battle, for his sword struck faster than a snakecould strike. A natural leader, all the men looked to Courage for leadership in times of war. Courage had no interest in the garden, preferring playing sports with the other boysor wrestling or practicing combat tactics with his sword and shield..The second son was lithe and wonderfully likeable. He was like unto an otter; sleek- bodied, raven-haired, quick-witted, graceful, loveable, and playful. He was namedPleasure. Pleasure was never without company from friends or eager village girls wantingto share his company. Pleasure also didn't like gardening, and seldom came into theGarden of the Sun. He preferred spending his time at the local pub, drinking and flirtingwith the girls, or playing card games with his friends..The third and youngest son, however, was nothing like his brothers. To the villagers, itseemed as though the gifts of Grandmother Time had been given to the older brothers, but when it came time for the third to be born, there was nothing left. At birth, he was atiny, wizened little boy. His small face was so pinched, he quickly got the nickname'Weasel.' Few knew what his real name was. As he grew, his scrawny, thin, boney framelacked any grace or coordination, and his legs and arms moved when walking as if theywere going two different places. Awkward socially and clumsy in conversation, Weaselwas shy around girls and timid around other boys his age, and it wasn't long before hespent nearly all of his time alone. He liked to spend time in Grandmother's gardentending the Roses..Weasel spent his time wandering the countryside, watching from the shadows and alleys,
at how others lived and listening in to their secrets. He knew where the Healer kept her herbs and ointments, and that the Miller sometimes cheated his customers byovercharging them for grinding their corn, and when the blacksmith lied about thesoundness of the horses he sold, and when the mayor took payoffs. He knew all the pathsand byways through the woods, even into the swamp. He moved silently, without beingnoticed and knew all the secrets..But afraid of the bigger more aggressive boys and men, he slid somehow into the habit of lying to avoid conflict, fights or punishment. He soon found he had gained a newnickname: 'Weasel the Liar.' His brothers soon turned their backs on him, for both foundit easy to get their needs met. Money, fame and power flowed naturally to each, and asthey considered their brother, they saw him as lacking in integrity, honesty,industriousness and trustworthiness. They were ashamed of him and shook their headswhenever the subject of their brother came up..One winter on the shortest and coldest night of the year, the wolves came streaming outof the swamp and for the first time broke the spells and wards of the Garden of the Sun.When the people came to the Great Oak the next morning, the garden was destroyed andall the Rose bushes and vines were gone..The men came to Courage and begged him to rescue the Roses and restore the garden.And he said, 'I will cut the Old Witch in two with my sword!' And with his great mane of golden hair flowing behind him, he raised his sword and charged with a roar into theSwamp. But the way was dangerous, muddy and treacherous. Only after a long, difficultstruggle did he finally win through so that he approached the Wolf Witch's Housecovered with mud, exhausted and scratched by the briars, which grew everywhere..The Wolf Witch, however, saw him coming, and using her magic changed her most powerful Wolf into a King, all her other wolves into his court, and her house into aCastle. When Courage reached the Witch's grove, he found a King standing in beautifularmor--surrounded by his court--before a beautiful castle.."What a fine young man!" said the King. Since I am without an heir, you must be myson. Let me adopt you and I will bequeath all my kingdom to you!" Courage wasimpressed with the power and glory of this King and acquiesced. "I will achieve all mydreams without working," he thought, and arm in arm, they passed into the Castle. But assoon as he passed the door, the Witch changed him into a wolf, and he ran around theroom. Then, all the other wolves jumped on him, biting and tearing at him until he wascovered in wounds and miserable. At last, he slunk into a corner and hid under a table..When Courage didn't return from the Swamp, all the young women came to Pleasure, and begged him to do something to rescue the Roses and his brother, Courage. 'I'll bet I canseduce that old witch into returning the Roses,' he mused, and set off for the dark grove inthe swamp..
Fussy about his looks and clothes, Pleasure took his time through the swamp in order toarrive looking his best. The Wolf Witch, however, saw him coming. So she turned herself into the most beautiful woman in the world and her dark house into a charming cottage.When Pleasure arrived, he was amazed to see a beautiful woman awaiting him, and he became immediately silly over her. "Everyone in the village will be so envious at mygood fortune," he thought, "and wish they were me because I will have the most beautifullover in the realm!" But the Witch quickly charmed the young man with her magic andlead him into her cottage 'for a night of love.' As soon as Pleasure passed through thecottage door, she changed him into a wolf, and he ran around and around the room. Then,all the Witch's wolves jumped on him, biting and tearing at him until he too was coveredin wounds and bruises. He too slunk into the corner and hid under a table..When Courage and Pleasure did not return, Grandmother Time came to Weasel andasked him to help. "Why should I," he asked. "No body in the village wants me or  befriends me! I spend all my time alone. No girl wants me for husband. No man wantsme for friend. Why should I risk my own life to serve those who only wish me ill?"."You have gifts no one has recognized," she smiled. "And it is the time you discoveredwhat they are!" She smiled at him. "Do this for yourself. You are no one's servant.Decide what you want and go get it." And she went back to work cleaning her garden..So Weasel walked and thought deep into the night. He thought about his brothers, and thegarden and roses. He thought about the townspeople. And he thought about his own life,his 'failures' and disappointments, and about what he wanted. Finally, he went to hisGrandmother's room and wrapped an object he knew was hanging in the corner. Heslipped it into his backpack and left for the Witch's house..Weasel knew the ways through the swamp from his wanderings across the land, so hewas able to find his way through its dangers smoothly. He soon was in sight of the Wolf Witch's house. Shortly, seeing him approaching, the Witch changed herself into a kindand motherly lady, her wolves into young men and women, and her house into a homeycottage. Greeting him, the Witch-mother smiled warmly and gave him a hug. "Nice tohave you come to see me! I lost my son and have been so lonely. Let me cook a hot mealfor you and take care of you?".Weasel gave her a hug back and thanked her, but deferred, saying "Thanks dear lady, butI'm looking for the house of the Wolf Witch. She's got my brothers and the Roses fromthe Garden of the Sun, and I mean to rescue them."."Oh, my!" said the Wolf Witch. "You must not go there. She might turn you into a toador snake or something terrible!"."Don't worry, mother", he replied with a knowing smile. "I've got a magic weapon in my backpack. This weapon is the most terrible device known to man and once I've used it,she will no longer be a threat to anyone.".

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