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English - Msulims in the West, Case of Switzerland Oral

English - Msulims in the West, Case of Switzerland Oral

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Published by sabu_sahlieh

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Published by: sabu_sahlieh on Jun 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sami A. Aldeeb Abu-Sahlieh
Christian Arab of Palestinian origin and Swiss citizenship, holding a doctorate in lawfrom the University of Fribourg, and a diploma in political sciences from theGraduate Institute of International Studies of Geneva. Responsible for Arab andIslamic law in the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law in Lausanne. InvitedProfessor at the Faculties of Law of Aix-Marseille III and Palermo.Last book: Introduction à la société musulmane: fondements, sources et principes,Eyrolles, Paris, 2005. Email:saldeeb@bluewin.ch. Some of his writings in:http://www.sami-aldeeb.com/andhttp://groups.yahoo.com/group/sami/.
First presentation: Muslims in the West: how to avoid repeating history?Abstract
Classic Muslim jurists consider all regions under Muslim domination as the Land of Islam. On the other side of the border is the Land of War, often called the Land of Disbelief that, some day, should pass to Muslim domination, and its inhabitantsconvert to Islam.According to the Koran (4:97-98), each Muslim living in an infidel country mustleave it and join the Muslim community, unless unable. Ibn-Rushd (died 1126) urgesthe Muslim authority to establish controls on roads so no Muslim can travel to theLand of Disbelief. In application of this doctrine, Muslims left countries reconquested by Christians as Sicily and Andalousia, because Muslims must submit only to Islamicauthority, apply only Islamic law and be judged only by Muslim judge. Colonizationof Islamic countries by European States raised the same problem. Should the Muslimcountries occupied by foreign forces be considered as Land of Disbelief ? If such isthe case, should Muslims emigrate from these countries?Today, with the end of colonization, we have the opposite problem: the emigration of Muslims toward non-Muslim countries. Some of these Muslims even acquired thecitizenship of these countries. There is also the problem of non-Muslim citizens thatconverted to Islam and the one of autochthonous Muslim minorities that live incountries with a non-Muslim majority.A Guide for the Muslim in Foreign Countries recalls the prohibition of going to theLand of Disbelief. This book claims that Muslims must always feel a barrier betweenthemselves and the impure Land of Disbelief. This barrier must prevent Muslims fromintegrating themselves into this society. Concerning those who are obliged to go to or stay in the Land of Disbelief, they must apply Islamic norms and try to convertinfidels to Islam as a payment for having left the Land of Islam. Therefore, Muslimsclaim more and more concessions from the West, and the West is requesting that theysubmit to its legal system. The conflict between Muslims and the West is ineluctable.This conflict is the same as the one between Muslim countries and fundamentalistMuslims, and between Israel and Fundamentalist Jews. Jewish, Muslim and Westernintellectuals should contribute to solve it. I am convinced that the creation of onedemocratic State in Palestine/Israel, with equal rights for all, regardless of their religion, would be an essential step for such a solution.2
I. Geographic and number importanceTotal Muslims1200 millions, 20% of world population.

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