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For thousands of years, mankind awaits the return of God, but they always thought He would decide when the time had come for His return. Little did they know, they were creating the reason for His return...with a dead body that was about to return to the living.
For thousands of years, mankind awaits the return of God, but they always thought He would decide when the time had come for His return. Little did they know, they were creating the reason for His return...with a dead body that was about to return to the living.

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Published by: azaspider on Jun 10, 2008
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Fiction by: Aaron Z. Adams© December 20, 2005
God told us he would come for us all one day. That day is today.In 1937 the idea of preserving a body, then trying to reanimate it yearslater was formed. To preserve the remains, scientists started by freezing the body at absolute zero. Hoping that new medical cures in the future wouldallow for the revival of a body that had been dead for several years. This wasknown as putting someone into Crio-stasis. The scientific community never had a set name for the revival of the body, because it had yet to happen.From 1937 through 2000, the total number of people to be in stasis was just shy of 1 thousand. There was only a very small group of people who believed in the possibility that Crio-stasis may be a way to return from deathto live life again. By 2035 major advancements in micro-med technologyhad given the general populace a boost of confidence in the reanimation of dead tissue.In 2039, just 4 years after these advancements of the micro-meds, Crio-stasis participation went up exponentially. Over 6 million people had beenCrio-genically frozen. Nearly every person who had health care was gettingfrozen after his or her demise, untimely or not. Human husks that were oncereturned to ash by fire were now preserved whole by ice. But they wouldhave to wait for nearly 30 years before they would get their second lease onlife. And as those in the freeze waited for their grand return, others joinedthem by the millions every year for 30 years. Now nearly 120 million peoplesit in Crio-stasis. Everyone holding his or her breath as the medicalcommunity inched closer and closer to everlasting life.And as the doctors of the world continued to forecast the coming of thefirst human reanimation, the world started to trade in their philosophicalquestions for technical ones. Everyone had their own dream of life after death. Nobody had ever thought for a moment that what came after deathmight be so much better than anything life had to offer. We still believed itwas the body that gave us life, not the soul. That proved to be the biggestmistake humanity could ever make. In 2079 the first human revival fromCrio-stasis was successfully performed. More would follow in that year, but
it was the first one that caught Gods attention. For this was the first soul toever be removed from Heaven by someone other than God Himself. AndGod knew the time had come. Heaven was about to be torn inside out, soul by single soul, by his own creation, mankind. So now it was to become a battle to the end, mankind verses his Maker; the only thing was that mankindhad no idea that a battle had begun. For all of humanity was now rejoicingin its victory over death, this was certainly not a time of war, but one of celebration.Chapter 1-saying goodbyeForever tends to stretch on forever when you can see to infinity. So whileone is within the walls of Heaven, one tends to limit their view as to not beoverwhelmed. But then again when you are new to Heaven, it’s impossiblenot to be overwhelmed.The Grand Canyon was not new to Heaven. There was nothing truly newto heaven except for you. But as new spirits entered the Kingdom of Godfor the first time, the first thing they usually saw was a place of comfort thatresides somewhere on Earth. To see Heaven as it truly is as you first enter usually would leave one drooling for a year or two afterward, and that’s noway to start your after-life. No, when one enters Heaven the first thing theysee is a place of comfort. So the Grand Canyon has been in Heaven just aslong as it’s been on Earth. But this version was slightly different than itsEarth bound counter part. It was bigger, say 10 times bigger, the view took up entire states, and this canyon was 4 miles deep. But then again, Evan wasonly a little boy the last time he had been there, so a slight exaduration could be easily overlooked.Evan thought back to a family vacation at the Grand Canyon, where momand dad were still in love, where the family was still whole. And here he satalone in Heaven of all places. His parents were still alive, as were his wifeand child. So Evan watched a never-ending sunset over a Grand Canyonthat would put the original to shame. He sat and he waited for his family todie, one by one, and join him in Heaven.This thought really gave him a good chuckle. How morbid any living person would find that thought, how disgusted they would be. Waiting for my family to die…but here in Heaven that is simply the way it is. You want
to be the one to show your dad how to throw a ball like a champion. Youwant to be the one to show your wife how to cook a meal fit for GodHimself, here in Heaven. Here I could show my son how to fly, not pretend, but to truly lift his feet from the ground and sore from one endless point of Heaven to another. Here anything is possible, I just have to wait for you allto get here so I can share it with you, because right now I’m lonely. Andnothing makes me sadder than knowing that I am lonely in Heaven.And then Evan knew he wasn’t alone anymore…but that wasn’tnecessarily a good thing. On the horizon of his Mega-Grand Canyon he sawwhat he perceived to be a spirit coming towards him. Then a moment later he caught a glint of light that revealed his error. That glint of light was off of the silver feathers of a wing, the wing of an angel.This was the second of three times that Evan would feel uncomfortablewithin the walls of Heaven, the first was within his first second in Heaven.One moment he was driving home late in the evening after a double shift atthe hospital, the next he was asleep at the wheel, and 13.59042 secondslater…here in Heaven. That can be quit unsettling indeed, after all, not thatmany people are anticipating to the second, their arrival in Heaven. It tendsto take you by surprise. Now an angel coming to him? That is unsettling on a wholly differentlevel. Angels sang praise to God, angels did Gods bidding, and theydelivered his messages. Angels were seen all through out paradise, but theywhere always busy doing Gods work. So why exactly was this angelcoming to him now?In the matter of a few heartbeats, (funny that he measure time this way,considering Evan no longer had a heart) the angel was standing to the left of Evan. Turning to look at the angel, Evan caught his breath. (Again odd, dueto not having lungs, apparently old habits are hard to break, especiallyconsidering the fact that they used to keep you alive.) It was magnificent toview an angel this closely. Fully spread, their wings span was easily thirtyfeet. Now the wings were folded back at the shoulder blades. Evan lookedup at the eight and a half foot angel, thinking that if its skin were any paler,it may be confused for a statue of chiseled perfection. But anybody living or dead would know that no artist could make something so utterly beautiful.The angel now turned his head toward Evan and asked, “May I enter?”“Uh…yeah, absolutely! Please, um let me know what you think.”The angel took a step forward, and as he did so he passed through aninvisible curtain that separates the true view of Heaven from what Evan hascreated in his mind. The angel gazed over the landscape, thought for a

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