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[M.A.O.U.S.] Sometimes Asians Walk Small Dogs

[M.A.O.U.S.] Sometimes Asians Walk Small Dogs

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[M.A.O.U.S.] World Currency part II: Node Banking Warfare Model, New currency designs, updated Gadsden flag, the rules of the anti-party and more.
[M.A.O.U.S.] World Currency part II: Node Banking Warfare Model, New currency designs, updated Gadsden flag, the rules of the anti-party and more.

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Published by: Mericraticaly Aligned Orders United Sydicate on Jun 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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sometimes Asians walk small dogs . . .
Node Banking Warfare
The fact that on the road to Hell,
From bull market B.S. toBureaucracy shield
Freedom of speech and the freedom to propagandize are notsynonymous. Both should be used to protect the constitution.However, when these freedoms are used to subvert the constitutionthey become the licensed right of the oppressor. This license willbe revoked by the same methodology by which it was gained.The following is the brief history of the end of America, fromdownfall of the republic to the occupation of C.F.O.B.In 1913 when the Federal Reserve was conceived the end of therepublic was ensured. As the founders of America had warned alarge standing central bank is one of the most dangerousinstitutions to infect a Democracy.Once the constitutional power to mint money was stolen from thepeople, the states and congress subjugation was ensured. Theoverpowered and unresponsive legal system proved itself a willfulconspirator in the Republics demise. Since the midnightappointments the judicial branch had not only failed to protect thepeople’s rights and uphold the constitution but proved an enemy of both.The legal system was used and exploited to make justiceimpossible. It became nothing more than a legal cartel thatimplemented a Just-Us form of rule. Justice was for sale but fewpeople could afford it. The point was not to attain justice merely toexpand the business of it. The justice business is fully owned andoperated by the few to subjugate the many.
The so-called free-press became a freedom oppressing ministry of propaganda owned by the same oligarchs that own the legalsystem.The education system was designed to depart from the autodidacticclassic based system of the enlightenment. It was retooled tobecome the subjugation system designed to waste time and moneyof the people to keep them ignorant and in debt.The so-called education system and free-press are used inconjunction to reinforce the oligarch’s message, which is to bepassive, non-violent and submit. Thus the people became a non-threat that was easy to control and wear down through debt andinflation based attrition.Wars and racial tension provided the perfect smoke screen for theOligarchs to implement their plan, all they needed was time.Despite President Washington’s warning to keep out of overseaswars and the balance of power struggles the American peoplefound themselves permanently engaged in them.The people were kept divided by trumped up non-issues that wereirresolvable by design to allow a government of the leastaccountability to perpetuate. Selections that were billed aselections provided the illusion of choice from candidates fromseparate parties that shared a brain. The election process was madeso expensive and mainstream media dependant that no seriousoutside challenge was possible. Thus the Bureaucracy Shield wasborn and raised.The Bureaucracy Shield was composed of layers of Media,Lawyers, Lobbyists, Bankers and Bureaucrats that would protectthe status quo. The Bureaucracy Shield was so thick that even if anoutsider did get through they would be marginalized, ineffectualand at worst it was guaranteed their vote and voice would bedrowned out by waves of sycophants.Inflation was used to quietly destroy the people’s prosperity andthus effectiveness in countering the incursions against theirfreedoms. The rich kept up with and exceeded inflation by

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