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Strategic Mgt(Course Module)

Strategic Mgt(Course Module)

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Published by D Attitude Kid

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: D Attitude Kid on Jun 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Punjab College of Technical EducationLudhiana
Strategic Management, MB 401 and InternationalBusiness Strategy (MBA-IB)Faculty
Course Objective
:To provide a strong grounding in the concepts of strategy management and building onthe brawny foundation in the Strategy core course
Key Themes
:In addition to reinforcing and deepening learning in the core Strategy course, this coursewill have the following main themes:-Strategy Process-Environmental Scanning-Multi-business Strategy (Corporate and Business Level )-Strategic Analysis and Choice-Strategic Resource Allocation, Leadership & Organizational TransformationThe course will pay particular attention to strategic issues arising from globalization.
:MarksCase Analysis 10Assignments 51
Hourly and2
Hourly5 MarkseachMST15
:The course will be based on analysis of cases and discussion of key concepts through presentations and lectures. Since learning from cases is a participative learning process, allstudents attending this course are expected to be prepared with the case for the day. Please makesure that you bring your copy of the case with you to class.
Students who are not prepared or
who do not bring the case to the class may be asked to leave the class and forfeit attendancefor the session concerned.Case Pedagogy
Each student will have to submit a comprehensive case analysis of a case that will be discussed inthe class. The case to be analysed will be assigned in advance to the groups. The submission of the case analysis will be due at the beginning of the class in which the case is to be discussed bythe group. The group will brief and initiate the discussion to the rest of the class.
 No late submissions will be accepted.
 There is no word limit for the case analysis though brevity will be appreciated. Each casesubmission should include answers to all the discussion questions. However, it is advisable to go beyond these questions and consider all other issues that you believe are relevant. While you maydiscuss your analysis with others, it is expected that the final written assignment be done by your group. If you refer to any other material (article, website, BLOG, egroup, etc.) in writing your assignment, this must be explicitly acknowledged with full citations. Please use thefootnote/endnote facility available in MSWord for this purpose.
* At the end of the course each group will be assigned a new case. The group members wil study the case and submit the analysis in writing in detail.
Integrated Case Grid – Strategic Management Course
1 2 3 4 5 6 
1. Pleasure WheelX . . .. . Nature & ImportanceLow2. Arvind Eye hospital X. . . .Environment AppraisalHigh3. Tata Motors XX...IEE/EFE Analysis &LeadershipHigh4. ITC BhadrachalamXStrategic AnalysisMedium5. Hitech Antennae X.. XCorporate Level Strategy& Resource AllocationHigh6. South West Airlines X. .Business LevelStrategiesMedium7. TI Cycles X .Industry Analysis &ChoiceMedium8. Handspring InternationalCooperationXStrategy ImplementationMedium
*Cases will be available in soft form, shortly
Assignments will be evaluated on the basis of 
Contents, Language and PresentationTerm Paper/Activity:
Students will work in groups in drafting a Strategic Road Mapfor any local company or business Unit in any functional divisional Issues.Details regarding the same will be discussed in the class. At the end of thesemester groups will prepare the case study and submit.
The Class Presentation is scheduled on 2
January 2010 . The presentations will bedelivered by the respective groups formed in the beginning of semester.
Following rules of presentation must be followed1.Students will be informed regarding the groups and title of their presentation well inadvance at least 10 days before the day of presentation2.Students will submit the presentations report at least three days before the day of  presentations for necessary modifications / additions and deletions
Rules for report writing
Report must be computerized with 14’ font (Main Heading), 12’ for generalwriting, Times New Romen, Justified.
Title of the report should contain all the details regarding the project title,submitted by, submitted to, course and class details etc
At the end of the bibliography/ references must be given in details
Oral presentation
Only English language is permissible for presentation
One student from the group will be acting as chairperson who will introduce thetopic to the audience and control the presentation, formally start and finish the presentation
Maximum time for one group will be 30 minutes followed by 15 min discussion
No paper or written material help is allowed during the presentation. Presenters will prepare the power point presentations for delivering the presentation
Presenters must be in strict formal while delivering the presentation 
The class will be conducted in a lecture-discussion format. Very little lecture time will be devotedto topics that the average student can readily comprehend on the basis of self-study. Instead,class discussion will focus on areas where comprehension is substantially enhanced by additionalelaboration or illustration. Several mini-case analyses will be assigned by the teacher in thesemester.
Minimum 75% attendance is compulsory for every student in the class
Students can enter the class and get their attendance marked till the teacher is takingattendance. After that students will be allowed to sit in the class but no attendance will begiven.
No compensation or extra lectures will be taken at the end of the semester to completethe attendance
In case of emergency students must get the leave approved from the instructor beforegoing on leave. Students must be clear the leave will not be considered as attendancewhile calculating the final attendance at the end of semester.

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