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Practice Questions 16

Practice Questions 16

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Published by: Filipino Nurses Central on Jun 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PRACTICE TEST QUESTIONSDownloaded from FILIPINO NURSES CENTRAL{www.filipinonursescentral.wordpress.com}
1. Which of the following hormones causes increased atrial pressureand decreases sodium reabsorption in the kidneys?A. Atrial natriuretic peptideB. PTHC. AldosteroneD. Vasopressin2. Angiotensin I is changed by which of the following into AngiotensinII?A. ACEB. AVTC. PepsinD. Adenosine3. Which of the following is not a cause of peripheral edema?A. Increased capillary permeabilityB. Reduced levels of plasma proteinsC. Heart failureD. Decreased capillary output4. Which of the following during an electrocardiogram is associatedwith hypokalemia?A. QRS complexB. U waveC. PR segmentD. ST segment5. Which of the following is not generally associated with a 2
degree(Mobitz Type 1) AV block?A. Usually asymptomaticB. Nonsequential (P wave then QRS complex)C. Increased PR segment/intervalD. 70% Fatal
6. An S3 heart sound is often associated with?A. CHFB. COPDC. Atrial fib.D. Ventricular fib.7. Mean arterial pressure is the product of:A. TPR x SVB. TPR x COC. CO/SVD. SV/EDV8. During phase 3 of the myocardial action potential which ion ismoving the most?A. K+B. Ca+C. Na+D. Ca2+9. An ejection fraction can be calculated as:A. SV/TPRB. CO/TPRC. SV/EDVD. CO/EDV10. Which of the following is not a bradykinin effect?A. Elevated capillary permeabilityB. Elevated pain levelsC. Elevated vasodilation responseD. Elevated prothrombin secretion11. PAH is secreted in which of the following locations?A. Distal tubuleB. Loop of HenleC. Collecting tubuleD. Proximal tubule12. Which of the following is not an anterior pituitary gland secretion?A. TSHB. GH
C. VasopressinD. Prolactin13. Thyroid Hormone T
does not have which of the followingfunctions?A. Stimulate bone development and growthB. Create beta-adrenergic responsesC. Cause brain developmentD. Decrease calcium re-absorption14. Hypercalemia has not been linked with which of the following?A. Paget's diseaseB. AldosteroneC. SarcoidosisD. Malignancy15. Which of the following does not require the pre-cursorprogesterone?A. CortisolB. TestosteroneC. ACTHD. Aldosterone16. Which of the following is the source cell for the secretionPepsinogen?A. Chief cellB. Plasma cellC. G cellD. Parietal cell17. Which of the following is the primary activator of zymogensecretion?A. SomatostatinB. SecretinC. AcetylcholineD. Gastrin18. Which of the following is not a function of Angiotensin II?A. Causes release of aldosteroneB. Causes vasodilation

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