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Psychiatric Nursing Practice Test 2

Psychiatric Nursing Practice Test 2

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Published by: Filipino Nurses Central on Jun 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PRACTICE TEST QUESTIONSDownloaded from FILIPINO NURSES CENTRAL{www.filipinonursescentral.wordpress.com} 
1. Nurse Tony should first discuss terminating the nurse-clientrelationship with a client during the:a. Termination phase when discharge plans are being made.b. Working phase when the client shows some progress.c. Orientation phase when a contract is established.d. Working phase when the client brings it up.2. Malou is diagnosed with major depression spends majority of the daylying in bed with the sheet pulled over his head. Which of the followingapproaches by the nurse would be the most therapeutic?a. Question the client until he respondsb. Initiate contact with the client frequentlyc. Sit outside the clients roomd. Wait for the client to begin the conversation3. Joe who is very depressed exhibits psychomotor retardation, a flataffect and apathy. The nursein charge observes Joe to be in need of grooming and hygiene. Which of the following nursing actions wouldbe most appropriate?a. Waiting until the client’s family can participate in the client’s careb. Asking the client if he is ready to take showerc. Explaining the importance of hygiene to the clientd. Stating to the client that it’s time for him to take a shower4. When teaching Mario with a typical depression about foods to avoidwhile taking phenelzine(Nardil), which of the following would thenurse in charge include?a. Roasted chicken
b. Fresh fishc. Salamid. Hamburger5. When assessing a female client who is receiving tricyclic antidepressanttherapy, which of the following would alert the nurse to the possibilitythat the client is experiencing anticholinergic effects?a. Urine retention and blurred visionb. Respiratory depression and convulsionc. Delirium and Sedationd. Tremors and cardiac arrhythmias6. For a male client with dysthymic disorder, which of the followingapproaches would the nurseexpect to implement?a. ECTb. Psychotherapeutic approachc. Psychoanalysisd. Antidepressant therapy7. Danny who is diagnosed with bipolar disorder and acute mania,states the nurse, “Where is my daughter? I love Louis. Rain, rain goaway. Dogs eat dirt.” The nurse interprets these statements asindicating which of the following?a. Echolaliab. Neologismc. Clang associationsd. Flight of ideas8. Terry with mania is skipping up and down the hallway practicallyrunning into other clients. Which of the following activities would thenurse in charge expect to include in Terry’s plan of care?a. Watching TVb. Cleaning dayroom tablesc. Leading group activityd. Reading a book
9. When assessing a male client for suicidal risk, which of the followingmethods of suicide would the nurse identify as most lethal?a. Wrist cuttingb. Head bangingc. Use of gund. Aspirin overdose10. Jun has been hospitalized for major depression and suicidalideation. Which of the following statements indicates to the nurse thatthe client is improving?a. “I’m of no use to anyone anymore.” b. “I know my kids don’t need me anymore since they’re grown.” c. “I couldn’t kill myself because I don’t want to go to hell.” d. “I don’t think about killing myself as much as I used to.” 11. Which of the following activities would Nurse Trish recommend to theclient who becomes very anxious when thoughts of suicide occur?a. Using exercise bicycleb. Meditatingc. Watching TVd. Reading comics12. When developing the plan of care for a client receiving haloperidol,which of the following medications would nurse Monet anticipateadministering if the client developed extra pyramidal side effects?a. Olanzapine (Zyprexa)b. Paroxetine (Paxil)c. Benztropine mesylate (Cogentin)d. Lorazepam (Ativan)13. Jon a suspicious client states that “I know you nurses are sprayingmy food with poison as you take it out of the cart.” Which of thefollowing would be the best response of the nurse?a. Giving the client canned supplements until the delusion subsidesb. Asking what kind of poison the client suspects is being used

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