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Published by melchiah87
An erotic short story about a man's sensual experience with a girl he just meet in the hotels pool area. Narrated from the first person perspective
An erotic short story about a man's sensual experience with a girl he just meet in the hotels pool area. Narrated from the first person perspective

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Published by: melchiah87 on Jun 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The PoolBy: melchiah87
: This is an Erotic short story. If stories of this nature offend you do notcontinue reading. Due to the adult nature of this story it is not suitable for minors.
It was a hot day at the hotel where I was staying, and I decided to go down to the indoor poollike I had done so many times before. It was early in the morning, but still boiling hot. I haddecided to start with a nice swim in the pool and finish with the hot tub.As I was swimming along I absently note that I was the only one there. It was completelyempty. After a few laps in the pool, I notice you entering the pool room. You sit down by theside of the pool, dipping your feet in the water, splashing a bit at first. I can see how you arelooking at me, and I see that you see me looking at you as well. You smile and get up to dive in,you start to do your laps next to me.After a few laps, we stop to catch our breath and you look at me and say: "It's been funswimming with you, hope to see you again soon.", and up out of the pool you go, I decide thatit's time for me to go to the hot tub so up I go as well.As I enter the hot tub room, I see you siting there, your head is tilted backwards and you seemto enjoy it very much. I walk over to the pool and step in, you jump."Did I scare you?""Sorry. Didn't hear you come in that's all" you relay with a smile.“Nice seeing you again.” I say with a low voice, as I inspect your body from neck down as faras I can see at least with out the bubbles being in the way. Your head is once more tiltedbackwards.“Same to you, did you see anyone else out there?”“Nah, so far its just us.”You open your eyes and look at me, you smile and I can feel you feet touching mine, they arestroking up and down my leg, I start to feel a tingly sensation in my boxers. The bubbles flyingabout isn't helping the situation either. As the bubbles stop you look at me and say.“Could you reach over and press the button for the bubbles please?”I get terrified, what shall I do, if I get up and press the button you will see what has bin growingin my swim shorts,and if I don't you will lose interest in me. After a split second I think whatthe hell, and I stand up and lean over to press the button, as I sit back down you say.“What's happened there?”I get all red in the face in embarrassment, and stare right down in to the pool. The next thing I
know you are sitting next to me.“Don't worry, I wont bite.” you say and I look you in the eyes, I look down on your lips, soinviting I cat resist, I lean forward and kiss them. You kiss me back, it tastes so nice, like thekips of a goddess, your tongue is dancing with mine as the kiss gets deeper. After a fewmoments you move your head away from me, and smile, you quickly move so that you aresiting on top of me.As we kiss again, deep and passionately, I cant help but to press my crotch up towards you, andin replay I can feel how you are grinding yours towards me. As the grinding and kissing getsmore intense, I can feel that I'm as hard as hard can get, my big throbbing member whats you,wants to be inside of you.As if you can read my mind you move your hands down and pull down my swim shorts, justenough to let my member free, with your hand you move your panties to the side and grab afirm grip of my cock and guide it towards your entrance.I enter you with ease, and you sit down, until I am completely inside of you. We are kissingonce more, as I start to thrust up towards you, then pulling back, you are moving your body in asimilar way to make me pull out of you, to press deeper in to you. Between each kiss I can hearyou moan with each thrust I make, we go faster as I go deeper, and you can focus on thekissing, you move your head backwards like before when you were siting in the pool. I start tokiss you neck, you ride me faster and faster, I bite you neck, hard, you let out a small scream,and I thrust harder and harder, deeper and deeper, getting as far in to you as I can.I can feel the end closing in on me, I stop the biting and whisper in your ear, “I'm almost there,want me to come inside of you?”. You answer, “Yes, please fill me up with you hot sperm.”You lean backwards and I start to thrust even harder until I explode in orgasm inside of you,filling you up, pressing deep inside of you at the same time. We both moan in pleasure,after mymember is done spraying its hot juices inside of you, you lean towards me, heavy breathing, imstill inside of you.we just sit there, my arms are around you.You whisper in my ear. “Shall we move to your hotel room?”with a big smile on your face.“Why not?” I reply and I get up and start to move to my room.as we walk quickly towards the elevator to get us up to my floor and my room, we take quick steps,holding each others hands.I want you again and again, my cock that just a few moments ago filed you up with its hot juices starting toget hard again of the thought of being inside of you once more.as we reach the elevator I slam my finger on the button and then again,“Come on hurry up already.” I say on a low tone, I look at you and you are smiling at my
behavior.“You sure you are ready for another round?”, you whisper in my ear.With that I grab you by your side and push you up against the wall and kiss you, I press my self firmly towards you. My member is in full size wanting to come out, you can undoubtedly feel itpressing towards you. After the kiss I whisper in your ear “Is that proof enough?”You smile andkiss me again.The elevator doors open and we rush in to it, just to be met by a man standing there to go up aswell.I place us behind him and look straight forward, my hand is holding yours, the lust I have foryou is unbearable. I cant stand it anymore I need you right here and now, but I cant, not withthis man standing here.Suddenly I feel your hand leaving mine and slowly moving towards my big member that youcan see is trying to escape my swimming trunks. You start to rub it on the outside, slowlymassaging it up and down. I have to bite my lip not to ravish you right there and then, then Ithink, hey two can play that game, I place my hand on your stomach and let my fingers slowlywalk downwards until I reach the top of your bikini bottom, but instead of playing on theoutside like you are doing, I gently move my fingers inside and down, letting my finger slide inbetween the wet lips that are wanting me so bad. I start to move my finger in a massagingmotion.I can now see that it is you biting your lip instead of me, enjoying my finger playing with you.Your hand has stopped moving and is just holding the outside now. After a few moments theelevator stops and I quickly pull my hand away. No one enters the elevator but to my relief theman has left it, its now just us two in it, going up, I look and see there is another ten floors togo.As the elevator is in between two floors I press the stop button and turn to you, I quickly pressyou towards the wall and start to kiss you, you are not slow to follow, we stand there for quit awhile letting our tongues dance in each others mouths as we kiss deep and passionately, untillet my hands slid down your back and grab a hold of you bum, as I start to pull it up you get mymessage and jump and wrap you legs around my whist. My hard member is thrusting outsideyour cave, wanting to go in.its not long until I pull down my trunks and let him free, with my hand I guide him right, Imove your panties to the side as I gently push myself inside of you.As I enter you, you start to moan in pleasure, wanting me deeper inside of you, I keep pressingand thrusting my self inside of you until I am completely inside your dripping wet cave, I startto thrust back and forward, slowly at first the harder and deeper, you move your hands to aboveyour head, still moaning. You start to thrust downwards as is thrust up making it even harderand deeper. As I thrust harder and harder I can feel that I am going to explode once more andstart to slow down.

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