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The advantages of "Jyotisha"

The advantages of "Jyotisha"

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Published by Avtar Kaul
Predictive gimmicks have decimated cultures throughout the world. Read on.
Predictive gimmicks have decimated cultures throughout the world. Read on.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Avtar Kaul on Jun 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Shri Prashant Pandey ji,Jai Shri Ram!Thank you for your response.< the concept of rasis r there in all civilizations> We read in Primary school level science books these days that Zodiac is animaginary circle extending a few degrees above and below yet another imaginary circle known as ecliptic. And Mesha, Vrisha etc. rashis are twelve equal animalsof that very imaginary circle. That means that those animals, which people callrashis, are more imaginary than the human imagination can envisage! In other words, they are more unreal than the will o the wisp.Pardon me for saying so, but it must have been only imbecile nincompoops who believed that such imaginary animals were owned by one or the other inanimate wandering body known as Mangal or Shani etc. who could not only decipher theirfuture but even make or mar it! And they were coaxed to making offerings to those imaginary owners of imaginary animals of an imaginary circle to get rid of their curses and to enhancetheir position and wealth and even longevity etc. etc. AND, AGAIN, PARDON ME FOR SAYIG SO, BUT I HAVE NO HESITATION INCALLING SUCH “CIVILIZATIONS” AS MENTALLY RETARDED! And I am glad to say that I am one of the luckiest persons to have been born inthe Vedic civilization since the Vedic seers like real Vamadevas---unlike imported Vamadevas of today--- have not referred to such imaginary animals like Rams(Mesha) etc. even by mistake in any of the Vedas nor to any of their inanimatelords like Mangal, Shani etc. As such, you can rest assured that if you go by the real Vedic civilization, asagainst what is propagated by “Vedic astrologers”, you will also be outside of thecircle of mentally retarded people!“Proof of pudding is in the eating” was a famous catch word used by one of thegreatest “Vedic astrologers” of twentieth century. As such, let us see the proofs of such mental retardation for ourselves: I am told that a new group of non-Indian ancient astrology is being floated which will discuss the “science of astrology” (sic!) practiced in countries other thanIndia. These countries are:
Iraq (Sumerian: Urukian, Elamite, Babylonian)
Iran (Assyrian, Zoroastrian, Parthian)
Turky (Troy, Anatolian, Ionian/Yavana, Hittite)
Central Russian (Bactia, Tajik, Camboja etc)
Hellenistic (Minoan, Greek)
Meso-american (Mayan, Olmec, Astec etc)
Celtic (Galic, Welsh, Irish)
Semitic (Jew, Biblical, Islamic)
Chinese (Feug Sui, I-ching)
Tibetan (Kalachakra)
Srilankan etc.
And by “all civilizations that had the concept of rasis” perhaps you are also referring tothese very countries/civilizations!
I wonder whether you have even thought about the “good fortune” that befell allthose civilizations that “had the concept of rasis”! Let us discuss them one by one, not necessarily in the same sequence as indicated above.1.
is said to be the cradle of astrolatory, as perall the evidence available as on date. It is said that they practiced this “science”(sic)! right from third millennium BCE, if not earlier. And Babylonia is noneother than today’s Iraq! Those are the “blessings” of phalita that Babylonia isreaping even now! Sins of father often visit his sons, is a very old saying, and asper Bhishma and the Manu etc. “nakshatra soochis are papa moortis” and here isthe proof! God has obviously spared the Vedic culture from such “benefits”.
: From Babylonia predictive gimmicks went to Greece and weknow that Alexander the Great was the great “samraat” there. He evenconquered India, by making Hindu rulers astro-buffs.But it is the same country that is on the verge of becoming bankrupt today, because of Euro crisis! Astrolatory has had a direct “benefic” effect!
: There was a time in the annals of history when the sun neverset on that land! But it appears that the sun never rises there now a days! What “better” results could be there than such a “sate of affairs” thanks to theirinfatuation with astrology! 
: Our next door neighbour is no doubt progressing by leaps and bounds, but I am not sure that you can discuss astrology there openly! And what type of progress it is, can be anybody’s guess!
: It is another country known for its Burmese astrology—and apoor lady there has been incarcerated for God only knows how long, just because she wants democracy 
: It was the only Hindu country---a theocratic State----in the whole world ruled by a Hindu monarch who was supposed to be an Avatar of  Vishnu! Because the “Vedic astr0logers” there had “foreseen” that if thecrown prince married his sweet-heart the entire royal family would beannihilated as the patris did not match! And as “Vedic astrologers” keepon repeating, “forewarned is orearmed” that is why the king and queentook all the precautions that the crown-prince and his sweet-heart did notget married! As could be expected, quite contrary to what had been predicted “on the basis of imaginary lords of imaginary animals”, the crown-prince shot-dead the entireroyal family including the king and queen because of the hurdles in his marriage!So the royal family did not get annihilated because the crown prince had marriedhis sweet heart, but because he was not allowed to do so! So you can see the“benefic” results of such "consultations" for yourself!Thus Phalita-jyotisha achieved what no power on earth could have done---itdecimated the only Hindu empire in a matter of seconds! And we have a "valiant pracharak" from that very country who wants the Hindusof India to use a coordinated "rashichakra", as if the "un-coordinatedrashichakra" has not been able to extricate its pound of flesh already!Do you need any other proofs of mental retardation of “believing in rasis”
 Well, you know what is happening there, thanks to theirinfatuation with “Vedic astrology”.
Till a couple of decades back, the world was said to be bi-polar.The famous stories of Czar and Czarina about their infatuation withastrolatory are well known. And the result is for anybody to see.
It appears you have a good knowledge of history. If you just cast aglance on that past history right from the advent of “phalita-jyotisha” intoIndia, i.e. right from about fith/fourth century BCE, you can well see it for yourself that we were invaded by foreigners, because we started believingin Atharva-Veda Parishtisha and Varahamihiras and imported Vamadevasetc. instead of the Vedic lore, which advised at every steputtishthatai jagrata prapya vran nibodhata“Get up wake up and realize your SELF after knowing THAT from the realizedsouls (and certainly not phalita-walas!)” ---- Katha-upanishada!If you study the Alberunis’ India (I am uploading a soft copy in the files section) you will see that in tenth century India, we had a free run for phalita-jyotisha! And that was the time when Mahmud of Gazni was plundering our motherland!Our rulers were consulting "narapati jayacharya"---as that is what Varahamihira

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