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"Western Door" Novel Personal Note From Author

"Western Door" Novel Personal Note From Author

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Published by LeonKoziolJD

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Published by: LeonKoziolJD on Jun 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A New Frontier for Terrorism
Personal Note from the Author
By Leon R. Koziol, J.D.
Western door is currently available in a downloadable format at
. Thepaperback version is scheduled to be released by a Vermont publishing company in May 2010. To orderthe hardcopy call (315) 735-2271.
Part One: Reality Check
It was less than eight months after 9-11 when I left a marina in Buffalo, New York en-route toLake George in eastern New York. With a crew of friends, we embarked upon a 500 mile water routefeaturing events not unlike the ones depicted in this novel.All along our itinerary, we maintained a lookout for customs docks and personnel on the logicalbelief that our borders would be secure. Instead, to our utter dismay, we were able to pass freely acrossinternational and state borders with hardly an inquiry. No one checked our vessel, a 41 foot cruiseryacht weighing more than 20,000 pounds that slept eight people.At Port Colborne, on the Canadian side of Lake Erie, we made the obligatory telephone contactwith Canadian customs. All they required was a customs ID, description of our vessel and an itinerary.Through the Welland Canal, Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence Seaway we sailed, border crossings sonumerous that we began to wonder if anyone even knew of our existence.Ports as large as Montreal, Canada and as small as Ticonderoga, New York (a mere boat launch)produced no inquiries whatsoever. We passed more than 2,000 islands along the way when, eventually,the dangers to our fellow Americans and Canadians became manifest.At Rousses Point, on the American side of Lake Champlain, we inadvertently sailed past thecustoms dock. Retreating to this location an hour later, we learned that the customs inspectors had leftfor the afternoon. To maintain regularity, a nearby marina employee suggested that we call an agent athis home. Thirty minutes later, a man arrived only to look over the exterior of our vessel and wish ussafe passage into the United States.Years later I would start this novel. The characters are based upon real people I came to know inChicago during my law school years, clients in my 20 year law practice and most notably, the boatingfriends at Lake George who provided me with memories I will cherish for the rest of my life. The friendsfeatured here have long married off or left our scenes of engagement at the lake.As I reflect upon this work, I recognize that it was pretty much a sole venture. The research wasfascinating, if not unsettling, and the entertaining features could not have been possible without all thevery lively personalities that came into my life. All of you exist in some large or small measure in thediverse events that comprise this book.
2It is my sincere hope that American Homeland security and Canadian authorities take note of this story. Based upon my experiences as a navigator and civil rights attorney, I firmly believe that weare now ripe for another terrorist attack. This one will come by water route, a means of access not yetexploited by those who would destroy our way of life.
Part Two: Overview
To those familiar with the course of domestic security following 9-11, Western Doormight be described as the “Second Shoe”. This was the early reference used by security expertsto describe the follow-up plot expected from terrorist operatives exploiting a nuclear device asopposed to passenger jets.Indeed, one month after the Trade Center attacks, a CIA agent known simply asDragonfire triggered the highest level of alert when he reported the suspected existence of aten (10) kiloton nuclear weapon in Manhattan. It was a false alarm, but barely a year later,another report surfaced regarding the use of private boats to deliver a similar attack in NewYork harbor. It was sufficient to produce a gunboat dispatch from Norfolk.Such alarms have largely faded, and we are now experiencing a false sense of security.Western Door is designed, in part, to incite the Paul Revere atmosphere which prevailedimmediately after 9-11. With the signing of a successor “New Start” nuclear reduction treaty,this novel could not be more timely. The principal modern day threat to civilization is identifiedas “loose nukes and suitcase bombs seen as the real menace in today’s age of terrorism”,Associated Press article, April 8, 2010 by Jennifer Loven.The “real threat”, however, is much more ominous than the one which exploitedcommonly accessed passenger jets to deliver the worst attack on America soil. With thousandsof variably sized nuclear devices on the black market, the Second Shoe is certain to involveanother carefully orchestrated plan at least as bold, unexpected, and sophisticated as the oneexecuted on 9-11. In comparable manner, this plot would be years in the making.A scenario is offered here which combines years of research and experience buildingupon real life events. After two decades of civil rights litigation involving a wide range of criminal defendants, abuse victims and government dysfunction, I can attest to the ease withwhich terrorists could exploit our nation’s freedoms and constitutional protections to execute amodern day nuclear attack. The one that concerns me most is not an Al-Qaeda type attack buta plot conceived and carried out by a home grown entity. Such a plot is found in this novel.An assortment of radical interests is merged into a terrorist network indentified simplyas “Ultimate Solution”. I derived this fictitious organization from Aum Shinrikyo, or SupremeTruth, a 1995 terrorist network in Japan comprised of multi-national operatives. Completely off anyone’s radar screen at the time, an attack upon a subway in Tokyo led to multiple arrests andthe discovery of a nuclear development facility in Australia.The terrorist plan in my book is no less likely or calculated than the one already carriedout by Osama bin Laden. Given the unrest occurring in our country today caused by escalatingforms of government intrusions upon basic human rights, a domestic terrorist entity can easily
develop. In my story, a home grown cell is transformed into a sophisticated network bent onextorting a new country within the borders of North America.Unlike the destructive aims of Al-Qaeda, Ultimate Solution, code named Ulti-Sol,constructs a weapons development facility at a former boat works on the Canadian shores of lakes Superior and Huron. Pleasure boats are retrofitted with nuclear devices and dirty bombshidden deep within the vessels’ rear hulls. Typical dual engines are fueled by a single gas tankwith the other standard tank containing a lead encased device to prevent radiation detection.After a development period of two decades, the plot is executed on “MillionaireMonday” when a fleet of terrorist pleasure boats reach key harbors of two imperialist nations.To succeed with sovereignty extortion demands, these terrorist must position their vessels atselect piers where the devices can be reconditioned from year to year. In the end, a fateful callto the president by the terrorist mastermind disguising himself as a Native American chief, thenleads to a highly classified treaty with the rogue network. Formal recognition of a newcompletely sovereign nation in America is consummated in the epilogue.To give my fictional plot a dose of reality, I devote a number of chapters to the Indianland claims and vast casino holdings that feature various Native American nations. At present,we find them still engaged in treaties and lawsuits seeking the eviction of innocent landowners.Based upon my representation of aggrieved citizen groups in these lawsuits, I have discoveredfertile ground for the formulation of this fictitious entity known as Ultimate Solution.Readers may verify the same potential in news reports over the past three decades,some of which form the genesis of fact patterns found within my novel. For example, not longafter the filing of a class action petition in federal court by the Oneida Indian Nation in 1998,seeking an “ejectment” of 20,000 landowners, a bomb threat was issued upon the TurningStone Casino by a group styling itself as the United States National Freedom Fighters.I was among a large number of information sources contacted by federal and stateinvestigators after my law office received an unannounced visit from a group calling itself theIroquois Federal Marshals. Armed with a dubious warrant of arrest, they were seeking toapprehend a rival Indian Nation Leader. These and other real life events find themselvesmerged within my novel.Readers should consider in their own minds the vast circumstances which might cause adomestic organization to materialize. From the events in Waco, Texas to a Michigan militiaengaged in anti-government exercises in March, 2010, the possibilities are substantial. Onearea familiar to me as a practicing attorney is parenting rights. Our federal and stategovernments are increasingly involved in separating good parents from their offspring forrevenue generation purposes.We see the problem daily in Family Court and unnecessarily contested divorceproceedings around the country. As a constitutional rights advocate, I have filed a number of test cases seeking to establish a limit to privacy invasions that have caused an ominous increasein suicide-murder cases. This “child custody” framework has been analogized in my legal briefsto the child control institutions found in China and practiced among other oppressive regimes inhuman history. When mainstream Americans, such as a former Georgia state Senator and a

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