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Going to College - Epilogue

Going to College - Epilogue

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Published by Kerstin and Lucy
the end is also the beginning, but of what?
the end is also the beginning, but of what?

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Published by: Kerstin and Lucy on Jun 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Going To College – Epilogue
RPOV (Renesmee)I sure hope nothing happens, Jacob is coming in 2 days,he can actually protect us if anything does, oh I missJacob…. Jacob.KPOV (Kerstin)Renesmee has a dreamy look in her eye, I'm guessing itsthat Jacob guy…. She sleep talks.“what you thinking about” I brought her out of her daze“nothing!” she said a little to quickly“sure…?”“just a special someone”“Jacob?”“how did you know?”“lucky guess” I giggled she also giggled,“I guess I have my mums ability of talking in my sleep?”“you sure do” suddenly there was a knock on the door,“I’ll get it” Suthida started heading for the door from thesofa while we sat on the window ledge,“hello ladies” Stuart came in and kissed both of our hands. All of a sudden I couldn’t control my body, I gotup and started walking, as did Renesmee and Suthida.SPOV (Stuart)They finally got to our underground ‘bunker’ I like tocall it the evil layer, the machine is set up but it can onlydo one girl at a time, it would be easier to have thecousins first, cos if the last one escapes it doesn’t matter that much.RPOV (Renesmee)
I'm so confused I can control my mind but not my body,I want to scream for help, anything just get me out of here!KPOV (Kerstin)I'm going to dieSPOV (Suthida)Me and Kerstin are more or less likely to go first, I wantto tell Renesmee she still has a chance to get out but Icant.Stuart is walking towards me….KPOV (Kerstin)They just tied her to the big machine…. Shit
2 days later (yes a day a person)
RPOV (Renesmee)I’ve just seen my two best friends have the life, well half life sucked out of them and now I'm next…JPOV (Jacob/superman)I went and knocked on the dorm… no answer… knockedagain, and no answer, so I pushed open the door, no onethere, but I can smell her scent.I followed the scent… its just a house, but it goes under ground, I forced myself into the house and transformedthen sprinted down the stairs.
 Hour later… cos I suck 

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