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March,May,10-Simona C.

March,May,10-Simona C.

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Published by Christ4ro

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Published by: Christ4ro on Jun 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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March - May 2010 Simona Caba Afrika Wa Yesu Inhaminga, Mozambique
Dearest friends,
I praise God forevery new day He isgiving to us as aprecious gift to use itfor His glory.As I said at thebeginning of thisyear I want arevolution in my life. Well, revolution doesn’t come in acalm atmosphere. Usually comes after very strong crises,explodes and throughout the battle brings a big change. Iwant to be changed and I want something radical. That iswhy I asked the Holy Spirit to expose in me everythingthat hinders His complete work in my life.One by one He is bringing out, it hurts but it is good. Itrust with all my heart the Mighty Hands that forms me.In the ministry I feel that I am in transition, things arechanging. As I am challenged in my personal life, I amchallenged in all the areas of my life.
For a month we send the evangelists Josias and Enoque to
in order to prepare for a youth seminar and alsoto check on the church.While they were there, they were telling me about someproblems with the leadership of the church that actuallyaffected all church.On Thursday some of the leaders together with theevangelists and leader Americo we had a meeting.All I asked was to forgive each other, to stop accusing,believe in each other and start working together – whichthey were trying doing while we were there. We prayedtogether and after that we had some house to house visitsand get ready for the youth seminar.During our visits, during the youth meetings and alsoduring some conversations I saw a great hunger anddesire for truth and reconciliation with God. At one hutwe visit, the mom and children gave their lives to Jesus,burn all thewitchcraft shehad andshowed theirdesire to serveGod with alltheir hearts.Next day theywere alreadyparticipatingat the church service. The need for a church in the villageis great, but the way it started was wrong.At the seminar we had around 50 youth participating,some from other churches. We asked God for Hismanifested Presence and He did come and visit us. Ourseminar theme was:
Christian Character 
and we spokeabout forgiveness and humble heart, truth, faithfulnessand being holy and separated for God. Josias and Enoquepreached directly in the dialect and they were full of anointing of the Holy Spirit. When I saw some youthspeaking in tongues; others crying and repenting I knewthat we were not there in vain. This new generation willrise up from the dust and all the problems their parentswere facing. And they will live different. There is alwayshope in and with Jesus.
I have beentraveling most of the time, had anamazing timewith the newpeople I met andplaces I visit. Ithas been ablessing to spendtime with the evangelists, to see them ministering to thepeople at a new level, flowing in the gifts of the spirit andhelping each other in unity.We have been in 3 places:
Siluvu, Chimoio
– 3 new areas for us, 3 new churches. Eachplace was different, with different challenges,testimonies, victories and difficulties.The first and the best place we visit was
Our teamwas there already for more than a week; the church wasexploding with joy, celebrating a great victory: they havebeen filled with the Holy Spirit and they could see God’sprovision and blessing when they saw the roof put ontheir new church building.In spite of being young, pastor Belito is a man with agreat dream and vision for him, his family and his nation.After graduating our Bible School, he went home full of excitement and desire to see happening more what he hasexperienced here in Inhaminga.He and his family started meetings at his home and whenthe opportunity came he bought the land and started todream to have a real church building. When Inhamingateam went there at the end of March he was ready; healready planted the seed and everything that happen itwas an answer to his prayers before God.
For those who would like to write to me: Simona Caba, a/c Afrika Wa Yesu, P.O.Box 67, Beira, MozambiqueE-mail: simo_caba@yahoo.com, www.afrikawayesu.org
For those who would like to help support me, your
donation can be send to:
Christ for the Nations(MAPS Program)
Every morningthe church camefor devotion, toseek directionfor the day andto worship God.Because wasEaster week,almost allpeople from thechurch wereactually living atthe church –eating together,singing, prayingand hearing theWord of God for3 days. Fridaynight we hadvigil - nobodywent to sleep through the whole night. The 4 evangeliststogether with pastor Belito lead the people in true praiseand worship, more people were baptized in the HolySpirit and the church was blasting with joy in themanifested presence of God.Very early in the morning before the sun rise we startedour walk to the river to celebrate a water baptism in thesame spirit of joy and excitement in the presence of theLord. It wasn’t only walking - it was dancing and singingfor more than 4 km. There were more than 20 people thattestify their faith in Jesus through the water baptism.On Easter Sunday the church was full, we celebrated theresurrection of Jesus with songs and beautiful worship.Small childrenwere dancing,the teens werelifting theirhands inworship andthe men andwomen wereleading withnew songs inthe Spirit. Wefinished theservice celebrating the Holy Communion with the wholechurch. Their testimonies are amazing, they live a trueconversion and they are not afraid or ashamed on theirtotal dependency on God. The women are coming from ahard life and they all found the solution in Christ and the joy and the comfort in His family.I wrote down some of the testimonies I heard while I wasthere.
Elisa Manuel,
32 years old, widow, 6 children
 I am coming from a family that had lots of problems; oneof my brothers was mentally ill. In 2008 the pastor’smother came to visit and told me about Jesus. I started tocome to the meetings and we all pray for the healing untilmy brother was completely healed and since then henever had that problem again. Before coming to Jesus I was always sick but after that I got strong and havestrength to work. I used to go a lot to the witchdoctor before knowing Jesus but now I don’t need to. When I amsick or one of my children is sick we pray and we arehealed. Since my husband died I can see how God istaking care of my family. I always come to our pastor and to the church family and they help me a lot.
Marta Jose,
5 children, 42years old
 I couldn’t have children, so I came to Jesus and ask Himto help me. God gave mechildren. I praise God, I wasthe only child in my family,but now God gave me muchmore, He multiplied us. When I came to Jesus I asked thechurch to pray for me to have children. They prayed and  I got pregnant. Now when my child is sick, I pray and God hears my prayers. Our pastor and leadership alwayshelp us. We couldn’t believe that we will have a realchurch building, but God did a miracle. Many things I didn’t know before but now I know, God is teaching me.
Alicia, `
60 years old, 3 children
 I came to Jesus because I needed a family. Everybody inmy family died and I was left alone. I was searching for help, for rest, for protection and I found Jesus who iseverything to me now. Before I had problems, there weredemons that were manifesting in my life. Today I amhere, I have no other place to go, I will stay here. I finallyknow that I have a family, when I am with my brothersand sisters here I receive comfort.
Pastor Belito and his wife Maria
, they have 4 childrenBelito was a trouble as he grew up. His father gave up onhim as he continues to disobey. After Belito got marriedwith Maria and already had 2 kids suddenly he decidedthat he wants more from this life. He started to getserious, registered to school (he gave up on school in hisfirst grades) and he was searching for truth, for God.Maria, his wife was always sick, manifesting demonsmany times. Worse than anything she was a “spiritwomen” – the lie of the devil was that she belongs to aspirit and actually she shouldn’t get married.As a family they started to seek God. They started to praywith faith believing God for a miracle and Maria washealed. They still struggle sometimes but they knowwhere to go now: to Jesus and He is always the solution.
March - May 2010 Simona Caba Afrika Wa Yesu Inhaminga, MozambiqueYouth Seminar - Chimoio
We went to
specifically to organize and have aregional youth seminar. We started at 7 am and finished atnight and we had a total of 100 youth. The church “AfrikaWa Yesu Chimoio” is a new church, the majority areyoung men that were discipled by Pastor Antonio. He hasbeen an example and an amazing pastor for them. Someof them were addicted to alcohol but they desired achange and freedom from that. They have so muchpotential to be great men in God’s Kingdom.There is a need for help, men and women of God that willhave the courage, time, energy and dedication to preparethe soil, plant the seed and reap the harvest in this city.My heart is broken for these young men that need somuch help, because I can see in faith what they canbecome in Christ. It needs just one of them to stay strongand faithful and his living testimony will bring abreakthrough among all of them.
From the main road going long way in the bush we foundour Afrika Wa Yesu church. It is a big community butspread out on hills and valleys. When we got at thechurch, people were waiting for us and as in
thewhole church moved there for the time we stayed there.We had meetings mornings and afternoons. I believe we just broke the ground; there is still so much work there.There is so much need. When we showed Jesus film, atthe end when Josias made the call for salvation manypeople came for prayer and you could easily see that itwas their first encounter with the Gospel. It is a hardwork, the leadership is weak, there is so hard to findpotential leaders because of the polygamy. I believe thatthere are only3 men thathave only onewife in thatarea.I never saw somany peoplecoming forprayer likethere. Fromearly in themorning untillate at eveningsomeone had to stay always at the camp receiving theones in need and pray for them.We do have few students from there now at the BibleSchool but they struggle; they come from a place of stronghold and deceive of the enemy and they need amiracle. They need to be strong enough to bring thechange in that community. And I believe nothing isimpossible for our God and of course for us who carryHis Glory and manifested presence on this earth.
Since 2004, when I went first time with Adri in
thattime wewalkedaround7h togetthere –myheartbelongsto the precious people that are living there. We went back 2 more times in the next 2 years and I remember almostin every house they receive us with gratefulness and joy.But because of the lack of leaders, the little church wasdissolved. Some of the people went back to the witchcraftor drinking but some were still faithful trying toparticipate on Sundays to the church meetings in
.Going back there and this time with a strong team of men- our students – brought so much hope and joy.Especially in
almost everybody showed up at thefilm. I could see that nothing was in van; that what wesowed years ago is still there in the ground and now wedidn’t have to start all over from the beginning. Veryprompt people came and respond to God, they knew whatis all about it and they are ready to don’t miss it again.There is always hope inspide of so many negativereports; we put our complete trust in our merciful andloving God.Just before I was leaving to
(where we hadthe youth seminar) – a man came to ask help for a very illlady that couldn’t go further with her husband on her wayto the hospital. Right there in the middle of nowhere,crying with desperation was a man, a little child and alady that was lying down half dead in the bush. The ladyhad been losing a lot of blood through hemorrhage. Shewas pregnant and she lost her baby. Because of thespiritual darkness they were living, instead of going to thehospital they went to the witchdoctor.In that very moment they were coming from thewitchdoctor, full of things they got from her.

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