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Zachary Elmblad - Media Talking Points

Zachary Elmblad - Media Talking Points

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Published by The New Scum
Media talking points with Zachary Elmblad, Author of "Whatever Happens, Happens" and "A New Way Home."
Media talking points with Zachary Elmblad, Author of "Whatever Happens, Happens" and "A New Way Home."

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: The New Scum on Jun 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Media Talking Points withZachary Elmblad
Available for any and all interviews- television, radio, newspapers,magazines, blogs, podcasts, and live events.Phone – (269) 598-1411Email – ZachElmblad@gmail.comhttp://www.thenewscum.org|Facebook |Twitter |MySpace|Scribd|Amazon|YouTube|  Now actively marketing:
Whatever Happens, Happens: A true story about coming to grips with realityAvailable now on Amazon.Com, Lulu.Com, and TheNewScum.ORGISBN: 978-0557242894© 2010, The New Scum Productions-Notable topics: Friendship, coping with death, suicide, adulthood, responsibility, drug andalcohol abuse, relationships, and individuality.“A New Way Home” - COMING AUGUST 1
, 2010Limited time E-Book available now at Scribd.ComAvailable in print fall 2010 on Amazon.Com, Lulu.com, and TheNewScum.ORG© 2010, The New Scum Productions-Notable topics: History, Western Philosophy, socialization, road trips, religion, dreams, love, personal journeys, and global citizenship.
Common Interview Questions:
Who are you?
I live and work in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I attended college at Western Michigan University,and actively participate in a number of local art endeavors. You can find out all about me and mycollaborators at TheNewScum.ORG.
What is your writing about?
My writing is about me saying what I have to say, as honestly as possible. I've been all aroundthe country, and I like to tell stories about my travels that help others gain insight into their own personal choices. My literary style is frequently compared to Hunter S. Thompson, Tom Wolfe, andJack Kerouac.
What is “Whatever Happens, Happens” about?
Whatever Happens, Happens was my first book. It came out in January of 2010, and chroniclesmy journeys after graduating from high school. From an awkward relationship to smoking hash in the pyramids, and back home again to a changed world. It also contains excerpts from the diary of my latefriend Stan Slavin, which closely follows a large part of the story. It's available now on
What is “A New Way Home” about?
A New Way Home is about a road-trip I took to California while I was working at a smallrestaurant in Kalamazoo called “The Big Burrito.” Through that lens, I examine a varied assortment of social issues including race relations, intelligence, relationships, drug use, and a unique view of history.It will be available to the masses August 1
, 2010.
Why do you use profanity so often in your writing?
The simple answer is because that is how I talk. The more complex answer is that I feelstrongly about the freedom of expression. Pressing the boundaries of what society considers obscene isthe duty of entertainers. Although it is a large part of my writing, I understand the censorshiprestrictions of modern mass-media, and can discuss my talking points without resorting toconventionally vulgar language and imagery.
Are you an Atheist?
The topic of religion comes up often in my work, and I am very strongly opposed to organizedreligion. I view Atheism as a part of that institution, and I don't like to label myself an Atheist. I think for myself, and I urge others to do the same.
Did all the stories in these books actually happen?
Yes, every word of it is true. Sometimes I may change the setting or chronology to fit the story, but real life is too hard to make up. I find it much easier to write about what I've seen and experiencedas opposed to dreaming about what could have happened.
What is The New Scum?
The New Scum is a media company I started in 2010 to hold the copyrights to my books, andhopefully represent artists with a similar appeal. We focus on individuality, the freedom of expression,and contemporary cultural issues. We have a bi-weekly podcast called “The New Scum Fix.”
If you could summarize your message in one phrase, what would it be?
My message is simple: Never be afraid to say “I,” and Whatever happens, happens.
Why should people buy your books?
I find modern literature to be largely superficial, and without realistic ties to day-to-day life. Iaim to provide a clear picture of life as a demographic to be pandered to. I come from a generationraised on computers and video games, and I aim to discuss issues that we find interesting.
Do you write anything other than fiction?
I started working on internet-serialized fiction in the spring of 2010 called “A Puzzle of Squares.” It's about a man that dies, and then finds himself in the afterlife putting together the puzzlethat makes up his past lives. Living outside space and time, Lux Apotheosis seeks to escape the endlesscycle of life. It's available at TheNewScum.ORG and Scribd.com. Just search for “The New Scum.”
What can we look forward to seeing from you in the future?
I'm always participating in local and regional events around Southwest Michigan, and makefrequent trips to Chicago, North Carolina, Washington, D.C., and New York. I'm currently puttingtogether a book-signing tour at independent book stores for Spring 2011. I'm putting together notes for a new book in 2011, tentatively titled “A Careful Balance.”I actively participate in the local music scene, and play in a music group called “The NewScum.” We make frequent appearances in the Kalamazoo area, and are featured in a local documentarycalled, “Weekend Warriors” by Chunk Media. Also coming 2011, an online fine-art store called“Disconnect Kalamazoo,” featuring local artists, and The Stanley Slavin Foundation, benefitingeducation in the Arts. You can find out about all of my projects at TheNewScum.ORG.

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