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Pulse - Episode 1

Pulse - Episode 1

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Published by Collin Brown
The story of Jeremy Pulse, who is a detective seeking out cases dealing with serial killers and the paranormal.
The story of Jeremy Pulse, who is a detective seeking out cases dealing with serial killers and the paranormal.

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Published by: Collin Brown on Jun 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Pulse Episode 1 "The Woman Killer" (Pilot)byCeb18(This show is for mature audiences)
ACT IBLACK SCREEN(V.O)People have said that the verylimits of your brain come outduring fear. Reaction time is cutin half, senses are heightened, andthe ability to escape fromdangerous situations is a hell of alot better.CUT TO: EXT: Alley NIGHTA man falls into the middle of the screen, we only see hisshoulders and head. His face is full of fear. The shadow ofa man’s arm raising into the air with a knife is projectedon the man’s face.(V.O)So that begs the question... why dopeople act so damn stupid whenfaced with fear?The camera cuts to the shadow man, his arm raised, and aboutto come down. The back of the alley is well lit, so it iseasy to see a man run to the end of the alley, gun drawn onthe shadowed figure.MAN W/ GUNPUT THE KNIFE DOWN!The shadow man turns his head slightly to look at the cop.He then brings his arm down. We hear a gunshot, and theshadow falls. The cop runs up to the now crying man at theend of the alley.MAN W/ GUNListen, we need to get the hell outof here.CRYING MANWhy? You just shot him.MAN W/ GUNI know.The man with the gun turns, and the camera reveals theshadow’s body already gone, a blood trail leads to theentrance of the alley.(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: 2.CRYING MANWhat the fu-!MAN W/ GUNHey! Calm down, and come with me.CRYING MANWait! Who are you!?MAN W/ GUN (TURNING)You can call me Jeremy.MAN W/ GUN (V.O)This guy is damn lucky I found him.The two run out of the alley into a desolate street. It isobviously late at night, as the street is empty and the onlylights are coming from the strip club down the street.JEREMY (LOOKING TO BOTH SIDES OF THESTREET)Alright, listen, the blood trailgoes to the right side of thestreet, towards the railroadtracks, that’s where we’re headed.CRYING MANWhat the hell are you talkingabout? That’s where that thing is.JEREMY (LOOKING AT THE MAN)Listen, despite all yourpreconceptions of what this guy is,he’s no different than you and me,there’s no more reason to fear himthen any other criminals, he’s justusing the dark to try andintimidate you.CRYING MANOk, so he’s a guy, we’veestablished that, but why go wherehe is?JEREMYBecause he’s not there. I noticedwhen I shot him that he had amechanics outfit on. When we ranout here I noticed footprints,created by the oil on his boots. Hewants us to go the opposite way ofthe blood. He’s tricking us.(CONTINUED)

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