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Mb0028 Production & Operations Management-set-1-2 (Ok)

Mb0028 Production & Operations Management-set-1-2 (Ok)

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Published by Ashish Kulshrestha
Production And Operations Management Assignment fully solved...
Production And Operations Management Assignment fully solved...

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Published by: Ashish Kulshrestha on Jun 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Master of Business Administration-MBA Sem.2MB0028 – Production & Operations ManagementAssignment set-1Q1 Explain the various automated systems for transfer of materials in the productionplant? Illustrate your answer by considering an example of an automobile showroom?Ans:
Basically, automation system comes to reduce labour power and time in the production.Here we can see the evolution systems with some examples. The goods requited by society were produces in small quantities by craftsman who would know the need of the community and produced them by their own hands with simple tools. The apprentices or by another craftsman,who would make them to meet the requests made.The parts and components used to make these machines had to be replaced when they woremaking parts so that interchangeability was achieved made setting up standards andspecifications important for meetingThe craftsmen gave way to engineers, workers, superiors and inspectors. Division of labour  became necessary to achieve efficiencies and the jabs that became specialized. Competition hasnecessitated improved quality, reduced sates and better services to the customer.Automation systems cost huge sums of money and therefore a deep analysis of the variousfactors has to be done. For services, automation usually means labour saving devices ineducation, long distance learning technology helps in supplementing class room instruction. Thefacilitating goods that are used are web site and videos.Automation in the banking sector has resulted in ATMs which same the banks a huge amountcustomer satisfaction. Automation is ideas when the service provided or the productmanufactured is highly standardized.Some extent of automation can be designed even with customization i. e. product or service ameant to produce or deliver low volume specific to a requirement. The advantages of automationis it has low variability and will be more consistent on a repetitive basisThe machines have sensing and control devices that enable them to operate automobile. Thesimplest of them called machine attachments replace human effort. They guide, locate, move andachieve revise position by means of came, optical sensing. Load sensing mechanisms andactivate the controls to remove human intention.Robots are higher in the order of automation as they perform a variety of tasks. They aredesigned to move movements according to programmers written into the computer that insidethem.With the help of automation, inspection of component can be done 100% ensures highest qualityidentification and movement of materials are helped by bar codes which are read and fed into thesystem far monitoring quantity, location, movement etc. They help the automated systems tostart information and provide information for effecting any changes necessary. To make effectiveuse of automated machines, we need to have the movement of materials from and to differenttime as stores, automated, Automated storage and Retrieval systems- ASRS- receive orders for materials from anywhere in the production area, collect materials in the works times. Computers
and information systems are used for placing orders for matters, give commands adjust inventoryrecords which show the location and quantity of materials needed.Automated guided vehicle systems- AGVS – are pallet trucks and unit load carriers followembedded guide wires or paint strips to destinations as programmed.In an automobile showroom we can see all the work automatically with latest machine
Q2. State the important considerations for locating an automobile plant? Collectinformation on layout planning of an automobile plant from various sources and furnishthe same.Ans :
To locate an automobile company or plant many thing should be consider. For anautomobile plant automated flaw lines, automated assembly lines, flexible manufacturingsystems, global transition rapid prototyping. Building manufacturing flexibility things arenecessity.About the automated flow lines we can say it is a machine which is linked by a transfer systemwhich moves the parts by using handling machines which are also automated, we have anautomated flow line.Human intervention ma is needed to verify that the operations ate taking place according tostandards. When these cab be achieved with the help of automation and the processes areconducted with self regulation, we will have automated flow lines established.In fixed automation or hard automation, where one component is manufactured using servicesoperations and machines it is possible to achieve this condition. We assume that product lifecycles are sufficiently stable to interest heavily on the automate flow lines to achieve reducescast per unit.Product layouts ate designed so that the assembly tasks are performed in the sequence they aredesigned at each station continuously. The finished item came out at the end of the line.In automated assembly lines the moving pallets move the materials from station to station andmoving arms pick up parts, place them at specified place and system them by perusing, riveting,& crewing or even welding. Sensors will keep track of there activities and move the assembles tothe next stage.The machines are arranged in a sequence to perform operations according to the technicalrequirements.The tools are loaded, movements are effected, speeds controlled automatically without the needfor worker’s involvement.The flexibility leads to better utilization of the equipments. It reduces the numbers of systemsand rids in reduction of investment as well as a space needed to install them. One of the major cancers of modern manufacturing systems is to be able to respond to marketDemands which have uncertainties.Prototyping is a process by which a new product is developed in small number so as to determinethe suitability of the materials, study the various methods of manufactured, type of machineryrequired and develop techniques to over come problems that my be encountered when full scale
manufacture is undertaken.Prototypes do meet the specification of the component that enters a product and performance can be measured on these.It helps in con be reforming the design and any shortcomings can be rectified at low cost.Flexibility has three dimensions in the manufacturing field. They are variety, volume and time.There demands will have to be satisfied. In that sense they become constraints which restrict themaximization of productivity. Every business will have to meet the market demands of itsvarious products in variety volumes of different time.Flexibility is also needed to be able to develop new products or make improvements in the products fast enough to cater to shifting marker needs.Manufacturing systems have flexibility built into them to enable organization meet globaldemand. You have understood how the latest trends in manufacturing when implemented helpfirms to stay a head in business.
Q3 . Who are the players in a project management? What are the various roles andresponsibilities of the players in a project management?Ans :
At first we will discuss about project management then we will discuss about players in project management. Project management is the practice of controlling the use of resources, suchas cost, time manpower, hardware and software involved in a project. That starts with a problemstatement and end with delivery of a complete product.Here we will see the participants of project management:In the project management players individual and organizations both are involved-That is actively involved in the project whose interests may be affected by the outcome of the project.Exert influence over the project and its results players or also called “stake holders’’ of the projectProject manager- the individual responsible for managing the project.Customer- the individual or organization that will use the product- the end result of the project.Performing organization- the enterprise whose employees are mast directly involved in doing thework of the project.Sponsors- the individual or group within or external to the performing organization that funds the project. Now, we will define the role and responsibilities of project management. Here are some rolesand responsibilities:There are number of projects which an organization works on. It is not possible for oneindividual to manage all the projects.

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