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The Story of My Life

The Story of My Life

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Published by Lore Wheelock

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Published by: Lore Wheelock on Jun 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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¡V. T. R!Colegio Bosques TapachulaBachillerato Anáhuac1er. Semestre
“The Story of My Life” 
Lorena Ma. Wheelock Gtz.Thursday, September 27
The Story of My Life
a.Describe the literary genre:
Literary genre:AutobiographyAn autobiography is a biography written by the subject, is based in theentirely in the author’s memories, and this story is an autobiography becauseHelen Keller describes her life, the way she lived according to her opinion, pointof view and memories, she’s showing us her mysterious and awesome world,beside that she’s blind and deaf she stills having life inside of her that she stillsfeels everything that is around her.
Helen Keller She was born on June 27, 1880 in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Helen was bornas a normal child. When she was 19
months she fell ill and lost her sight andhearing. After several years Helen’s mother wanted her to be educated soasked for that at The Perkins Institution for the Blind in Boston, Massachusettsand they gave Miss Sullivan as teacher, Helen’s dream was her to be educated.She reaches college and started her book “The Story of My Life” and it waspublished chapter by chapter in a ladies’ magazine. She published other manysuccessful works and received many awards because of them. Helen died onJune 1
, 1968, at Arcan Ridge, few weeks short to her 88
birthday and her ashes where placed near her beloved companions Miss Anne Sullivan and PolyThompson.
Influences she had:
When Helen was little she wrote “The Frost King” as a present, but shegot very disappointed because there was a very similar story. She was prettysure that she had never heard about it but it sounds familiar to her. Well that’swhy she stopped writing, she was afraid to use words of other people. But manyyears after her teacher convince her to start writing a story about her and her world, the story of her life.
The Story of My Life
c. Summary of the plot:
This story begins with Helen Keller’s birth in 1880. She was born as anormal child till an illness deprived her sight and hearing. She grew upcommunicating with signs; she was very clever and naughty. One day shelocked her mother and hid the key, after that her parents knew that was time tobe educated. So they went with Alexander Graham Bell and he sent them to thePerkins Institution for the Blind and they send Miss Anne Sullivan to teachHelen. She taught Helen the sign language but it was difficult to Helen tounderstand it, till one day Miss Sullivan placed her hand under the water andspell the word “water”, Helen felt joy, she had just understand the concept of language. After that she began to improve greatly and had a dream which wasstudy and be in college. She entered to the Perkins Institution for the Blind andthen to Cambridge School, but there was a misunderstanding and she waswithdrawn from there. Helen continued her studies with a tutor, she waspreparing for college. She entered to college in 1900, her dream came true.Then she wrote this story which she says that her friends made the story of her life.
d. Theme and explain the purpose:
Theme: Self ImprovementThe theme that is shown is “self improvement”, because the story tellsthe way Helen Keller learns to communicate with others, and that she never gave up beside her faculties, it was the opposite, she showed more effort anddedication. Also that’s the theme because she followed her dream and reachedit. She just self overcome everyday of her life, she saw everything in a positiveway even if she got sometimes a little desperate because something wasn’tright. We should follow Helen Keller’s example and maybe our society wouldchange in a better way, it would be kind of effective and with improvements.

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