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Journey 01 - An Introduction

Journey 01 - An Introduction



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An introduction to a series of essays and research regarding the forbidden sciences. You will get to understand these as I post them. They will be numerically listed.
An introduction to a series of essays and research regarding the forbidden sciences. You will get to understand these as I post them. They will be numerically listed.

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Published by: Christopher C. Humphrey, Ph. D. on Nov 29, 2006
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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JOURNEY, An IntroductionThis is the journey of mankind, a Royal Maze through the fog of the night and the swamp to thestars and immortality. A maze is filled with blind alleys and wrong turns, and I am not a prophet. Ido not know whether we will go to the stars and lay claim to our immortality or not. But we could.A map exists. This map is provided by the Forbidden Sciences."I think, my Kepler, we will laugh at the extraordinary stupidity of the multitude. What do you sayof the leading philosophers here [U. of Padua] to whom I have offered a thousand times of my ownaccord to show my studies, but who, with the lazy obstinacy of a serpent who has eaten his fill,have never consented to look at the planets, or moon, or telescope?" An excerpt of a letter byGalileo to Kepler, 19th August 1610,http://www.humanistictexts.orgGalileo had the same problem as that faced today by Psi researchers, ufologists and empiricalmetaphysicians. Blind, dogmatic rejection. Galileo's colleagues at the University of Padua wouldnot so much as look at his telescope, much less through it at the night sky. Likewise, the academicsof our day are bound to the religion of reduction, and cannot keep their jobs if they so much asquestion it. They are unwilling to look at the scientific proof of star-traveling humanoids, or thescientific proof of reincarnation. If they consider such matters at all, they waste their timedebunking the daily horoscope.UFOs ghost silently along close overhead or race in a few seconds to outer space. That reminds meof levitation, a power of the mind. UFOs abruptly disappear in one place and instantly reappear someplace else, perhaps hundreds of light years away. That reminds me of teleportation, another  power of the mind. If it weren’t for levitation and teleportation, star travel would not be possible atall. UFOs and Psi turn out to be closely connected. UFOs show us the vast possibilities of themind, far beyond the powers of physics and technology. We may come to look back on the presentage of technology as a dark age, a time of abysmal ignorance about anything important.Physics rules out the possibility of a technology of star travel. Despite that, every UFO enthusiastI’ve ever met believes UFOs just have more advanced technology than we do. If we could go fromfirst flight in 1904 to first landing on the moon in 1969, then surely in a few hundred years, we cango from space travel to star travel!I wish it were so simple. Present space technology can at best be extrapolated to about one-tenthlight speed. That isn't nearly fast enough. The kind of star-planet-moon combinations needed for complex life are few and far apart, perhaps thousands of light years. And if star travel were just amatter of technology, Earth would long ago have been colonized by evil ETs. That has nothappened. This fact is known as Fermi’s paradox. Either there are no ETs, or evil ETs cannot jumplight years. This is a very important clue to the secret map.Lawrence Krauss, a respected physicist and cosmologist, is the author of THE PHYSICS OF STAR TREK. He takes the Starship Enterprise apart and does the calculations, and it just doesn’t work.For instance, it would take all the energy the Sun has produced and ever will produce just toachieve Warp One. 1
In any case, FTL (Faster Than Light travel) is too slow. Stars and planets capable of evolvingintelligent humanoids are few and far apart. A star must be long lived and old enough (about 4.5 billion years) for intelligence to have evolved. That rules out all the type “O” blue-white giants thatwill blow themselves up in just a few million years. A star must be warm enough to maintain liquidwater on a planet like Earth. That rules out the type “M” red dwarfs, which is too bad, since theyare the most common type of star. About 80 percent of the stars within 22 light years of us are type“M,” even though we can’t see them with the naked eye. A star must be a singlet, rather than amultiple star system, in order for planets to have stable orbits. At least half of all star systems havemultiple stars. Our own star is a high metal type “G2” yellow dwarf singlet. Astronomers have notyet found another exactly like it, although they must be out there somewhere. Earth-Moon systemslike ours are quite rare, being the accidental consequence of just the right kind of collision with theright kind of planetoid. It gave the Earth a large metal core, one-half its radius, including a lot of radioactive metals. This has kept plate tectonics going on Earth, long after it has ceased on Venusor Mars. Plate tectonics are necessary for humanoids. Without plate tectonics the mountains wear down and the continents are submerged by the ocean. Our Earth-Moon system has a lot of angular momentum, so we have 24 hour days. By contrast, Venus rotates slowly backwards. Having alarge moon keeps the Earth stable in its tilt. Without the large moon, Earth could lay over on itsside, like Uranus. All this means that suitable Star-Planet-Moon combinations may be hundreds of light-years apart. See the book RARE EARTH.Despite that, we have been visited by at least 50 different species of star-traveling humanoids sinceMay, 1947. We know this from the “landed occupant” studies of Gordon Creighton and CharlesBowen. See the book THE HUMANOIDS, edited by Charles Bowen. The only practical method of star travel is teleportation, instantaneous jumps over hundreds of light years. And if one canteleport, surely one can levitate, providing the slow and silent flight of UFOs over lightly inhabited parts of the globe.If the mind is capable of teleportation and levitation, it can’t be the brain, nor the activity of the brain, and cannot be made of ordinary matter. It must be made of Dark Matter, invisible andintangible, something discovered by the astronomers and still very mysterious. None of this is speculation. I rely totally on scientific method, not the same thing as acceptingwhatever is in the textbooks.About half of what scientists believe is the worldview of reduction, a dogma, a matter of faith. Wecould even call it the religion of the scientist; articles of faith that cannot be challenged and stillhold a job as an academic scientist.There are and have been a few people such as D. D. Home and Uri Geller who could levitate andteleport objects, even themselves. These are inherent and potential powers of mind-stuff. How dowe develop such powers to the interstellar level? Not easily or quickly. We develop such powers by spiritual evolution, and along the way, we lose our primitive traits, such as greed, violence, andlack of empathy for other life forms. This is the solution to Fermi’s Paradox. That is whyknowledge of star-travel is connected to knowledge of the eternal. Sic Itur Ad Astra, "the way to thestars...and to immortality."2

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