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Published by Shane Christopher

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Published by: Shane Christopher on Jun 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURTWESTERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK-------------------------------------UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,-vs-09-CR-121SSHANE BUCZEK,Defendant.-------------------------------------Proceedings held before theHonorable William M. Skretny, Part IV,U.S. Courthouse, 68 Court Street,Buffalo, New York on February 26, 2010.APPEARANCES:MARY CATHERINE BAUMGARTEN,Assistant United States Attorney,Appearing for the United States.SHANE BUCZEK,Appearing Pro Se.BRIAN COMERFORD,Assistant Federal Public Defender,Appearing as Standby Counsel for Defendant.Michelle L. McLaughlin, RPR,Official Reporter,U.S.D.C. W.D.N.Y.(716)332-3560
21THE CLERK: Criminal case 09-121, criminal2case 08-54, criminal case 09-141, United States of3America versus Shane Buczek.4THE COURT: Okay. I guess this is a5status with respect to update on where we are on6the case set to go to trial next week, and/or the7other related cases. You want to, from the8government's standpoint, Miss Baumgarten, tell me9where you think we are.10MS. BAUMGARTEN: Judge, I have been11meeting and discussing the potential pretrial12disposition as to all of the three matters that are13pending against the defendant. I've been working14through Mr. Comerford, and we also did have a15meeting with Mr. Comerford, the case agent, myself,16and Mr. Buczek and his family last night. It was17my understanding that there may have been a18disposition reached. I'm probably not the best19person to advise the Court at this point. An offer20has been tended, your Honor, that would dispose of21all three matters.22THE COURT: Thank you. And then,23Mr. Comerford, you acknowledge receipt of the24government's offer?25MR. BUCZEK: Yes, your Honor.
31THE COURT: All right. And, Mr. Buczek,2you've been in discussion with the government and3Mr. Comerford and your parents in this regard?4THE DEFENDANT: Judge, are you referring5to the legal entity or the living matter?6THE COURT: I'm referring to Shane Buczek.7THE DEFENDANT: All right, so that will be8the living man?9THE COURT: You appear to be that, yes.10THE DEFENDANT: Okay. Thank you. We have11had discussions, and I mentioned something about my12idea of this whole case, and I -- I really, you13know, without -- to keep it real short, there's14been no proper notice. I see absolutely no15controversy in all three of these cases.16Now as the paramount security interest holder17and holding all property and collateral, registered18and unregistered, which I made it clear last time19that all of this can be referred back to Broward20County, everything is there.21THE COURT: No, Mr. Buczek, you're off22point. Where are we as far as what you're going to23do, because -- I mean, I know that's your position,24but I don't think that addresses my question in25terms of the offer and whether you're going to

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