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June 2008 Newsletter

June 2008 Newsletter

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Published by: Key Royal Condominium Association, Inc. on Jun 11, 2008
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800.442.6655. They will ask youto read your water meter which islocated next to your water heaterand then will compare that read-ing with their records. If there isa discrepancy, they will issue youa credit or send a technician outto check your meter. The metersdo have batteries in them thathave to be replaced on periodi-cally. You may also pay your bill onlineat http\\:www.customerfirst.net.If you have any questions aboutour new water submetering com-pany, please give our managementoffice a call.
 As you know, we replaced our water company with American Water and Energy Savers in Feb-ruary of this year. The responseto our new company has beenoverwhelmingly positive. Notonly do our new water bills spellout in exact terms what our waterand sewer rates are, the bills areactually easy to read.Collier County imposed a 30% water surcharge on each bill as aresult of the current drought.This was done in February. Priorto that, the water surcharge was15%. In April, they went back toPhase 2 water restrictions whichmeans we are back to a 15% wa-ter surcharge. When our waterrestrictions are lifted, the watersurcharge will no longer apply to water usage and you will see yourmonthly bill decrease. Another plus with our new watersubmetering company is theirquick response time when there isa problem with a meter or aninvoice. We have had residentstell me they were given instantcredits after calling American Water and giving them their me-ter reading. We encourage any resident thatfeels their water bill is higher thannormal (not including the watersurcharge from Collier County)to call American Water at
Water NewsBBQ Aesthetics
 You may have noticed that someof our residents have spruced uptheir BBQ area’s by putting lavarock around the posts. Not only is this very attractive, it is fire-proof! These residents donatedtheir time and money and havesucceeded in making our commu-nity even better. If you would liketo spruce up your BBQ area,please contact the office for mate-rials needed.
Long time resident Phil Ignoffopassed away Wednesday, May 14. The Association is acceptingdonations to lay rock around theBBQ by Phil’s building and add abench with a memorial plaque.If you would like to make a do-nation to this project, pleasecontact the management office. Your help will be appreciated asPhil was a wonderful guy and willbe missed in our community.
May 30, 2008
 Special points ofinterest:
BBQ Aesthetics
Wild Critters
Water news
Pool Fun
Board Talk
Office Hours
Losing a friend
News You Can Use
Bits and Pieces
Landlord News
Hours & Dates!
Office HoursMonday-Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.FIRST FRIDAY OFEACH MONTH2 p.m. to 7 p.m.*FIRST SATURDAY OFEACH MONTH9 a.m. to Noon June25th @ 7 p.m.Board Meeting
 July 4th IndependenceDay Office will be closed*Office will be closed July 4 but will be open lateFriday July 11th.
Phil Ignoffo
 As many of you have noticed, wehave a new car wash station at theback of the property near thestorage units. The Associationhas provided a hose and nozzle forthe convenience of residents.Many thanks to Jim for doingsuch a nice job.
Beginningthe Memorial Day weekend, we will have a pool guard at the poolagain. Please be sure to bring your blue pool pass with you asthey have been instructed to notadmit anyone without a pass. Theonly exceptions are
 withchildren under 14 who do notneed a pass. Each unit is allowedtwo guests to accompany them tothe pool, and they must have poolguest passes. If you are in need of either of these two types of passes,they are available at the manage-ment office at $5.00 each.The guard will also be enforcingpool/spa hours, age of children inthe spa and glass being broughtinto the pool area. At this time, the pool hours aredawn until dusk. The county considers dusk to be 30 minutesbefore dark. The Association islooking into having our pool li-censed upgraded for night swim-ming, but until then our county license limits our hours. The poolarea is open until 10 p.m. and nopool or spa usage after dusk isallowed.
Our irrigation systemfailed us this month and will berepaired by the time you get thisnewsletter. Between the droughtand the cutback on watering,things are brown now but will begreen again very soon!
 The Board is always looking forsuggestions and ideas to improveour community and welcome any ideas from our residents. If youhave an idea for our community,please submit it in writing to themanagement office. It was a resi-dent that came up with the idea of improving the BBQ areas. Youridea might be implemented next!
On March 27, 2008, Key Royalresidents elected a new Board.Serving as the President is JoeKalinowski. Joe served as Vice-President last year.Charlie Miller is our new serving Vice-President.Ken Stephens is our new servingSecretary/Treasurer. Just a reminder that security willbe checking parking. If you are aresident, you must have a Key Royal parking sticker and if youpark in a reserved space the spacenumber must match your parkingsticker number. Numbered park-ing spaces are for second vehiclesand guests. If you have a guestthat is staying after midnight, they must have a Visitor Pass hangingfrom their rear view mirror. Be-ing aware of these rules will keep you from an unexpected tow charge!
News you can useBoard Talk Parking Smoking Hazards
didn’t spread to the building. If  you smoke please be a responsiblecitizen and dispose of your ciga-rettes properly. It only takes asecond to put your cigarette buttsin a container and take the con-tainer into your unit. Cigarettebutts all over the grounds areunsightly and ruins the beauty of our grounds. Please….be a respon-sible smoker.
 Cigarette butts continue to be alarge and very dangerous problem. With the dry conditions we areexperiencing, it only takes one litcigarette thrown into our mulchto start a fire. This week, Building4 had a fire in their mulch fromsomeone throwing a lit Marlborocigarette on to it. As you can seefrom the picture, it burned a largearea and we are very lucky that it
Don’t miss our Next Board meeting!  June 25th 7 p.m. At the Clubhouse 
Page 2
 Join us at the pool for Happy Hour eachThursday at 5 p.m.Bring your own bever-age (no glass) and puupuu’s to share.You are welcome tobring a chess board,checkers, domi-noes...cards
The Clubhouse has DVD Tai Chiclasses each morning at 10 a.m.Monday–Friday by Mark Johnson, who has 28 years of teaching ex-perience. Come join us!
reminder that many residentshave their windows open duringthe evening and can hear otherstalking to each other or on cellphones. Please be aware that your voice carries and that thereare people who go to bed early and this can be very disturbing.
Thursdays at 5 p.m., join us atthe pool for Happy Hour. BYOB(no glass!) and your favorite puupuu’s to share.
A reminder thatnothing should obstruct breeze- ways including plants, plant hold-ers and tables and chairs. Also,chairs and tables should bebrought in in the evenings andnot left out on the breezeways.
Have you visited our Community Calendar yet? Go to www.keyroyalfl.com, click on Key Royal and then Community Cal-endar. You will find informationthere on all sorts of topics that you may want to be aware of.
Planning a new floor? Remember,all new flooring installations mustgo through Key Royal’s ARC re- view 
installation so thatsoundproofing guidelines will befollowed.
Our exit gate wasbroken by a non-resident on3/8/08. A claim was madeagainst this persons insurancecompany which was denied. Thematter is now in litigation. Thecost of the repair is many thou-sands of dollars which the Associa-tion can not bear at this time.The gate will be fixed as soon asmals off the ground if you see acoyote.This makes it all the more impor-tant to not leave your trash outany longer than necessary.If you see a coyote, do not ap-proach it. They look like big dogsand may not run away. So please,be aware and alert!Some residents have noticed intheir late night ramblings aboutthe community that we have acoyote or two that visit from the woods across the street. A red fox has also been seen.Basically, scientists and research-ers say, be aware of your surround-ings, don’t leave bird feeders orgarbage where coyotes can getthem, and always keep small ani-
Bits & PiecesThe WildlifeLandlord News
are new tenants or tenants aboutto be renewed.There is no fee for renewing acurrent tenant, but the Associa-tion is required to always have acurrent lease on file for inspec-tion.Thirty days before leases are set toexpire, the management office willsend you a letter reminding youthat it is time for an updated leaseand will also include the Lease Addendum. The Addendumshould be signed by both partiesand then returned to the office with the new lease.If you have any questions regard-ing the new forms, please call themanagement office.
 The Association has updated ourrental forms. For owners thatlease their units, you are encour-aged to phone or email Diane atthe management office and shecan email or mail the new formsto you.There is a new Lease Addendumthat needs to be signed by theowner and tenant, whether they 
Secure potted  plants 
Put chairs and tables away 
Check smoke detectors and air conditioner filters 
Designate someone to check your unit and act on your behalf if you are  gone 
Check NBC-2.com or NOAA’s www.ngc.noaa.gov for the latest news 
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Receive newsletters, forms, notices, updatesand News You CanUse on your computer!
Send your email addressto
Keep up-to-date on KeyRoyal goings on evenwhen you are far away!
Food left out for your petor to feed a stray on la-nai’s and breezewaysattract rodents, coyotesand other predators
Please take your dish in assoon as your pet has fin-ished so that a predator doesn't’ come along and finish your pet!

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