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Pergola e-Dyaryo, July 2007

Pergola e-Dyaryo, July 2007

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Published by m-here
The e-newsletter of SSAA NA East Coast
The e-newsletter of SSAA NA East Coast

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Published by: m-here on Jun 11, 2008
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July 2, 2007
Family Day Is July 21, 2007
At the heels of its successful Centennial reunion,SSAA New York has mobilized to hold another get-together—a SUMMER PICNIC—for all Scholasticanalumnae and their families to enjoy a day of rest andplay at Westchester’s Croton Point Park in Croton-on-the Hudson. The Social and Cultural Committee hasobtained a permit to hold the picnic at Croton Park’sPicnic Area #3 on Saturday, July 21, 2007 from 11a.m. till dusk, and on behalf of all alumnae has madethe payment of $100 for use of the venue.There are picnic tables on the grounds and barbecuegrills but those who want to grill will have to bringtheir own charcoal. For greater fun and camaraderie,picnic-goers can organize a “communal table” toshare dishes, desserts, and
with otherfamilies, classmates, carpoolers, or committee-mates. Picnic paraphernalia including ice, tablecloths, plates, glasses, soft drinks and beer will beprovided by the Committee to lighten the loadespecially for those going by train.
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2007Steering Committee: 
Daisy BarawidanLala DavidSherry DavidMarita LegaspiCecile LowlichtMike PalileoEmma Villa-Real
Communications Committee 
:Rose ConstantinoGilda Fule-PraelYvette JarencioSylvia C.LeonardSalve NeelankavilRonie NievaGiocky Oca
Mike Palileo
Lulut Valte
SSAA’s Scholarship Committee has recentlyannounced plans to hold its first ever Benefit Concertin Manhattan on October 14, 2007. Funds from theconcert are earmarked for a deserving scholar toacquire a college degree at St. Scholastica’s College,in collaboration with SSC’s Research andDevelopment Foundation.The concert promises an afternoon of music from sixhighly talented Filipino-American artist musicians,including vocalist Ruby Topacio-Bernales, pianistMimi Diaz-Bonardi, violinist Leonor Llorin-Paliguin,and percussionist Titchie Sarabia.Arrangements for the venue are being worked outand will be announced in the September issue of
e- Dyaryo 
. Tickets will be sold to the general public for$25 to $30. 
Alumna Feature
Guess who just turned forty?
 That’s Maite, born Maria Teresa Barrantes in March1967 to a family of four. Maite grew up in Merville,Paranaque and went to St. Rita High School (HS ‘83).After graduation she planned to go to UST as a psychmajor but decided instead to enroll at St. Scholastica’sCollege with her best friend, where she studied BSCFinancial Management (Coll ’87). Maite migrated to theUS in the early 90s. Married to Michael PeraltaArguelles, Maite lives on Long Island with her husbandand two daughters: Michelle, who is 17 and graduatedHS on June 23rd, and Mikaela-Trixia, who is 15.
Guess who wasPresident of St Scho’sCollege Chorale in 1986-1987?
That’s Maite, who hasvivid memories of collegein St. Scho as a memberof SSC’s college chorale.She participated in SSC’s joint concert with SanBeda (‘83-‘84), a jointconcert with Don Bosco(’86-’87), and anotherconcert with other collegechorales held at ULTRA(’86). In her senior year(’86-’87) Maite waselected president of theSSC College Chorale.Active not only inextracurriculars—swimteam and volleyballvarsity—Maite startedworking in her sophomoreyear and was immediatelyhired upon graduation asmarketing rep at Manila’sHarrison Plaza.
Guess who is Comptroller at Milos?
That’s Maite, who for the past ten years has workedas comptroller at Milos, a fancy Mediterraneanseafood restaurant in midtown Manhattan. MostScholasticans in New York who have eaten at Miloshave done so courtesy of Maite. Not content withbeing a comptroller, Maite plans to go back to schoolto take up accounting and become a CPA!
July 2, 2007Family Day
The Social Committee is organizing games and giving away prizesfor the kids but adults can bring their own entertainment such asradios, baseballs, basketballs, and badminton sets.The parking fee is $4 per car. If you are driving or carpooling, youmust show the car permit which we e-mailed to you or you candownload and print the permit from our SSAANA_yahoogroupswebsite. (We owe Nene del Rosario-David special thanks forapplying for the permit and securing the venue for us.)Croton Point Park is also accessible by Metro-North from GrandCentral station to Harmon station. The Croton-Harmon trainschedule is as follows: the train that leaves Grand Central at 10:20a.m. arrives at Harmon at 11:28 a.m., the 10:57 a.m. train arrives at11:48 a.m., and the 11:20 a.m. arrives at 12:28 p.m. Taking the trainas a group will require meeting 30 min before at Grand Centralstation. One-way fare costs $7.25.IMPORTANT: The Harmon station is one mile away from CrotonPoint Park. To facilitate pick-up as well as for the purpose ofarranging possible carpooling, we need to know who is coming tothe picnic, so please let us know by sending an email to CecileBunag-Lowlicht at cl88bnw@aol.com or to Marita Nadres-Legaspi atlegaspi@un.org.Let’s have fun, dear fellow Scholasticans, meet old friends, makenew friends, meet each other’s families, enjoy the drive to CrotonPark, breathe the fresh air at Croton-on-the Hudson, and eat, relax,and PLAY!!!(Hey, we work hard every day, we deserve it!)
True to her word, Mother Mary John, O.S.B., SSC Prioress, is flyingto New York from the Philippines to lead a spiritual retreat forScholastican alumnae on Saturday, December 8, 2007. The topic ofthe retreat, “
The Asian Woman and Spirituality 
,” was announced bySol Oca, Spirituality Committee chair.The event will be the second time that SSAA East Coast issponsoring a retreat for New York Scholasticans. In 1996 SisterMary Helen Beairsto of the Cenacle Sisters gave a retreat onmeditation and centering at Sherry David’s penthouse in Manhattan.Twenty-five alumnae attended that very successful retreat.Meanwhile a separate affair—SSAA East Coast’s Christmas Party—is being planned by the Social Committee. It will be held in Emerson,New Jersey at Marita Nadres-Legaspi’s residence. The date will beannounced in a future issue of
100 Years of Scholastican Education – a Book Review
 I must be one of hundreds who responded to the reading of
Daughters True: 100 Years of Scholastican Education 
withgrateful “ooooohs” and “aaaaaahs.” Such a great job! I learnedso much not only about St. Scho’s history but also aboutPhilippine history, and more importantly, the history of woman inthe Philippines.What I got from reading all the pieces in this book was not just
what it means to be a product of Scholasticaneducation but
what being a Scholastican means. Iunderstood that what I underwent in Saint Scholastica I hold incommon with all of these wonderful women, and it was not justthe academic part (although that’s a very real part), and not justimbibing German discipline and the ethic of “ora et labora” butliving for 12 years in the Benedictine presence, which includeddaily participation in the life of Christ as well as total immersionand involvement in the Scholastican family.Only as I was reading the book did I see and understand the
of it—being Scholastican as part of one’s
,so to speak. How it echoed in every part of one’s being at thattime and how it continues in the present, how all
addsmeaning to all
, how the daily visits to the chapel then beforeclasses began echo now the daily Masses before work, how thesaying of the rosary then echoes now the prayerful devotion tothe Blessed Lady, how the tireless persistence then duringclasses and at times of extracurricular interaction echoes nowthe dogged, devoted, diligent, and assiduous work lives we leadday after day, here in the States, and there, and everywhere.I can’t pinpoint which article I enjoyed the most—there were somany, each one a jewel in the crown of this elegant book. Theword “kudos” does not do justice to the pleasures of reading it.We owe the editors big-time for this inspired work. I want to sayfrom the bottom of my Scholastican heart to the editors, and tothe writers: “Thank you, Ates!” You make me proud to be adaughter true.
- by Mike Palileo 
To order, go to http://www.milamagno.com/dtbook.htm
July 2, 2007
With this issue we begin a new series called “Getting to Know You.” In so doing we are following the advice given by Sister Mary Placid,our SSAA moderator, to get to know each other better, to “Look around and see who’s there.” So for you readers to know more about our alumnae members, we are featuring an entire committee. Who are they? What are their happiest memories of SSC? What are their greatest accomplishments? What do they want the Spirituality Committee to do for us alumnae? Read the seven interviews below for some fascinating answers.
The Spirituality CommitteeAnna Villacorta-Arellano
High school at SSC was such a happy time for me. I received goodtraining, met kind teachers, and had a lot of laughs with my friends.Professionally I think my greatest achievement would be getting aMaster of Laws degree from New York University and passing theNew York bar exam. In future I hope the Spirituality Committee willgive support to Scholasticans in New York, much like what a familywould do.
Fe Abesamis-Giglio
 My happiest moments at SSC were spent under the acacia tree,playing
with my friends. Presently I consider my being amother my biggest accomplishment. I gave up my career to be astay-at-home Mom, a decision that I can say I’m glad I made. I’mhoping that the Spirituality Committee can give emotional support toour fellow Scholasticans, especially to those who just arrived fromthe Philippines.
Charisse Oca
 When I was in Kindergarten, Sister Gratia gave me some candytogether wit It made me feel so specialin front of all md at the same time at a verytender age est accomplishment isgetting back mds, quit smoking for thepast 3 or 4 and now see clearly myreal prioritiesy Committee can helpalumnae by o very powerful. Maybewe can ha spiritual needs.
Sol Oca
 In college I was taking LiaCom courses but was gravitating moreand more to the theatre. I remember the rehearsals andperformance of Thornton Wilder’s
Skin of Our Teeth 
with MitchValdes, Ricky Gallaga, and Jimmy Fabregas with Peque Gallagadirecting. So far my greatest accomplishment was passing the G toP exam at the United Nations, and passing it in 2000 when my Momwas still alive. Passing that exam has allowed me to find my niche inthe UN, which is the NGO section at the Department of PublicInformation. This has exposed me to thousands of NGOrepresentatives who want to make a difference in the world. I plan tostart my own NGO when I retire in 2010. Meanwhile I fully supportthe proposed projects of the Spirituality Committee such as PrayerBuddy, Spiritual Hotline, and Project Salubong.
… (cont’d.)
Del Ocampo-Quisumbing
 I remember all the afternoons in the pergola, yakking with myclassmates as I waited for my father to pick us up. My greatestachievement is living SSC’s values today—very hard, especiallyat rush hour when
kailangan mo pang umuwi and magluto/maglaba 
cause there’s no manang in the house (oops,cause I’m the manang, heheheh!) I hope the Spiritual Committeewill lead us into being better instruments for God’s glory.
Daisy Barawidan-Lizaso
My happiest moments at SSC were spent in extracurricularactivities in high school. It was through exposure to the lessfortunate that led to my love for social action. My greatestaccomplishment would be caring for my aging, ailing parents inNew York that led to my returning to school and completing aGerontology program at Marymount Manhattan College. I hopethe Spirituality Committee will provide comfort and help to thosealumnae who reach out for help.
Teresita Busmente-Jackler
It was so much fun living in the St. Scho dormitory. Living withgirls of different backgrounds was a learning experience, filledwith naughty shared events and laughter. And lasting friendshipswere created! At present I am very much involved with our parishchurch (Our Lady of Pilar) in Pilar, Sorsogon. I have beenfinancially supporting the upkeep and maintenance of the parishchurch for a whole year and have also launched projects. For itspart the Spirituality Committee can organize various projects thatwill enhance the spiritual lives of our alumnae.
Interviews compiled by Daisy Barawidan-Lizaso 
Committee discussion…
Philippine Center in May
h a
on my birthday.y classmates, and loveof 4 or 5. Presently my greaty health. I have lost 20 pounyears, quit a 60-hour a week job,in life. I think the Spiritualit just being available. Prayer is alsve a helpline to pray for those with

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