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Tourist Destinations in the United Kingdom

Tourist Destinations in the United Kingdom

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Published by Nellore Sai Kishore

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Published by: Nellore Sai Kishore on Jun 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In this paper I will be discussing the tourist attractions in United Kingdom,Europe and Worldwide and describe them from a tourist point of view. The major attractions that would be covered in England is London, in Wales Pembrokeshire,the attraction that would be covered in Scotland is Aberdeen. While in Ireland we willhave a look at the The major attractions in Europe are Paris, Rome, Prague,Barcelona, and Amsterdam. On a worldwide view the major attractions are TajMahal, Great wall of china, Mount Rushmore, The Sphinx, Monuments andlandmarks in Australia.Let us have a look at each of these segments in detail:
:London: London is the capital of United Kingdom, and is one of the biggest andoldest of the world. There are lot of attractions and activities which happenthroughout the year. The famous tourist attractions in London are Abbey road ZebraCrossing which has attained iconic status after the famous The Beatles album whichwas released on the same name which became their best selling work and featuredthe Abbey Road Studios, the second attraction is the Battersea Power Station whichis located in the heart of Central London, this iconic power station was in use till1975 and is one of the World Monument Funds 100 most Endangered sites. Itgained its prominence as it was featured in music albums and videos depicting it alandmark in the history of London. The world famous Hampton Maze is another mustto visit attraction in London. The Palm House in Kew is another attraction that has tobe visited by the tourists, the bronze statue of Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens is amust visit for tourists, this is followed by the amazing site of the south bank of BigBen and the Houses of Parliament. The amazing engineering of the Woolwich floodbarrier on river Thames is another attraction that should be visited. This is followedby the famous London Eye and the Westminster and Westminster Abbey, the samecan be followed up with a trip on the sightseeing trip of Tower of London, and Tower Bridge, and a visit to Trafalgar Square and finally enjoying the awesome scene of theQueen¶s Guards parade.This tourist attraction is suitable for all kinds of visitors as it offers variousavenues which would suit everyone including the single and couples who canexplore and be awed by the magnificence of the city, as the walkways and routes arequite easy this attracts the disabled also who can visit without any hindrances, Oldaged people also can enjoy the vibrant culture that is predominant in the city. Thewealth of museums attract the educational tourist and the spiritual people can visitthe beautiful churches which dot the whole city. All the destinations which are listedare quite famous and are popular tourist destinations.
Pembrokeshire: In Wales we will have a look at the city of Pembrokeshire which hasa lot of attractions that include Abbeys, Kayaking, the Folly Farm Zoo, the CilgerranCastle which stands overlooking the river Teifi, the famous Llangloffan CheeseCentre is another tourist attraction and the other tourist attraction is the CastellHenlys Iron Gate Fort which is located in Crymych. On an adventure front this cityhas lots of activities which include windsurfing, kayaking, power boating and sailing.The ocean lab is a tourist destination which equally attracts the children and for educational purposes. For the couples and singles the beautiful Castles are a goodattraction.
: Aberdeen: The beautiful city of Aberdeen which is also called as the µGranite City¶ isselected from Scotland as it has lot of attractions. It offers varied attractions to suitthe needs of every tourist especially for the single and couples they can relax in theµGranite Mile¶ with its collection of shops. For the education visitor the attractionsinclude the Aberdeen Maritime Museum and the Gordon Highlanders Museum, thescience centre µStratosphere¶ also offers different information for the tourists.
Northern Ireland
Belfast: Belfast has been the only tourist destination among the top 12 destinationslisted by Frommer¶s in 2009. Belfast has various attractions to suit every kind of tourist. To start with it has the Albert Memorial Clock Tower, which is often referredto as the Big Ben of Belfast. The Belfast Castle is another attraction to satisfy theneeds of the single or couples who go their tourists. The Royal Ulster Rifles Museumoffers spectacular range of rifle collection for the tourist who would like to see thecollection. The collection dates back to 1793 onwards. There are a lot of cathedralswhich would satisfy the needs of the spiritual tourist. The Lagan Weir Lookoutprovides activities to suit the needs of children, Dam, Fishing, Museum and Scienceand Technology attractions are also available to be viewed by the tourists.
Channel Island
:Jersey: There are different kinds of attractions to meet the requirements of alltravellers to this island country. On the attractions side it has lots of museums andcastles to encourage the single or couple tourists. Jersey has everything that is idealfor a family holiday - safe, clean beaches, country walks, attractions and sports thatappeal to all ages and restaurants that make children feel at home. In addition toacres of clean, white sand, Jersey has a number of world-class attractions that willappeal to the younger crowd. Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, is set in 31 acresand named after its founder Gerald Durrell. It is internationally famed for its work insaving and breeding endangered species. Two other award-winning museums, theJersey and the Maritime, have interesting exhibits giving children and adults alike aglimpse of Jersey¶s past and its rich maritime history. The unique living museum atHamptonne re-creates life as it was lived in the last century. For those keen to have
a day out with a difference, visit the Living legend with its multi-media show,adventure playground and live entertainment. Or why not let a glow-worm light upyour day by joining a guided walk. Ten-pin bowling is always popular with kids or youcould take your family for a little train ride around St. Aubin¶s Bay.
Task ± 2Destinations in Europe
The major destinations in Europe are the following:F
irst among them is Paris, it is known as the fashion capital of the world. Themajor attractions of Paris are the Eiffel tower, which is one of the most visitedmonuments in the whole of Paris this was built by the famous Engineer GustaveEiffel after whom it is named this was built as the entrance to the 1889¶s world fair. Itconsists of three levels and there are lifts and other modes of transport to ascend tothe top of the floors from which everyone can have a breathtaking view of thesurrounding areas. The tower also consists of two restaurants. Other importanttourist attractions include µThe Louvre¶ is the world¶s biggest museum in terms of famous collections. It is the house of µMona Lisa¶ and many other famous paintings.It is a must visit along with the other most important attraction of Paris which is The Arc de Triomphe is recognized as a symbol of Parisian pomp and elegance aroundthe globe. Erected by the Emperor Napoleon in 1806 to commemorate France'smilitary prowess, the 50 meter/164 foot tall Arc de Triomphe crowns the west end of the Champs-Elysées, the city's most famous avenue, at the juncture known as theEtoile (star), where 12 prestigious avenues radiate out from the arch. As can be seen from the above Paris as a destination is suitable for everytype of tourist starting from the kids, education tourist, couples or single people, evenretired people can enjoy the serene atmosphere and the museums to their heart¶scontent.The next destination we are going to look at is sea side port of µRiccione¶ Thisplace has been attracting tourists from 1930s as one of the best sea side ports innorthern Italy. Mostly young people get attracted to Riccione as it has a large varietyof Discos. It has got attractions for children due to its vast number of theme parks.This city has a very vibrant night life and it has a long boulevard which runs throughto the town¶s end going along the sea where strollers can take a nice walk. There area lot many restaurants and bars dotting the full length of the beach front which offer different options to the elderly or the most relaxed tourist.Hence, it can be summarised as a tourist destination which would suit allkinds of tourist needs and especially admirable during the summer season. This

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