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Structure of Clauses

Structure of Clauses

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Published by Rohit Chaudhary

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Rohit Chaudhary on Jun 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A CLAUSE is a part of a sentence with its own subject and predicate. Theyare those group of words which have a complete sense of their own, i.e.,they stand independently because they follow the SV/SVO/SVC patternsand they have their own subject and predicate.E.g.1. He has a chain, which is made of gold.Which –subjectIs made of –predicateGold –object2. I think that you have made a mistake.You –subjectHave made a mistake –predicateMade a mistake – clause3. When the sun sets, he returns home.When the sun set – clause4. People who pay their debts are trusted.Who pay their debts – clause5. He is not so clever as he thinks.As he think – clause6. We cannot start while it is raining.While it is raining – clause
Many times we may use a clause instead of a full sentence – For E.g. If you ask me - Where may I sit?I will say –Wherever you like.I’ll not say –You may sit wherever you like.There’s no need to say the full sentence because the second person caneasily understand, so it all depends ON THE SITUATION where we usethem.Examine the group of words “IN A CORNER”It makes sense, but NOT COMPLETE SENSE.
such a group WORDS WHICH MAKE SENSE , BUT NOTCOMPLETE SENSE, IS CALLED A PHRASE.E.g. –1. The Sun rises in the east.2. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.3. Show me how to do it.
4. It was a sunset of great beauty.
A GROUP OF WORDS WITHOUT A FINITE VERB IS APHRASE. A phrase usually forms part of a sentence:E.g. –1. She is a girl with short hair.Here Short Hair is a phrase (NON-FINITE CLAUSE) because it has nofinite verb.BUT SHE IS A GIRL is a CLAUSE (FINITE CLAUSE) because it has asubject and a finite verb. 2. He has a chain of gold.3. He has a chain which is made of gold.Which is made of gold –CLAUSEThe first group of words is PHRASEThe second of words , unlike the phrase of G. contains a SUBJECT(WHICH) AND A PREDICATE(IS MADE OF GOLD) =- IT IS ACLAUSE.
A COMPLEX SENTENCE HAS TWO CLAUSES ONE PRINCIPALCLAUSE/MAIN CLAUSE AND ONE OR MORE SUBORDINATECLAUSES/DEPENDENT CLAUSEStudy the following sentences:1.I know where she lives.2.I think that he acted wisely.3.We shall leave when it is fine.Each sentence is composed of two clauses. One principal Clause, whichmakes complete sense of itself and does not depend on other clauses.‘ I KNOW’, ‘I THINK’ and ‘WE SHALL LEAVE’ are the PRINCIPALCLAUSES.Principal clause is the clause which does not depend for its meaning onanother clause.‘WHERE SHE LIVES’, THAT HE ACTED WISELY’, & ‘WHEN IT ISFINE’ are SUBORDINATE CLAUSES
always depend on the principal clause tomake complete sense (depend on P.C. for its meaning)
He is so dull. That he cant understand me.I havent seen her. Since she left this place.She cant see. Because she is blind.
She told me. That she was learning English.We dont know. Where he is living these days.I dont know. Who he is and what he wants.
This is the church.
That James built in 1935.
This is the house.
She lives in.
He is the same man.
That saved me yesterday.He is the kindest person.
I have ever seen.

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