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April 2005 Resolutions to Action Leadership Conference of Women Religious

April 2005 Resolutions to Action Leadership Conference of Women Religious

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Published by: Leadership Conference of Women Religious on Jun 17, 2010
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LCWR Global Concerns CommitteeVolume 14, Number 2April 2005
Gospel Nonviolence in a Violent World
To Action 
Resolutions to Action
is an occasional publica-tion of the Global Concerns Committeeof the Leadership Conference of WomenReligious (LCWR). Members of the commit-tee are: Gilmary Bauer, RSM; Mary BrigidClingman, OP; Julie Driscoll, SCN; BarbaraMoore, CSJ; Peggy Nolan, BVM; WalterMaher, CCVI; and Marie Lucey, OSF, staff.Please address correspondence to:LCWR8808 Cameron StreetSilver Spring, MD 20910301-588-4955fax: 301-587-4575mlucey@lcwr.org
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by Julie Driscoll, SCN 
ach day we experience violenceof all kinds: bombings and otherterrorism, a pre-emptive warpolicy, a national budget that tramplesthe poor, murders by school children,domestic violence, diseases that could be avoided, trafficking of women andchildren. Is nonviolence possible? Ifnot us -- who? If not now, when?Pause and remember our nonviolentlegacy and some shining examples ofhope:
hen Jesus encountered the adul-teress and her accusers ready tostone her, he used an imagina-tive and surprising nonviolentresponse and the attackers dis-persed. (Jn. 8: 1-11)Gandhi led India to independenceusing
, resistance assoul power; a weapon the strongemploy against the sword of vio-lence, founded on the nonviolencethat does not injure nor cause in- jury.Rosa Parks was weary of racism
The theme of the August, 2004 LCWR-CMSM Assembly was “No Longer Bystanders: Creating Peace in Violent Times.” How can religious leaders make a difference in a world plagued with violence?What is the gift that we bring to these difficult times?
and simply refused to move backon the bus. Her nonviolent actionsparked the civil rights movementand changed US history.Hundreds were mobilized and mo-tivated by Martin Luther King’sphilosophy and spirituality, “To ourmost bitter opponents we say: Weshall match your capacity to inflictsuffering by our capacity to enduresuffering. We shall meet your physi-cal force with soul force. Do to uswhat you will and we will continueto love you. “Argentina’s Mothers of the Disap-peared had the courage to gather inthe public square every week, wear-ing black with white handkerchiefson their heads bearing the names oftheir sons and spouses, demandingto know from the repressive gov-ernment the fate of their loved ones.They did this for 20 years, even aftersome of the women disappeared.Bud Welch whose daughter waskilled in the Oklahoma City bomb-ing advocates against the death pen-alty. “My conviction is simple. Moreviolence is not what Julie would havewanted. More violence will not bring Julie back.”
Some grieving September 11 fami-lies have founded Peaceful Tomor-rows whose mission statementincludes, “By developing and advo-cating options and actions for peaceand justice, we hope to break thecycles of violence.” One goal is toeducate the public about the severelimitations of the war on terror anddiscuss the global possibilities ofnonviolent solutions. (www.peace-fultomorrows.org)Women and men who know of thetorture of peasants by Latin Ameri-can military trained at Fort Benninghave crossed the line at SOA vigils

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