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January 2004 Resolutions to Action Leadership Conference of Women Religious

January 2004 Resolutions to Action Leadership Conference of Women Religious

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Published by: Leadership Conference of Women Religious on Jun 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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LCWR Global Concerns Committee
Volume 13, Number 1 January 2004
Reverencing the Earth
by Intercommunity Environmental Council Region 10 Members Janet Kuciejczyk, CSJ; Corlita Bonnarens, RSM; Carol Reeb, SSND
To Action 
“Sacred is the call, awesome indeed the entrustment. Tending the holy. Tending the holy.”How do we continue to move beyond these lyrics to a change in our patterns of action? The August 2003 LCWRnational assembly grounded us in the reality of the sacred enterprise in which we exist not as dominators of cre-ation but as participants in a cosmic story. Does our participation reverence the earth or is it characterized by anaddictive over-consumption, which depletes Earth’s non-renewable resources?
Resolutions to Action
is an occasionalpublication of the Global ConcernsCommittee of the Leadership Conference ofWomen Religious (LCWR). Members of thecommittee are: Mary Brigid Clingman, OP;Toni Harris, OP; Barbara Moore, CSJ; PeggyNolan, BVM; Mary Catherine Rabbitt, SL;Peggy Sause, OP; Aline Marie Steuer, CSC;and Marie Lucey, OSF, staff. Please addresscorrespondence to:LCWR8808 Cameron StreetSilver Spring, MD 20910301-588-4955fax: 301-587-4575mlucey@lcwr.org
e know that:
The United States has less than5 % of the world’s populationyet uses 25% of the world’s oilsupply and 40% of the world’sgasoline.
Oil and gas production are non-renewable fossil fuels oftenfound in foreign countries.
Much of the 8 billion barrels ofoil imported annually fuels ourvehicles.
Due to emissions produced bypower plants that generate theelectricity used to run ourhomes plus home emissions, anaverage house releases 22,000pounds of carbon dioxideannually.
The world’s leading climatescientists have warned thatthere is now 30 percent more
As a nation we are driven byover-consumption of energy andresources. The present course ofoverwhelming poverty of the major-ity of the planet’s inhabitants andexcessive consumption by theminority bodes an unsustainableplanetary future. We can make a realenvironmental difference just byusing energy more efficiently and bymaking choices for cleaner energy.Hybrid vehicles represent one suchchoice. The Toyota Prius, for ex-ample, gets 55 miles per gallon incombined city and highway drivingand accelerates from zero to 60 mphin 10 seconds with a 650 mile drivingcarbon dioxide -- the primaryglobal warming gas -- in theatmosphere than a century ago.range without refueling. The ToyotaPrius, like other hybrids, is powered by a downsized gasoline engineassisted by an electric motor with a battery that is charged by the gasengine and by brake friction. ThePrius emits relatively low amountsof carbon monoxide and other smogforming gases. Its emissions ofcarbon dioxide are about half that of

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