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Newsletter Dec 2009 LFS Ltd CP Vol 1 Iss 1

Newsletter Dec 2009 LFS Ltd CP Vol 1 Iss 1

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Published by gmiguk

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Published by: gmiguk on Jun 17, 2010
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Christmas 2009
The last year has been a difficulttime for most and the global econ-omy is in unprecedented turmoil.The credit crunch was just thebeginning. Now we are in the grip ofwhat the International MonetaryFund is calling the 'Great Reces-sion'.So how did this happen? In short,interest rates were kept too lowfor too long by the world's centralbanks. This allowed banks to lendrecklessly which in turn created aseries of bubbles in the markets,the biggest of which was the globalhousing boom. When Americansubprime borrowers (people withpoor credit ratings) started de-faulting on their mortgages in hugenumbers, the fact that banks hadover-reached themselves becameclear and the credit bubble burst.Governments have tried to keep thefinancial crisis under control byprinting money (quantitative easing),propping up banks and slashinginterest rates.
Many people don't believe that anyof these measures are wise orhelpful - in fact they could end upprolonging the agony ofthe recession as they'llget in the way of amuch-needed correc-tion.The big question is -how do you invest insuch tough times? Well,the good news is thatfalling prices and panicselling mean there arebargains to be had outthere. And here atLifetime FinancialServices Ltd we areconstantly on the look out for thevery best opportunities this reces-sion - and the government's self-serving reactions to it - are going topresent.With this in mind Graham has beenresearching Fund Allocations, andhas found a regulated fund manage-ment company specialising in abso-lute return investment managementservices to institutions, profes-sional trustees, private wealthmanagers, advisers & wealthy fami-lies, Saltus Partners LLP.See further information insideregarding The Saltus Multi AssetClass Fund.
We would like to wish all ourclients a very happy Christmasand a prosperous New Year.
It‘s the same old story in most
places of business. Too much paper!When you have processed it, wheredo you store it? Then you find outhow long it has to be kept, andsuddenly your store room is bigger
than ‗The Big Yellow Storage Com-pany‘ And what about the ‗Greeneffect‘
 So during the last year we havebeen researching ways of process-ing our paper to reduce storage andgive our clients a more professionalaccess to their assets, investments,pensions, and personal information.We also wanted a way of gatheringinformation that would prove to bequicker and more effective, witheverything in one place and accessi-ble anywhere by both ourselves and you.We have been fortunate in findingTrue Potential to help us achieveour goals and have started to usethis service as the main system forinformation gathering.Further details regarding TruePotential LLP can be found inside.
Updating our Business practices
What a year it’s been!
Special points of interest:
Saltus Multi Asset Class Fund
ISA‘s for over 50‘s
True Potential
A Bereavement Guide
Care Home Fees
Contact details
Inside this issue:
Saltus Partners LLP
New ISA limits for the over 50‘s
True Potential
Our Commitment to You
A year with its ups and downs.
December 2009
Page 2
CP Volume 1, Issue 1
Saltus Partners LLP is a London-based FSA-regulated fund man-agement company specialising inabsolute return investment man-agement services to institutions,professional trustees, privatewealth managers, select advisers& wealthy families.Smart but prudent investing isnot simply about where the high-est returns can be achieved. Thisis why Saltus talk in terms ofoptimising risk-adjusted returns.This simply means identifying thesweet spot where they can se-cure consistent returns which arebetter than the long term returnfrom equities, but with much lessvolatility or risk.They believe that diversifyinginvestments across asset classesis one important step in managingrisk. Traditional investment port-folios for wealthy investors havetypically been confined to a blendof equities, bonds and cash. Sal-tus invest in traditional and alter-native asset classes based ontheir individual merits, withoutthe constraints imposed by spe-cific benchmarks.
Saltus‘ funds provide institutions
and private wealth managers with
access to some of the world‘s
best performing managers andinvestment opportunities.Saltus has constructed a range offunds each of which has either aglobal single asset class focus,such as private equity and realestate, or a multi-asset classfocus which holds acarefully structuredand managed range ofasset classes.Graham Gardner hasbeen looking for fundsthat are structured toprovide the investorliquidity even in assetclasses which typicallyrequire funds to becommitted for longertime periods, with Taxefficiency also opti-mised so that tax pay-ing investors benefit from en-hanced net returns.He found this with The SaltusMulti Asset Class Fund, which isas close as you will get to Discre-tionary Fund Management withoutany extra cost.The Saltus Multi Asset ClassFund is an absolute return orien-tated multi-manager fund whichseeks to return UK Libor +3% on arolling 12-month basis.Asset allocation is not dictated byan arbitrary benchmark, but ismanaged dynamically based on theindividual merits ofeach asset class. Thefund invests in tradi-tional asset classessuch as equities andbonds, as well as alter-native asset classessuch as private equity,global real estate, andhedge funds.The fund seeks out thebest manager talentwithin each asset classto achieve its objectiveof producing consistentreturns for the lowestpossible amount of risk.Some of our clients have alreadytransferred their investments toThe Saltus Multi Asset ClassFund, and should you also wish tobenefit from this product, besure to call us on 01424 772444to request further information.ISA - up to £3,600 in cash, andthe remainder in stocks andshares, or the entire amount instocks and shares.If you're under 50, you'll have towait until next tax year(commencing 6 April 2010) to takeadvantage of the extended limits.Any savings or invest-ments must be madeby 5 April, the end ofthe tax year. Cru-cially, unused allow-ances (or portions ofthem) don't rollover;they are lost forgood. This means anISA should always beDid you know that from October2009 the ISA allowance for over50s increased to £10,200, £5,100of which can be saved into a cashISA.Just to recap and for those cli-
ents new to ISA‘s......ISA allow-
ances let each adult in the UKinvest up to £7,200 per tax yearinto the tax effi-cient ISA thatshields invest-ments againstincome tax andcapital gains tax.This can be in theform of a cashISA and/or astocks and sharesthe first place any savings go, asafter the tax year ends, anysavings or investments stay withinthe tax-free ISA wrapper forthe future, where they'll continueto earn interest.Be sure to make the most of thistax savings benefit by calling01424 772444 and requestingfurther information, before theend of this tax year 05 April2010.
Saltus‘ funds provide
institutions and privatewealth managers with access
to some of the world‘s best
performing managers andinvestment opportunities.
Caption describing pic-ture or graphic.
Saltus Partners LLP
Keep your invest-ments safe
Page 3
Christmas 2009
At Lifetime Financial ServicesLtd we have always had our ownbespoke systems in place, butwhat we were missing was anopportunity to organise every-thing easily. This is where TruePotential came in. From our firstdemonstration of the system itwas immediately apparent thatthis was something that wouldgive us the opportunity to organ-ise our entire practice in oneplace and, having seen other solu-tions in action, would also allow usto run every part of our adviceprocess
no more clicking in andout of different programs.Since we implemented True Po-tential things are starting tobecome much easier and we arenow feeling that we are in control.Everything is now in one place andaccessible anywhere. Our workingpractices now flow and it is asimple process to access what wewant, when we want. Paper is nowlimited in our office and we havemanaged to dispose of reams ofnotes and files. We definitely
won‘t be needing ‗The Big YellowStorage Company‘
 Before we began using it we had aback-office system that washeavily paper based and offeredus no linkage into our point of saleprocesses. This was the firstthing that appealed to us withTrue Potential; a joined up, elec-tronic process that gave LifetimeFinancial Services Ltd all theinformation we needed in oneplace. This linkage also meantthat we could share informationwith our clients.Our clients will be able toconnect to their portfo-lios online via the TruePotential clientsite andwe have started to rollout this system. We willgradually advise clientsof their login details, thiswill give you access to allpersonal informationLifetime Financial Ser-vices hold on your behalf.True Potential will detail your portfolios, pensions,insurance policies and ofcourse any ongoing workwe may be processing. Itwill also allow you tosecurely contact us via email withany instructions or queries youmay have. Vital in a time of postalstrikes and late deliveries duringthe Christmas period.Please contact us on 01424772444 should you require fur-ther information on this serviceor indeed request details of yourlogin prior to our notification.
“True Potential will detail
your portfolios, pensions,insurance policies and ofcourse any ongoing work we
may be processing.”
to ensure you getwhat you are right-fully entitled to inthe way of localauthority or NHS orwelfare benefits.There are also spe-cially designed finan-cial products thatcan undertake tomeet the shortfall inincome to cover thecost of care at the outset oftenrequiring just a part of yourcapital to be utilised to meet carecosts releasing the remainder forAs our older population increasesso does the number of olderpeople who own their own homesand consequently fail the meanstest for care and have to pay forit themselves. In fact the mostrecent research by the LiberalDemocrats states that 70,000homes are sold each year to payfor care. Despite this very fewpeople seek professional advice onwhat is probably one of the larg-est financial commitments theyhave ever made - paying carehome fees.Whether you are being funded bythe State or paying privately for your care there is much to knowthe eventual inheri-tance that so manyolder people wish toleave.
We will be report-ing on this impor-tant subject in ournext newsletter. Inthe meantime, ifyou need informa-tion quickly, call uson 01424 772444 or emailkent@lifetimeinvestment.com
True Potential LLPCare Home Fees
STOP PRESSLatest Tranche ofGuaranteed Bond
1.88% three months,2.00% six months2.25% 1 Year2.50% 18 MonthsALL NET OF FEES ANDBASIC RATE TAXHigher Rate for LargerSums-(e.g. 4.00% AERequivalent for higher ratetax-payer)
Telephone 01424 772444 forfurther information or emailkent@lifetimeinvestment.com
Caring for our lovedonesHelp to create a paperless office

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