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You Found Me

You Found Me



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Published by VampireCullens
Edward And Bella Love Story. Sorry for my bad english, but i want to give it a try. Hope you like it..
Edward And Bella Love Story. Sorry for my bad english, but i want to give it a try. Hope you like it..

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Published by: VampireCullens on Jun 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bella Swan’s Point of View
“Bella, Emmett.. Im leaving in five!” Grandpa shouted from thekitchen.Yo, ssup! My name is Isabella Swan but call me Bella otherwiseI’ll kill you. Haha, Just kidding.. That’s Grandpa Charlie. He isPolice Chief of the Town Forks. I’ve been living with him andEmmett since three years ago . Nobody knew the real reason for allthis but me. I’d just wanted to be close to a guy I’d really like sinceI was a kid. But, technically, he moved to a boarding school but hisfamily is here. His sister, Alice Cullen , and his adopted brother and sister, Jasper and Rosalie Hale – twins are my bestest friends ,and Emmett, of course. Emmett is my cousin that been living withmy grandpa since he was a kid. I’d only came here in a holidaywhen I was a kid but now I am glad I moved here. Emmett and Iare more like siblings , we’re always there for each other,sometimes we argued but things will work out again between us.He and Rosalie, and Jasper and Alice are together ,though. And, I,of course are the only one who’ve been single and never been kissand never been touch before. Im still waiting for ‘him’ to come back. And, I had a feeling he will , soon.. Oh- by the way,me,Alice and ‘the guy’ are 17 , yeah- they’re twins too. Jasper ,Rosalie and Emmett are 18.. Alright, lets get back to the story,shall we..As usual , Emmett and I raced down the stairs to the kitchen,laughing.“Good morning, grandpa! ” yelled both of us at the same time.
“ Good morning.. Guys, how many times do I have to tell you norunning in the house. You’re not a kids anymore especially youEmmett..”“Sorry , grandpa.. ”“Anyway, I had to get to the office, now.. I had a night shift so Iwont be home till tomorrow. So , don’t do anything reckless whileim gone.” Emmett grinned.“Don’t worry about it gramps.. do we ever let you down ?” hmm-with Emmetts around, theres always something bad going tohappen, trust me.. As if grandpa could read my mind, he gave hima disbelief look.“- k , don’t answer that.”.
 Haha, thought soo.
I giggled, “Don’t worry about it, grandpa.. We promise we wontdo anything reckless.”He smiled, “ That’s my girl. So… are you guys excited to seeEdward coming back?”I picked up my glass of milk while I asked, “…Edward who?”Grandpa seem confused, “Edward Cullen.”I choked out the milk I’d just drink. Emmett pat my back. Then,asked/yelled at the same time, “ What?! When?!”“he came back yesterday. I thought you already know about this.Aren’t Alice text or call you or anything to tell you?”“ No, she didn’t!” I was angry and frustrated. Why that little pixie!“ And, neither do Rose and Jazz!” whoa- Emmett sorta lookedmad, too.Apparently, he doesnt like people keeping things from him.“Calm down, guys! Maybe, you guys can meet him at schooltoday.” Yeah – that’s right. We sighed.“ Sure.”“Alright, imma head out , now.” I gave him a hug before he headout. “ Bye, grandpa. See you tomorrow.”He hug me back . “Bye,guys.. See ya..”I watched grandpa’s cruiser pulled out of the drive way and went back to the kitchen, still dazed and shocked.“ Hey, you okay?
“- Huh? Yeah, sure.”“ Well, we still had another half an hour till school start.. So, immago take a shower. After we get there, im gonna have a word withthem.” I nodded,“Me too.”I’d already shower and ready so while I waited for Emmett Idecided to pay a little visit to my treehouse at the back of the house before went to school. The treehouse isbig, my grandpa and mydad had built it for us since we’re a kids. It can still fits all of usinside of it. Sometimes, we hang out here playing and had asleepover for all of us. I’d started to think it as my third house. Ithad a couch, a small refrigerator, my guitar and a keyboard andalso a pictures of all of us when we’re kids. My most favourite picture is the one me and the guy I liked, Edward. Yeah- its him. Ilooked at picture. There were two kids, a girl and a boy, armsaround each other’s shoulder. But, the most favourite one of all iswhen we hugged each other and Edward kissed me on the cheek while I had the biggest goofy smiled on my face, and a missingtooth. I suddenly felt tears roll down my face..“Hey, sis.. Com’on, lets go.”I quickly wiped the tears away. “ Huh? ..A-Alright..”“Are you crying ?” He rushed over and hugged me tight.“Whats wrong?” He asked .“N-Nothing , Emm. Just remember the good old days when wewere kids.”He smiled, “ Yeaa, the greatest memory of our lifes. I don’t think Iwill ever forget about it even if I try too.”“ Me either.” We stayed like that for a moment then pulled away.“Com’on- He looked at his watch . –Oh-No! We’re only got tenminutes to get to school. Lets go.”We ran to his jeep and drove off to school.Why do I suddenly feel like im going to throw up? Does that meanim nervous ? for what? I’d felt butterfly filled my stomach as we

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