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Bach Flower Remidies

Bach Flower Remidies

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Published by emitcorp

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categoriesTopics, Art & Design
Published by: emitcorp on Jun 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Here are the 38 original remedies by Dr. Bach for a variety of problems:
Agrimony ± Hiding Behind A Mask Of Happiness:
People who lovepeace will hide their feelings behind their humor just to ensure thingsremain peaceful and they don¶t hurt anyone. They may even take alcohol or drugs in excess, to help themselves bear their problems with cheerfulness. Agrimony assists these people in coming to terms with the negative side of life and helps them face problems without hiding behind a mask.
Aspen ± Unknown Fears:
Vague fears of no known origin, which have noexplanation or reason. Such people may be terrified that something bad isgoing to happen, but cannot say what. These fears may haunt them dayand night. This remedy helps them overcome their fears, either at night or during the day.
Beech ± Intolerance And Lack Of Understanding:
This is for people whofeel the need for things to be exactly how they want them to be. They showintolerance to the way things are done around them and do not showunderstanding. This remedy helps build tolerance and understanding.
Centaury ± Difficulty In Saying No:
For kind and gentle people who areover anxious to serve others. They strive to please others, at the cost of neglecting their own goals, and this good nature takes them from beingwilling helpers to being servants. Centaury does not harden these people,but helps them be themselves ± free of the desires of others.
Cerato ± Lack Of Confidence:
Those who do not have enough self-confidence to make their own decisions. They constantly look for supportfrom others. This remedy helps people gain confidence and have morefaith in their judgment.
Cherry Plum ± Fear Of Losing Control:
There are people who fear theyare going to lose control of themselves and do something dreadful, such ascommit suicide or injure others. They have the fear of going mad andresorting to irrational behavior. This remedy helps them alleviate such fearsand think rationally.
Chestnut Bud ± Failure To Learn From Mistakes:
Experience shouldteach us valuable lessons and if you are someone who does not pay heedto experience, you will find yourself repeating your mistakes. Chestnut Bud
helps you understand and begin learning from your observations andexperiences.
Chicory ± Selfish And Possessive In Love:
Those who take care of others, be it friends, relatives or children become overly critical and feel theneed to put everything right. They become possessive and expectreciprocation from others too. This remedy helps bring out the positive sideof such people ± to love unconditionally and give other freedom.
Clematis ± Dreamers Who Do Not Take Action:
Those who dream butshow no interest in making their dreams come true. They live in the futuremore than in the present and have great hopes of a happier life, withoutputting in the required effort. Clematis helps brings them back to earth andstart living a real life instead of dreaming.
Crab Apple ± Self Hatred:
People who feel they are not clean and wish tobe rid of one particular thing about themselves. They feel the need to becleansed of something. This at times also results in obsessive behavior,such as washing hands frequently and doing the same thing over and over again. This remedy helps bring about a positive change in such people.
Elm ± Overwhelmed By Responsibility:
For people who take on toomuch or burdened with a lot of things sometimes feel depressed when theyare unable to complete the tasks or find that they are not within their power to fulfill them. These feelings are dispelled with the use of this remedy.
Gentian ± Discouragement:
Those who are easily discouraged. Even asmall delay in something that is otherwise going perfectly, disheartensthem. When things begin to go right again, this despondent feelings goaway, but Gentian helps bring about a change even when things are notgoing right.
Gorse ± Despair And Hopelessness:
They have given up hope thatanything good can happen to them. They dwell in their negativity and donot believe they will succeed. This remedy helps them see things in adifferent light so that they move on with life.
Heather ± Self Centered and Self Concern:
People who always need tobe in others company and feel lonely when left alone. They need to talk
about themselves in front of others all the time. This remedy helps thembecome good listeners and be supportive of others.
Holly ± Jealousy And Hatred:
People who cannot help being jealous of others and hate them for their success or happiness. They also suffer fromother negative feelings of suspicion and revenge. This causes vexation andthey suffer for no real reason. Since the main problem is the absence of love, this remedy encourages generosity and an open mind.
Honey- suckle ± Living In The Past:
Those that prefer not to face realityand live in the past, perhaps go back to times when they were happy. Theymay be running away from unfulfilled ambitions and goals and have givenup hope. Honey-suckle helps them stop reliving the past and to learn fromit and enjoy the present.
Hornbeam ± Procrastination:
This is the most dangerous disease ± adisease of not taking action. These people feel they do not have the mentalor physical strength to do their tasks. They feel it is difficult to accomplishthe things they are supposed to. Since it is mental weariness and notphysical, this remedy gives them the initiative to get started.
Impatiens ± Impatience:
People who find it difficult to exercise patiencewhen things get delayed or not done as per the requirement. Even whenthey are sick, they are impatient for recovery. They have no patience for people who are slow and consider it a waste of their time. Impatiens is aremedy that can bring them out of this state and be more relaxed andpatient with others.
Larch ± No Confidence:
They do not have confidence in themselves andthey feel they are not as good as others. They could feel this way becauseof the way they look or in the way they perform their duties. This remedychanges their mindset, gives them the mental strength and confidence togo ahead, and not fear failure.
Mimulus ± Fear Of Known Things:
They have a fear of accidents, pain,illness, darkness, being alone and everything else. All sorts of phobias,such as fear of heights, fear or public speaking etc. are also part of Mimulus. They secretly fear a lot of common everyday things and do notshare their fears with others. This is used as a remedy for people who are

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