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The Greatness Network Erin the World

The Greatness Network Erin the World

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Published by Lyn

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Published by: Lyn on Jun 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Greatest Networker in the World
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction 2Chapter 2: The End 3Chapter 3: To Speak the Truth 11Chapter 4: The Secret Revealed 15Chapter 5: The Silver Screen 19Chapter 6: A Goal Bigger than Winning 23Chapter 7: Teaching Kids Teaching 30Chapter 8: Asking the Right Questions 34Chapter 9: The Habit of Being You 38Chapter 10: Housekeeper Master 46Chapter 11: Appointments with Freedom 53Chapter 12: Habits of Disbelief 60Chapter 13: Pictures of Belief 64Chapter 14: Teaching Teachers 71Chapter 15: What’s Your Next Step? 78Chapter 16: The Beginning 81Chapter 17: Epilogue 88
Chapter 1
This bestselling modern classic paints a vivid word picture of what it truly means to be theGreatest Networker in the world.It's inspired millions to succeed in America's fastest-growing industry.Here is the story of a young man on the verge of quitting the business, who discovers thatthe secrets of MLM success lie within him. It's an easy-to-read tale that's changed many lives.It begins at an opportunity meeting, where the narrator meets the 'Greatest Networker inthe World'.Over the course of a week, the narrator's life is transformed as he absorbs lessons aboutleadership, beliefs, values and life purpose, listening, championing others, and more.Revealing the 'be' side of the business that is often overshadowed by the 'do' side, thisbook is more than a technical how-to explanation... more than a feel-good story.A first-hand, inside look at the TRUTH about success in Network Marketing, this book hasthe power to truly change your life and raise your Business to the highest level.And, beyond Networking, it's about new dimensions of productivity and fulfillment in everyarea of life... explaining how to experience successful living along with successful networkmarketing.If today's Networker could read only one book on the business, this 150 page paperbackwould have to be it - no other book shows so clearly what it means to be successful in thisIndustry.Read it and truly KNOW what it feels like to be a Networker.Who is the Greatest Networker in the World?After reading, you'll see that
can be.Uplifting, inspiring and motivating - truly a '
must read 
' life-changing book. Experience it!"
Chapter 2The End
I'll never forget that evening.That was the night I first met the Greatest Networker in the World.It was also (as I've heard a number of very successful Network Marketers say since)the night my life changed for the better - forever!First, I suppose I should tell you what my life was like at that point.I'd been involved with this one particular Network Marketing company for a littleover four months and it wasn't going very well. In fact, it was looking a lot like a bad joke.The products were great - everybody I shared them with agreed with that. But forthe life of me, I couldn't get anyone interested in my business opportunity.I was working 30 hours a week
- all my evenings and most of myweekends - and what I had to show for it was a retail profit of $150 to $200 a month!Like I said, 'Ha ha'.I'd figured it out once: my home-based 'wave of the future' business was earningme a handsome $1.56 an hour -
 My kids were strangers. My wife was disenchanted and so distant she might as wellhave lived in Alaska!Clearly, this Networking business was not for me, nor was I for it.I'd made up my mind. This was my last opportunity meeting.The hotel room was packed, as usual.When I walked in, I noticed a particularly large swarm of people gathered aroundsomeone in the front of the room. I took aside a distributor I'd met before, pointed tothe group and asked, "Who's that over there with all those people around him?"."Oh," she said, "that's the Greatest Networker in the World... would you like to meethim?""Sure," I said. She took me over.The man in the middle was strikingly handsome - well-groomed, looked to be in hisearly forties, elegantly dressed, yet not at all showy. He was clearly successful and woreit well.His clothes were expensive: British suit with real buttonholes, great floral tie and abreast pocket scarf quietly but noticeably picking up the burgundy reds of the tie... and,yes, there was the gold Rolex Oyster I expected, peeking out from beneath his cuff-linked shirt.I noticed that his shirt was monogrammed on the cuff, but the stitches of the initialswere the exact same color thread as the shirt. Subtle, classy touch, I told myself.Just then there was a brief opening in the crowd around the man and my friendpulled me into the 'inner circle'.The Greatest Networker was listening intently to what a woman standing directly infront of me was saying, when his eye caught mine.

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