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Para Israel 18062010

Para Israel 18062010

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Published by vladowsky
Periodical newspaper - fight terrorism - support ISrael
Periodical newspaper - fight terrorism - support ISrael

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Published by: vladowsky on Jun 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FeedJournal Basicfeedjournal.com6/17/2010 at 4:05:46 PM - 6/18/2010 at 7:19:53 AM
Submitted at 6/17/2010 8:00:00 PM
Are we witnessing a major shake-upin the region with Turkey goingIslamist and becoming part of the anti-Western Islamic Jihad bloc? WillGaza, the Palestinians, and the“Flotilla” affair be successfully andskillfully used to focus Turkish publicattention on the “demonic Jews”while the throat of secular Turkey isslit?Forbes offers this interesting analysisout of Istanbul:Erdogan’s Dangerous Rhetoric“ISTANBUL — Prime MinisterTayyip Erdogan’s speech upon hisreturn to Turkey from meetingPresident Obama was greeted in somequarters with relief. “At least hedidn’t declare war,” said oneheadline. Understandably, theconfrontation between Israelicommandos and the Mavi Marmarahas consumed the media here. Andthough it seemed, at first, that thenational mood was one of shock followed by outrage, alreadynumerous gently demurring voiceshave begun to break the surface. Theprime minister’s speeches showed nosuch restraint: “Even bullies, piratesand criminals have a code of honor,”he said, “but for those who havenone, it would be a compliment tocall them such names.”Condemning Israel for harminginnocents, Erdogan added, “Even in awar, you don’t attack women,children and religious personnel,”(without, of course, elaborating onwhat to do if the latter happen to becombatants, as they often are inIslamist circles). The prime ministerhas traveled the country in a kind of victory tour inciting massed crowdsto chant anti-Israeli slogans,repeatedly citing “Thou Shalt NotKill” as being explicitly acommandment from the Torah andtherefore all the greater a sin whencommitted by Israel. Some 22national leaders are currently inIstanbul for a conference of Eurasiannations; Erdogan is publicly floggingthe issue there, too.The atmosphere in Turkey is highlycombustible and open to politicalexploitation. Photos of bashed andbleeding young Israeli commandospublished in the leading newspaper,Hurriyet–thereby confirming Israel’sself-defense argument–elicited criesof “traitor” and threats.Meanwhile, the Mavi Marmaraevents coincided with a string of guerrilla attacks in the country by theKurdish terror group PKK. Theseincluded an unprecedented operationagainst off-duty navy personnel in thenon-Kurdish port town of Iskenderun,which left six dead and sevenwounded. In the anti-Israeli side of the docket one can include attemptsby highly placed Turkish officials tolink the two–that is to suggest Israelisupport of the PKK–and ubiquitousvoices asserting that no Israeli inquiryinto the Mavi Marmara raid can bedependable.”-moreYour thoughts?-Dry Bones- Israel’sPolitical Comic Strip Since 1973 Hija del Zion para IsraelSupportIsraelEurological Problem (2007)Howdid Turkey do an Islamist Flip? Whyis the West surprised? Today'sGolden Oldie was a clear warning Isounded in a cartoon that I did in2007. I'm reposting it today, alongwith the column that...Photos of Rioters’ WeaponsIncluding Slingshot with “Hizbullah”Written Across Handle, 2 June 2010When IDF forces boarded the MaviMarmara in order to redirect ittowards the Port of Ashdod, theyencountered protestors armed withsuch weapons as knives, slingshots,bags of marbles, metal and woode...Turkey: an honest broker in theMiddle East | Bülent KenesSlurs of new 'Islamist' leanings are wide of themark: oriented to the west, Turkey ison the side of peace, justice andprosperityI can't say I was surprisedwhen I read Joshua Teitelbaum'spiece "Tu... Original post source
Submitted at 6/17/2010 8:31:26 PM
RALLY FOR ISRAELAT THE “G-20 SUMMIT”QUEENS PARK, 2:00 P.M.TORONTO, CANADAJUNE 27, 2010Contact: Bob Kunst, President of Shalom International and anIndependent Candidate for Congress,District 20, in Florida and pushing aninternational referendum againstObama’s anti-Israel politics, throughthis election.Phone number: 305-864-5110 (www.kunstforcongress.com)Local Toronto contact is: MichaelDomb 416-557-7006Sponsored by: Shalom International (www.defendjerusalem.net)This will be our 302nd Rally/Eventsince October 2007 to“Keep Jerusalem and Israel United”and to “War on the Jihadists” Obamais catering to and over 1200 newsinterviews. Hija del Zion para IsraelSupportIsraelFormer Spanish President StandsUp For IsraelIn a powerful article intoday's Times of London, Jose MariaAznar, the President of Spain from1996-2004) provides a rousing andeloquent defense of the State of Israel. Aznar also us...Israelis Overwhelmingly AgreeWith BibiThe Obama Administrationhas invested a great deal in trying tocreate the impression that PrimeMinister Netanyahu's policies do notrepresent the will of the Israeli public.When Obama insulted Neta...Israel Appoints Stellar Panel ToInvestigateTonight, Israel announcedthe appointment of a panel of expertsthat will investigate several issuesrelated to Israel's blockade of Gaza,who organized flotilla, and theincident on the Mavi Marmara.... Original post source
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Submitted at 6/17/2010 5:39:33 PM
Amos Horev, Palmach officer metedout 'Biblical justice' to allegedPalestinian rapist (Wikipedia)Amos Horev, the retired IDF general,former Technion president, and chief booster of the Israeli defenseindustry, has a rather sordid past thatmany might find akin to being aterrorist, Israel-style.He is one of three panel members of the Gaza flotilla investigation andthisincident, described by the inimitableTom Segevin a 2002 Haaretz article,should shed light on the type of  justice he might mete out in thisinquiry:`We castrated you, Mohammed!’In the mid-1940s, apopular song[byHaim Hefer] among the members of the Palmach was entitled “Wecastrated you, we castrated you,Mohammed!” [ Serasnucha yaMuhammad in Arabic--the link to thesong in Hebrew above oddly censorsthe Arabic word for castration in thelyrics, turning it into Saragosa] Thatsong is remembered even today.During the 60 years that have passedsince that time, various theories havesurfaced about the song’s origin.However, it was commonly assumedthat members of the Palmach hadtracked down and then castrated anArab who had raped a Jewish woman.This was not an isolated case. In hisbiography of Yitzhak Sadeh, ZvikaDror writes that the commander of the Palmach even sent some of hismen to a special course that wasgiven at the Mendele clinic of theKupat Holim Clalit healthmaintenance organization. “Wewould go there at 8:30 P.M. whenthe clinic was empty,” Dror quoteshis source. “A physician and a nursetaught us anatomy and afterward wepracticed a castration procedure.”Now it is official: A book by GamlielCohen, “Undercover: The UntoldStory of the Palmach’s UndercoverArab Unit,” published by theMinistry of Defense and the GaliliCenter for Defense Studies, reveals,with amazing precision, who themythological “Mohammed” was,whom he raped, who authorized therapist’s castration, who performed thecastration and how precisely the“surgical operation” was carried out.Cohen eventually joined the Mossad.He describes how the Palmach’sundercover agents performed theirliquidations; the same procedure isbeing used today in the territories.The rapist…is identified in Cohen’sbook as Araf Ahmed Shatawi, abroad-shouldered, muscular man wholived in the village of Bissan, wherethe town of Beit She’an is presentlylocated. Shatawi was suspected of having attempted to rape a youngwoman from Kibbutz Messilot.According to Cohen, the suspicionswere based on intelligence data.Shatawi was alleged to have spottedthe woman as she descended from abus and to have dragged her into thebushes. She struggled and managed tothwart the rape attempt. Since theatmosphere in the kibbutz wasalready highly charged and since thiswas not the first attempted rape, thesupreme command of the Haganahdecided that it would provide aneffective response to the incident. Atfirst it was proposed that Shatawi beassassinated; however, because of thefear that an assassination might setoff a chain of blood vendettas, it wasdecided, as Cohen puts it, “to dealwith him in accordance with thebiblical principle that calls for thechopping off of a thief’s hand andwhich, in this case, would call forattacking the organ he used toperform the crime, namely, forcastrating him.”The plan was submitted to ShaulAvigur for approval. He wassomewhat hesitant, in view of thecruel nature of the proposed action;however, Yehoshua Palmon, wholater became the prime minister’sadviser on Arab affairs, persuadedhim, and Avigur gave the plan thegreen light. According to Cohen,who quotes documents preserved inthe IDF archives, the two individualswho carried out the castrationprocedure were Yohai Bin-Nun, wholater became a major general and thecommander-in-chief of the IsraelNavy, and Amos Horev, who alsolater became a major general, thechief scientist of the defenseestablishment and the president of the Technion– Israel Institute of Technology. There was a third man,named Yaakuba Cohen; however,according to the Ministry of Defenseversion of the incident, he did notactually participate in the castrationbut instead stood guard over therapist’s family, while Bin-Nun andHorev dragged him from his homeinto an open field, where theycastrated him. Before they set off forthis mission, they were briefed by thechief physician of the communities of Tel Yosef and Ein Harod. Cohendoes not name him. The book thengoes on to provide a detailed surgicaldescription of the castration, whichsounds almost like a “do-it-yourself”manual. In the final analysis,according to the Ministry of Defenseversion, the “operation, it was pointedout, proved highly valuable becauseit had an immense impact on theentire Beit She’an Valley andhorrified the Arab population.”No doubt, Amos Horev feels like theIsraeli bus driver who decorated hisbus with a banner that read:Flotilla 13 [the navy unit thatattacked the Mavi Marmara], beashamed. Why did you kill so few?Yes, there are those who will say thisincident happened nearly 70 yearsago and times have changed and thatpeople change. I’m not even going toargue with this proposition though Idisagree with it. The fact is thatHorev should not have beenappointed because his past taints hisparticipation in the present inquiry.Surely, not even a reasonablesupporter of the Gaza attack canargue that Horev has the type of pastthat would instill confidence that hecan judge the facts dispassionately.As an aside, if Israel embraces thetype of Biblical justice meted out bythe Palmach to the alleged Palestinianrapist, then should we expect, in theunlikely event the Israeli commissionfinds Flotilla 13 guilty of criminalacts against the Mavi Marmarapassengers, that Horev will advocatecutting off the trigger fingers of theshooters? Or perhaps Turkey shouldtake that mission on itself in the eventthe commission absolves the team of any culpability?And the next time any supporter of Israel’s draconian policies rants aboutArab terror, let them consider for amoment the rather sordid past of some of Israel’s current elite. If thosewho engaged in acts of terror likeHorev can play major roles in theirnation’s subsequent history, there isno reason why those Israel currentlylabels dangerous, murderous terroristscannot do the same in Palestine.Related posts:Israeli Far-Right, Media, Shin BetBaying for Kamm’s BloodHere inthe U.S. we too have our Teabaggerswith…Alan Dershowitz Accuses RabbisSupporting Goldstone of Being ‘Anti-Israel,’ Pro-Hamas, Guilty of ‘BloodLibel’Everyone knows all the jokesabout the lying scumbag lawyers…Judge Who Approved Kam GagOrder Perverted Justice in 2003Palestinian IDF ShootingJudge EinatRon, the Petah Tikva magistrate whogranted the…Related posts brought to you byYetAnother Related Posts Plugin. Hija del Zion para IsraelSupportIsraelEven Israel Project Concedes Gazaa Disaster for Israeli HasbaraJonStewart – The Daily Show – Israeliraid on Flotilla headed to Gaza fromAMOS page 3
3FeedJournal Basic
Submitted at 6/17/2010 4:05:46 PM
“Prompt, impartial, credible andtransparent investigation” – the wordsbeing used to justify the internalIsraeli inquiry into the deadly assaulton the humanitarian flotillaattempting to run the blockade of Gaza (Obama backs Israeli internalinquiry into assault on flotilla, 14June). These words sound too similarto those used for the setting up of thenow-ridiculed Widgery inquiry intothe Bloody Sunday killings, which justified the behaviour of theparatroopers and blamed the innocentcivil rights marchers for whathappened. Two events with similarprotagonists and similar results: amilitary force attacking peacefulprotesters with terrible consequences.Surely, now the truth of whathappened on Bloody Sunday has beenconfirmed by the conclusions of theSaville inquiry (38 years on, justiceat last, 16 June), Israel’s clearlypolitically motivated inquiry headedby a former Israeli supreme court judge, Yaakov Tirkel, should not beacceptable. As did Widgery, Iimagine he will come under immensepressure from his prime minister todeliver an acceptable judgment. Incontrast to Obama’s approval, theinternational community shouldcategorically reject the Israeliproposal. We don’t want anotherWidgery inquiry with all thepoisonous baggage that that leftbehind.Ernest RodkerLondon• Lord Trimble’s credentials as animpartial observer of the Israeliinquiry seem questionable. Is this notthe same person who in 1998endorsed the Widgery report? Hewarned Tony Blair that the Savillefindings should not deviate amillimetre from Widgery’s. We mayconfidently anticipate that the Israeliinquiry will report that, although thekillings bordered on the reckless, theywere lawful.Seamus FoxLittle Plumstead, Norfolk IsraelGazaPalestinian territoriesMiddle EastBarack ObamaBloody SundayNorthern IrelandMilitary guardian.co.uk © Guardian News &Media Limited 2010 | Use of thiscontent is subject to ourTerms &Conditions|More Feeds Hija del Zion para IsraelSupportIsraelIsrael’s partial easing of Gazablockade dismissed as inadequateCool response from internationalcommunity as Palestinians demandblockade be lifted completelyIsrael'sdecision today to allow a partialeasing of the blockade of Gaza wasgiven a cool response by th...Off the hook: Israel’s own Widgeryinquiry into Bloody Monday | ChrisDoyleIsrael cannot be trusted toinvestigate its military over the Gazaflotilla raid. Only an international,independent inquiry will doThe manwho ordered the attack on the aidflotilla to Gaza, set up t...EU ready to intensify pressure onIsrael to lift Gaza blockadeSpain,France, Italy and UK lead calls forrobust stance as Netanyahu hints atsofter line on entry of civilian aidTheEuropean Union is expected tointensify pressure on Israel to ease itsblockade o... Original post source
Submitted at 6/17/2010 4:26:25 PM
Enraged over Jihad Flotilla, Turkeyintroduces “roadmap” to“completely” cut ties with IsraelTurkey was once one of the nationsof the world closest to Israel. Butwith the Erdogan regime workinghard to destroy Turkish secularismand reimpose Sharia, that relationshiphad to end. “Turkey to cut ‘all ties’with Israel,” from PressTV, June 17(thanks to Joseph):After an Israeli attack on a Gaza-bound flotilla that left nine Turkishcitizens dead, Ankara has introduceda roadmap to “completely” cut its tieswith Israel.After Israel failed to apologize orpay compensations for the killing of the Turkish citizens in its attack onthe Mavi Marmara on May 31,Turkish Defense IndustryImplementation Committee (SSIK)reviewed the country’s militaryagreements and joint projects withIsrael on Thursday.The SSIK held a meeting chaired byTurkish Prime Minister Recep TayyipErdogan on Thursday and decided toshelve 16 military agreements withIsrael, including a $757 million planeand tank modernization project and amissile project worth over $1.5billion.Turkish President Abdullah Gul hadearlier announced that a roadmap wasto be prepared on the issue of sanctions against Israel.“The roadmap details a processthrough which Turkey willcompletely cut its ties with Israel” inseveral stages, Turkey’s Today’sZaman reported on Thursday.According to the roadmap, the firststep would be that Turkey’sambassador to Tel Aviv, who hadbeen previously recalled, will not besent back unless Israel sends amember to a UN investigatorycommission that aims to look into theIsraeli attack on the Gaza FreedomFlotilla.Furthermore, the roadmap requiresall military training and cooperationwith Israel to be halted and states thatan internal Israeli inquiry into theattack will in no way be recognizedby Turkey….Posted by Robert on June 17, 20104:26 PM| No CommentsPrint this entry| Email this entry| Digg this| del.icio.us| Hija del Zion para IsraelSupportIsraelYom Kippur Machzor – SefardProduct DescriptionThe MetsudahLinear Machzor has been a long-timefavorite of thousands. By populardemand, it is now available in anexquisite deluxe antique binding forNusach Sefard users.......Express.co.uk – Home of the Dailyand Sunday Express | World News:ISRAEL DEPORTS AIDCONVOY ACTIVISTS Palestiniansride boats amid an Israeli navy vesselpatrol as a flotilla of aid ships headsfor Gaza Israel has begun deport......Another spy scandal with a gagorderAnother spy scandal with a gagorder Remember theAnat Kam story? Well, there'sanother spy scandal that's in all theforeign media, but Israelis... Original post source
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Koorosh Vahabi. Holy cow! Themessiah must be on his way. TheIsrael Project sent out an e mail blastto its ac...Israeli Human Rights NGODemands Accounting of Mr. XA fewdays ago I reported about the sad fateof a prisoner in the Ayalon jail, keptin solitary confinement with nocontact with anyone outside or insidethe prison (except presumably hisinterrogator...Israeli Human Rights NGODemands Accounting of Mr. XA fewdays ago I reported about the sad fateof a prisoner in the Ayalon jail, keptin solitary confinement with nocontact with anyone outside or insidethe prison (except presumably hisinterrogator... Original post source
Submitted at 6/17/2010 4:58:00 PM
Latest from Latma:When I see the English subtitledversion, I’ll post it, but it is prettyunderstandable.(h/t Bubbe andThe Jawa Report) Hija del Zion para IsraelSupportIsrael100215-N-0696M-459Image takenon 2010-02-15 17:28:45 by Chairmanof the Joint Chiefs of Staff....Ezra Tour 09 – Tisha B’AvSingingin Mamilla...MenorahImage taken on 2007-01-04 02:03:40 by N1NJ4.... Original post source

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