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Dark Horizon the Twilight Saga

Dark Horizon the Twilight Saga



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Published by fusha23

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Published by: fusha23 on Jun 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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~ 1 ~ 
PrefaceI clenched my right hand around Renesmee’s hand and my left hand found Edward’s. Itook a deep breath and suddenly I felt thirty different stabs in my shield.I felt it weaken, uh oh.Another set of stabs hit my shield this time stronger than before. I closed my eyesand concentrated hard using all the strength I had, but my shield did not get any stronger.They were trying to break my shield, and it was working.“Edward, my shield is getting weaker.” I said, panicking, and I knew they heardme because thirty more stabs struck my shield this time even stronger. It got weaker.Edward clenched his teeth.I looked around, memorizing every face I saw, because I knew that someone Iloved would not live to see tomorrow. My breathing accelerated as I realized this.I looked at Renesmee. “I love you,” I said. “Always remember that.”“I love you too, mom.” she said. Tears were racing down her red cheeks. “Ialways will.”I took a shaky deep breath and looked at Edward. “Edward, I love you,” I said.“No matter what happens…”“No,” Edward said. “Please Bella don’t say anymore goodbyes. Please.”I nodded and looked forward. The stabs continued, and every single stab made myshield weaker.Then suddenly… my shield broke.
~ 2 ~ 
1. Long Night“Hey! Stop messing around!” Renesmee yelled playfully but indignantly at the sametime. Jacob laughed at the expression on Nessie’s face. Nessie punched Jacob in the nose.“Ouch,” he shrieked. Jacob straightened his nose before it could grow back crooked.“What the heck did you do that for?”Renesmee smiled with consummation before answering his question.“Because you pushed me in the river you jerk!” They both laughed and thenRenesmee was pushed in the water again.Though Nessie has only been living for about four and a half years, she looksabout fifteen years old and has almost as much strength as Edward. She grows and getsstronger everyday but not as fast as she used to grow. Renesmee is now in the teenagestage of her life, and in about three more years, she will hit full maturity. Everyday shegrows less and less actually; she grows slower than a normal human would. As for her  personality, there is where my mother Ren ée comes in. Renesmee is like a normal, fun,happy, joking teenager — exactly like Renée. Renesmee is still as pretty as she was whenshe was little. Her cheeks always red, her beautiful chocolate brown eyes alwayshumorous and her long, bronze, curly hair — which was soaked and sticking to her back when she rose out of the water — is my favorite feature on her.When Charlie saw her growing so fast, he nearly had a heart attack. He was pushing to take her to a hospital and see what was wrong with her. It was quite a growthspurt she hit — but Charlie trusted me when I told him that nothing was wrong with her.He knew something is wrong with this family, he just does not know
is wrong with
~ 3 ~ 

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